Losing Us Essay

How can you help someoone when you can’t?
Do you watch them walk by and sit there and cry?
Do you reach out in fear while you wipe away a tear? How do you stop someone when they won’t let you?
Do you sit there and pray while the sun fades for that day?
You must LET THEM GO!
I sit here, I cringe and I cry, eventually I feel as though I should also die, but why?
What will I do if it’s true?
He can’t leave me in this world all alone and go own all on his own
I Wanna be by his side
so much to live, so much time to give, why can’t he see that?
The only person that I have felt close to now must leave me–I must say no.

In my dreams I reach out to grab his hand only to feel the air brush by my hands
Why must we love so musch?
Why must we lose what we love?
If he must go I must let him, for I can’t break our trust
But grant me one wish and it will be for him to rest in heaven along side all of the good, for I have never met someone better then him.

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Losing Us Essay
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I hope I always stay a part of him for he is part of me indefinitely..and all I ask of him is to watch over me and to be my….be my ANGEL!


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