Looking At Poor Health And Safety In Construction Construction Essay

The purpose of the study is to look into grounds for hapless wellness and safety public presentation of the company taking major/minor hurts and incidents of unsafe happenings. Hence, place the root causes of accidents and to cognize how establishing wellness and safety direction systems can assist in cut downing accidents.


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Looking At Poor Health And Safety In Construction Construction Essay
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Construction industry in UK is really big in size, diversified and complex in nature. It is really important industry using a really big work force of around 2.1 million people, accounting 9 % of the entire employment within the UK ( Howarth and Watson, 2009 ) .

Construction work is risky work, safety and protection of the building workers against hurt originating out of their employment is rather apparent and it is of a societal concern. Lack of formal administration makes the building industry really curious in nature. Legislative, administrative or educational steps taken to interpret this societal concern into a concrete plan of actions did non convey the coveted consequences. Rate of growing in this industry is so rapid that execution of the statute laws and criterions could non maintain gait with it ( Seetharaman, 2008 ) .

Construction human death rates in the twelvemonth 2007/2008 were 3.4 per annum per 100,000 workers. Harmonizing to Health and Safety Executive ( HSE, 2010 ) Fatal Injury Statistics, in building there were 42 fatal hurts, with a rate of 2.2 deceases per 100 000 workers. This compares to an mean rate of 3.2 for the old five old ages. Therefore the rate for 2009/10 is 32 % below the norm for the old five old ages.

The safety public presentation of a company is frequently expressed and evaluated in footings of its records of safety incidents or ill wellness. In order to place common weaknesss, these safety public presentation records can be categorised, analysed and evaluated, therefore assisting in the possible developments of the ordinances, educational runs and pattern ushers. The wellness and safety public presentation of UK building industry is guided and assisted by the Health and Safety Commission ( HSC ) and the Health and Safety Executive ( HSE ) to guarantee proper control of hazards originating from work activities ( Howarth and Watson, 2009 ) .

In this twenty-first century, building industry is invariably under the gravitation of bing competition and tighter production deadlines, together with systematically increasing quality demands and necessity of technological sweetenings. The chief aim of a building undertaking is clip, cost and quality ( ISARC, 2008 ) . But along with these aims it is necessary that the administration should see Health and Safety issues on the precedence footing, so that life of the people is non at hazard conveying societal economic values to an administration.

The Company- Millennium Contractors Ltd

Millennium Contractors Limited is a little and average size endeavor working in UK since last 25 old ages, supplying civil technology and building services. From the little beginnings the company has achieved twelvemonth on twelvemonth growing. Company ‘s extremely committed and good equipped work force and their nisuss for betterments in wellness and safety, preparation and quality has enhanced the company ‘s ability to present safe and efficient service.

The on the job civilization of the company is rather diversified using people of different age groups and coming from assorted cultural background and ethnicity. It has ever been proud to retain its value and guaranting wellness and safety benefits to the people working in the company.

Although, the company recognises its duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to guarantee, every bit far as moderately operable, the wellness, safety and public assistance of all the employees, sub-contractors, visitants to site and other members of the populace. But, the recent path record of the company in footings of safety public presentation is non really good and there have been several accidents.

Issues faced by the company

Taking into history the company ‘s safety public presentation, a worker suffered a fatal hurt after falling from Mobile elevated working platform. The assorted issues faced by the company for which it was served with four enforcement notices are as follows:

Manual Handling

Five workers being hit by falling objects

Two workers being hit by traveling vehicles

Two incidents of prostration of impermanent constructions and stagings

Everyone involved in the building activity has the primary duty of guaranting safety in building. Despite of all the necessary stairss for guaranting wellness and safety has been outlined in the company policy, still there are unsafe incidents happening. Issue of the notices has hampered the company ‘s repute.

Mobile promoting work platforms ( MEWPs ) provides a safe on the job status at tallness, leting the worker to make the undertaking rapidly and easy. But it is necessary to measure the hazard associated with the usage of MEWPs to avoid human deaths in future. The common causes of failures are as follows ( HSE, 2006 ) :

equipment failure ;

land conditions ;

outriggers ( non used or faulty ) ;

pin downing against fixed construction ;

MEWP being struck by vehicle ;

load/unload of MEWP under power ;

overloading a bearer ;

Carrier struck by a burden

The hazard of falling from a MEWP is due to sudden motions caused by an impact, land motion, failure of a stableness critical portion, or overreaching. The hazard of falling or being thrown out of the bearer can be prevented by have oning of appropriate autumn protection equipment. Risk appraisal have should be done to take safeguards to extinguish and command the hazards of falling or being thrown off from the bearer and it should be the employers every bit good as the individual utilizing MEWPs. The undermentioned points should be considered ( HSE, 2006 ) :

Nearby other vehicles, nomadic works or working equipment ( eg overhead Cranes )

Partss should non project beyond the site boundary ( eg traveling coachs or big vehicles may struck MEWPs

General land conditions of the site

MEWP should be examined, maintained and day-to-day cheques should be carried out

Carrier should non be caught in stick outing characteristics like steel work and tree subdivisions

Legal Aspects: Safe usage of raising equipment. Raising Operationss and Lifting Equipment Regulations ( LOLER ) 1998. The Regulations purpose to cut down hazards to people ‘s wellness and safety equipment provided for usage at work.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling is an occupational wellness and safety issue. Manual handling of tonss means the usage of the human organic structure for transporting or back uping a burden by one or more workers which includes lifting, seting down, forcing, drawing, transporting or traveling a burden taking to hurts to the dorsum, shoulders, cervix, custodies, weaponries and pess ( Richold and Singleton, 2004 ) . These hurts are internal muscular hurting and tear, job in the articulatio genus articulations, faux pas phonograph record, spondylitis etc. doing a worker physically in capable. Manual Handling Assessment Charts ( MAC ) can be used to measure risks factors involved in manual handling operations ( HSE ) .

Legal Aspects: Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, Section 2 of HSWA act 1974 and Reg. 10813 of direction of wellness and safety at work ordinance 1999 states that it is the responsibility of the employer to supply their employees the wellness and safety information and preparation. Further ordinances 4 ( 1 ) ( B ) ( two ) states that it is necessary to supplement to more specific information and preparation on manual handling hazards and bar as a portion of the stairss to cut down hazard.

Injuries due to falling objects

Poor direction and improper guidelines given to the workers to work at highs has led to issues like hurts due to hit by the falling objects. Workers have to work with assorted tools and little objects, no affair how little the object may be, when falls from tallness has a really serious effects. These little objects may be cocks, chisel, roof tiles, nails, prison guard, bolts etc. The chief cause of such hurts is because of hapless house-keeping and unequal storage infinite given to the workers. It is hence necessary to actuate workers for proper house-keeping and supply toe boards, proper working platforms, border barriers at tallness, avoiding high stacking of goods and equal storage infinite should be given to the workers to hive away their goods. Use of air bags, safety cyberspaces, roadblocks and autumn apprehension equipment can assist in forestalling such effects.

Legal Aspects: Regulation 8 ( B ) portion 1 of agenda 3, of the Work at Height Regulation, 2005, states that it is the responsibility of the employer to forestall, where necessary, hurt to any individual so far as moderately operable. It farther provinces that the employer shall supply adequate storage infinite so as to forestall hazard of motion of such stuff.

Injuries due to being hit by vehicles

Construction machineries are mostly required on site to transport out the building procedure and transit of goods and stuffs is a uninterrupted procedure, due to which there is uninterrupted flow of vehicles and people working on the site. Due to hapless traffic control systems such incidents happen. In order to avoid such jobs, proper marks and signals should be given at the site, there should be a designated entry and issue points, velocity bounds should be assigned within the building premises and the vehicle should be maintained and checked on the day-to-day footing. All the marks and signal should be as per British Standard 5378: Safety marks and colorss. There should be a conveyance safety audit from clip to clip on sites.

Legal Aspects: Workplace ( Health, safety and public assistance ) Regulation, Regulation 17 suggests that there should be efficient segregation of prosaic from vehicular traffic of entrance and surpassing. In add-on route marker and mark should follow Regulation Act 1984. Further as per Section 2 ( 2 ) ( a ) of HSWA 1974, it is duty of the employer to keep works and system at workplace, so far as is moderately operable.

Collapse of the impermanent constructions and stagings

Collapse of impermanent constructions, Cranes and stagings is an issue with wellness and safety of the company. Such incidents occur due to following grounds: usage of hapless quality stuffs for constructing impermanent construction, unstable land conditions, improper repair and fastener, individual piecing, individual piecing the construction is non trained decently, construction non designed as per the demands etc. In order avoid such collapse competent inspector should be able to place the hazards and jeopardies involved and instruct and steer the worker for constructing the construction. Furthermore the employer should supply the workers with suited equipment and supply corporate steps along with personal protective steps.

Legal Aspect: As per the Work at Height Regulation 2005, Regulation6 ( 4 ) ( B ) , 6 ( 5 ) ( a, B ) , 7, 8, 12 and 13, provinces that it is necessary for the employer to supply suited equipment, take history of working status and strict review by a competent individual. Further subdivision 2 ( 2 ) ( a ) of HSWA 1974, provinces there should be proviso and care of works and machinery at work.

Furthermore with such incidents, Millennium Contractors Ltd has failed in meeting criterions of the company policy. With this it is indispensable to alter the manner the direction foresee wellness and safety issues. It is necessary to convey alteration in the policy of the company and efficaciously implement it.

Safety Management Practices and system

As per HSC ‘s HSG65 Publication, successful wellness and safety direction system require the followers ( Howarth and Watson, 2009 ) :

Clear for Policy for wellness and safety.

The Organisation of all employees for direction of wellness and safety.

The Planning for wellness and safety by puting aims and marks, placing jeopardies, accessing hazards and set uping criterions against which the administration can mensurate public presentation.

The Measurement of wellness and safety public presentation.

The Audit and Reviewing of safety public presentation and pattern to order to inform betterment.

Management ‘s committednesss and taking new enterprises can assist in battling jeopardies and developing safety civilization within the administration. Developing safety civilization is a safety attack to all activities necessitating engagement of organizational forces and individual ‘s safety related attitude, behavior and pattern. Enterprises and good pattern strategies helps in developing safety behavior and the sweetening of a positive safety civilization. These enterprises and good pattern strategy includes ( Howarth and Watson, 2009 ) :

Formal instruction and developing strategies such as Construction Skills Certification Scheme ( CSCS ) and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health ( IOSH )

Mandatory site initiations for people

Tool box talks- refering the usage of specific equipment or the project activity

Undertaking workshops easing and heightening safety communications

Sufficient supervising and direction ensures work is conducted in a planned and suited mode

Sing company ‘s accident records and safety public presentation, it is necessary to reconstitute the company policies and schemes and following stairss must be taken ( Howarth and Watson, 2009 ) :

Site initiation: No individual should get down work on site without holding received a site initiation. The good initiation should emphasis on:

Importance of wellness and safety

Access and egress paths on site

Personal protective equipment demands on site

Site regulations and ordinances

Social welfare installations for workers

Correct usage of equipment and workss

Identifying risky activities on site

Coverage of accidents and jeopardies instantly

Hazard Appraisal: Hazard appraisal should be done before get downing any work or activity. The likeliness and terrible result of the jeopardies and risky activities should be identified and assessed.

Method statements: Statement demoing working processs and methods to transport out work in a proper and in a safe mode should be produced by the appropriately experient forces to the safety co-ordinator. Methods statements should be included in the wellness and safety program and should be understood by the operators of the work.

Toolbox negotiations: Brief account should be given to the operators sing nature of the work and appropriate usage of equipment and machinery and guaranting their competence and safety in the work activity.

Measuring and reexamining safety public presentation: Regular reviews of safety patterns and work processs help in monitoring and reexamining undertaking safety pattern and policy.

Barriers in accomplishing zero accident policy

Management forbearing from taking enterprises for maintain wellness and safety and supplying preparation to employees, because of sum of money to be invested and returns can non be guaranteed. The new working techniques and method may make confusion among the workers and doing it hard to understand and follow. Peoples working in a company come from different cultural background and ethnicity, hence it is hard to convey message expeditiously. Completion deadlines and accomplishing fiscal marks should non halter wellness and safety programs of the company.


Harmonizing to the study, it is necessary for the company to do alterations to Health and Safety policies and schemes taking into consideration the human-centered concern. The company should use competent and knowing forces or persons in footings of Health and Safety programs of the company. Efficient and effectual direction system is required for organizing employees, mensurating, scrutinizing and reexamining safety public presentation, diversified nature of the company should guarantee effectual communicating and apprehension within the company, raising wellness and safety consciousness. The company should guarantee proper IITS-Induction, Information, Training & A ; Supervision. In order to retain the company value, repute and to better wellness and safety public presentation of the company following recommendations are made


I recommend to follow the site safety regulations and ordinance

All the site forces should transport preparation and safety competency grounds such as Construction Skills and Certification Scheme ( CSCS ) card.

Regular site meetings will assist in effectual co-ordination, communicating and co-operation.

Use of multi-lingual mark boards, information boards, method statements and notices will assist in better apprehension of the workers coming from different background

Using building accident probe techniques and describing systems such as accident root causes following ARCTM to place causes behind accidents

Muster study used for exigency state of affairss or tracking Numberss of employees on site at a peculiar clip.

Keeping accident record book and recording of the incidents.

Political campaigns for raising consciousness, so that single workers and companies take the issue of describing accidents more earnestly.

Workers should understand and see the impact of insecure work patterns on their famalies.


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