Love and Logic Education Policy Essay

This website offers tools. instInstructionsd benefits of making your school a Love & Logic school. It also shows why Love & Logic is one the most effective ways to treat students. Describe how information on website links to theories discussed in class: We have talked about how student’s will and can behave In the classroom but not how they should be punished for their bad acts.

List different strategies tied to Love & Logic: Love and Logic is all about the boundaries that teachers should have on student behavior In the classroom and how teachers should punish students when they cross those boundaries. Which Is a two-way street of respect that the teacher and student should have for each other, meaning, that the student should respect the teacher enough to not have to put them in the position to punish them but at the same time the teacher should have a respect from the students that they know not to do certain things that are punishable.

Describe how you will implement this Information in your class: This website shows teachers how to be firm but not feared. So that they can carry on with their Job without in disruptions but still have the student’s full-undivided attention. I will use this strategy to the up most as a teacher because no student not only dislikes but also cantcan’trn from a teachers that is too firm in their approach of handling situations In the classroom. overOverallnpollenthe web search: The topic Is a very important one but to me It stands In a grey-area.

I say this just ecaucauses hard to determine how one should handle them and control others in certain situations in the classroom In the heat of the moment. But It Is essential in building relationships with students, which is a very significant part of the classrooms general flow. Works Cited DeliDelislen.

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Love and Logic Education Policy Essay
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