Looking for Adriana; an overview Essay

I answer back, while rolling out of bed, and standing up. I look at myself in the mirror a girl who has wavy, curly brown hair looking back. I have blue eyes, the color of faded dark denim. I sighed. Yep, that’s me’ I thought. I sighed again, and got ready for school. My name Is Adrian McPherson. I am ah years old. I live with my mum, dad, and my two older brothers. I am In Year 10 at Angel’s Catholic Secondary School, a co-De school In which Years 9-12 attend. I am pretty good at school, with an A average.

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Looking for Adriana; an overview Essay
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As I was eating breakfast I thought about my friends. I have a close group of friends, but if I had to say who my best friend is, I couldn’t choose. All of my friends are different. There is Isabella “Bella” Smith, who I am close too. We are similar in many ways, we have the same sense of humor, and we understand each other. With her, I can talk about school and books without feeling weird. Then there is Jessica “Jess” Mills. We get along well, but, at the same time, we are opposites. I am theory, she is practical.

Another close friend of mine is Kara “Aka” Fulton. Aka and I get along well; she’s a Joker, and brings out the more playful side in me. Aka either has a new boyfriend or crush each week. Last, but definitely not least, is Alexandra “Alex” Ledger. Alex is the one who, like me, is addicted to television and movies, but, more importantly, the guys in television and movies. These four people I can call my friends without a second thought. But, then there’s Titian. Titian and I have a weird relationship. She bitched about me to Bella, and then we carry on conversations.

We aren’t friends, because of how much she ‘hates’ me, but I can’t say that we’re enemies either. There were five of us, Titian, Bella, myself, Jess, and another girl named Ebony Clarion. When we started here at Angel’s she seems to have changed. First she fought with Jess, bossing her around, until Jess left. We would always argue, and she would always send Bella along, telling me to leave them alone. One day when she said that everyone hated me, and I Just stared at her, amazed by how she twisted everything around to seem Like I was the bad guy, when I never said anything about her.

I Just nodded and called her a blotch. I told her that I would say something wittier, but she might not understand It. Then I walked off, and went to Jess. I knew that she would understand what was happening. I didn’t really now Aka and Alex that well, but I found that I naturally fit into their group. We are not the most popular people in school, but I would rather stay friends with them than be popular. I value their friendship and support. Bella and I have remained friends through everything.

We are all really good friends, and I know that we will stay that As my mum drove me to school I thought about my family. My family and I are really close. I find myself fighting and defending Chris and Julian more than any of my friends. The three of us are different ages, from different worlds, but we understand each other better than anyone else. My parents and we fight a lot. Chris is the oldest, he’s 20, and is at University doing some Computer Science Course that includes things that I don’t understand. Chris and I get along well, but I still fight with him.

We argue sometimes, but get along better then most siblings, especially with the age difference. Julian, or Jay as I call him, is about a year and a half older then me, having already turned 17. He attends Angel’s, and we get along really well. We understand each other better then anyone. We can Joke around together, but we can also have meaningful discussions. We tease each other constantly, but we trust each other. I love it how my family and I are close, closer than most. We spend time together, even though I am getting older.

We understand each other, but only to a certain degree. Sometimes the age gap gets a bit much, and we will argue, but we will always love and understand one another. As much as I love my mum, I m forever trying to explain to her that Just because she believes in something, it doesn’t mean that I do. We can talk about world topics, and moral decisions, but we often have different opinions. That by itself doesn’t bother me, I have grown up listening to others opinions, and I see myself as someone who an listen and understand other people’s opinions.

What annoys me about my mum is that she will say something, listen to me opinion, and then agree with me, saying that the two are the same. She never agrees with me, just states her opinion, like it is the right one. She does this about my future. For me, my future career was a variable, something that changes depending on what class I’m in, what mood I’m in, even what minute of the day it is. I Just can’t seem to make a decision. I like law, forensic science and medicine, but I think that I have decided on law. In JOSE we are studying law, and I love it.

It all comes naturally to me, and I have no trouble remembering it. I am worried that I only want to do it because of shows like Law and Order. However, to me, it is much like debating, which I also love, and I know how to argue my point. I can see myself practicing law. By this time, I was at school. I smiled at my mum and got out of the car. I walked through the school gate towards my friends. I looked at Alex, Aka and Jess, then back at Jay. I thought of Chris, who was at Nun, and of my parents, on their way to work. My friends and family, and I know that I can look forward towards a bright future.


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