Lord of the Rings Essay

Unfolding the events of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring “Fantasy is the power to create new things from existing things”, says Thomas Gruber, author of “How much fantasy does the future need? ” This quote shows how fantasy is an important aspect in a child’s life because reading fantasy stories allows a child’s imagination to stretch without the usual rules and limitations, giving them the opportunity to acquire the skills they will need when they become adult thinkers.

Through reading and watching fantasy stories children are able to identify with the ood and evil and the problems the characters encounter during their Journey. This will benefit them because in order to solve a problem they need to think outside the box, and imagination is essential for this process. A film that proves this point is, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring directed by Peter Jackson.

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Through the viewing of this film, a child might experience growth and awareness regarding the dualities of good and evil in one’s life by the cinematic techniques that are used in this movie, as well as the ring which is a symbol of good and evil and lastly the ymbolism behind the main character’s Journey. Through the cinematic techniques used in LOTR, children are able to easily identify with the good and the evil that is depicted in the film, and this helps them resolve the problems they come across in their everyday lives.

For instance, the lighting used in the Shire is very bright and sunny, whereas in Mordor the lighting is very dark and gloomy. The Shire is portrayed as a happy and a very a Joyful place, the director uses bright lighting and upbeat folktales in the background to enhance this eeling of Joy and help children recognize the Shire as a good place. Furthermore, the director uses every colour in the scenes where the Shire is shown especially bright colors such as yellow, light green, sky blue and many more.

The use of these colours help the youngsters feel welcome and see this place as a peaceful, cheerful and childhood- like. The bright colours also represent the innocence of childhood. In contrast, the director uses dark and gloomy lighting in Mordor, which is where all the evil people reside and is where all the problems arise from. In the scenes where Mordor is shown, the director uses the colors black, grey, red and orange very often to portray the evil that lies in Mordor, these colours emphasize the evil that is being portrayed because these colours are usually associated with evil and the dark side.

As well as that, the scary drum music in the background also emphasises the evil that Mordor holds. Cinematic techniques are an important aspect to the film that helps children recognize the good and the evil in the film and in their day to day lives, and this helps them grow as an individual because they are able to identify what is good nd what is bad in their daily lives. Therefore, a child will be able to distinguish between the good and evil by the cinematic methods used in the film as well as the symbolism behind the ring.

Likewise, the ring in the film LOTR, can be seen as a symbol of good and evil, which helps children understand the connection between good and evil, and that certain symbolizes evil, desire, and temptation. The director used the ring as the symbol of evil because it is man-made, as it shows the lust of humans for earthly things. An xample of this is shown when Boromir is tempted to take the ring from Frodo, he does this because the ring holds great powers over all and this is why Boromir was corrupted by his desire for the ring.

One can see and relate this example to how humans in our society hunger for power and authority especially over others, and is constantly tempted by this yearning. The ring as symbol of evil, desire and temptation helps children understand that materialistic goods does not bring an individual happiness rather it makes humans lust for more, and therefore it is evil. The ring can also be seen as a symbol of evil because the ring is circular. The ring represents the circle of life, and this shows how humans repeat the mistakes of the past, and therefore history repeats itself.

This circular imagery also represents never ending, and the evil that is trying to encompass the one in the middle, and in the case of LOTR, it is Frodo the ring bearer in the film that the evil is trying encompass. As a result, using the ring as a symbol of evil helps children understand that evil is always surrounding humans, and therefor they are encouraged not to fall into their emptations for worldly goods, because temptations will take over their mind, and soon corrupt them.

However, the ring can also be seen as a symbol of good. This is because the ring brings all races together, the dwarves, the elves, the hobbits and many more, hence the name of the film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This is a great example for children, because this symbolism helps children realize the importance of all races of earth and it also inspires them to become an individual that accepts all races and cultures and therefore having a peaceful nteraction with all human beings.

Thus, a child might experience growth regarding the contrasts between good and evil through the symbolism of the ring as well as the Lastly, the main character in the film, Frodo Baggins’ Journey can be seen as symbol from childhood to adulthood, and through this a child might be able to relate with the characters and problems they encounter during their Journey. Frodo’s journey from the Shire to Mordor can be seen as a Journey from childhood to adulthood, because the Shire is a beautiful, lush place, which is like childhood.

The ife in the Shire is different because the Hobbits who live there, lead a simple life, without any worries, war, greed, evil, death and all the other hardships that makes life complicated like the rest of Middle-earth. The significance of the Shire is that it represents childhood because in childhood there are no problems, because parents take care of everything, and it is very simple Just like the Shire. Everyone in the Shire walk bare feet, which symbolizes the child-like behaviour, because when children are young they walk bare feet and this is another example of the representation of nnocence in the film.

As Frodo continues his Journey to Mordor he is faced with more and more problems, and this can symbolize the problems an individual faces while going through his or her teenage years. Life gets more difficult as he travels to Mordor, Frodo becomes very scared but he perseveres in the end. A child might be able to experience awareness from this symbolism because they are encouraged to stay calm and not to make any foolish mistakes while they Journey through life Just as helps children to recognize the good and evil they will encounter as they Journey through life.

Overall, through the viewing of the film The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, a child might be able to grow as an individual regarding the contrasts of good and evil in one’s life through the film techniques used in the movie, the ring as a symbol of good and evil and lastly the symbolism behind Frodo’s Journey. The cinematic techniques such as the lighting and the background music enhances the theme of good vs. evil in the film and this helps children to identify what is good and what is bad in their daily lives, as a result encouraging them to become a positive ole model in their society.

Moreover, the ring can symbolize evil, because anyone who possesses it will lust for power and eventually corrupt themselves. Whereas, the ring can be seen as good because it brings people of all races together, hence the name of the film the fellowship of the ring. The symbol of the ring helps children understand the truth about power and what it can do to a person, and it also teaches children the importance of equality between all races and cultures.

Lastly, the journey of Frodo, the main character from the Shire to Mordor represents the Journey rom childhood to adulthood, because the Shire is like childhood, it is filled with innocence, whereas Mordor is like adulthood, it is where all the problems arise and life is very difficult. Therefore, the cinematic techniques, the ring and the Journey of Frodo are some examples of how a child might experience growth and awareness regarding the dualities of good and evil in one’s life. Work Cited The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Peter Jackson. Perf. Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Liv Tyler. New Line Cinema, 2001. DVD


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