Lord of the flies Essay

10 October 2013 LOFT Golding uses different styles of leadership qualities in Lord of the flies to help explain savagery exist in every man through the two main characters Jack and Ralph. In the book Lord of the flies by William Golding uses different leadership to help argue that savagery exist when the rules of civilization go away. Golding uses Jack is an example of people becoming savage by saying,”Jack began to dance and let his laughter became a bloodthirsty”. This shows that Jack is become more savage and his hirst for blood is becoming more evident.

This also shows that Jacks becoming more primitive and less rational. Ralph the character who represents more of a rational charter also represents savagery by saying,”we got to have rules and obey them after all we are not savages were English and were the best at everything”. This is ironic because at the time Ralph said this English is in a Savage war. This also shows that everyone is savage even if you don’t realize it. Ralph one says, “what are we savages? What’s the grown ups going to think? This is ironic because the grown-ups won’t think much of anything because they are also engage in a war which is a savage act. This also shows that Ralph still care what people think and is not going completely Golding uses Jack feelings show that he is becoming more savage when Savage. Jack says, “Jacks trying to convey the compulsion to track down and kill That swallowing him up”. This shows that Jack has overwhelming thoughts of killing things and is becoming more savage with less reason.

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This also shows that Jack is not Just killing to survive but killing for fun. Jack also said,” use a littun”. When they are talking about how to kill a pig. This shows that Jack is becoming less concerned about human life. This also shows that Jack is not viewing human life as important but something less valuable such as a pig. In Lord of the flies by William Golding both characters Jack and Ralph represent different styles of leadership qualities but both support that savagery existing Everyman.


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