Love and Man Essay

How would he act? What would he look like? The man of my dreams is looked upon his individuality, interests, and physical characteristics. A man’s Individuality brings out the character Inside of him, He has to have the confidence to do every thing he really wants that sets his adrenaline flowing. He should be a colorful person, which I must say includes his downsides. It would be disliked by me if he would solely talk about himself or if he lacked great sensitivity.

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Love and Man Essay
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A an who turns my dark sides of life into shinny brightness would be a man I seek. My greatest necessity has always been a hygienic environment. I have been fond by men who keep clean, ones who live their lifestyles that suit any humankind unlike animals. My ideal mate would be one who can carry himself with dignity, someone whom the world can look and be in awe of. Therefore, I would like to meet the man of my dreams whose personality reflects through his greatness for others. Interests are what a man needs to live, without It he wouldn’t be able to survive.

I want him to be Interested In everything I do, even If he despises them. He should be able to make me laugh at times when I am depressed. Moreover, I would prefer a bunch of cherry red roses from time to time. I would adore it if he could take care of me like a mother who takes care of her baby. He should be madly in love with me because I would not have it any other way. I am totally romantic at heart, so naturally; my ideal mate better be well versed in the art of romance. Not flirting, but romance, and there is quite a difference.

I admire dignity. It is rare and priceless in a world that is so taken over by images and put-ones. My partner would be very intelligent. I prefer a person who resolves my problems everyday: a person I can learn something from. We may not share too many things In common, but we should have a common basic principle by which we lead our lives. However, men may have very little interests It Is usually there physical characteristics that attract females to love them. The ideal man is considered in the beholder’s eyes as a person to spend an eternity with.

When envisioning the ideal person, there are many physical characteristics I have dreamed of. I would start from the top going to the bottom. The eyes can tell what experiences they have been through. A pair of dark chestnut eyes can be one of the most ministering experiences, whose eyes won’t ever make him want to lie. Long thin eyelashes are an exquisite feature on a man. It allows the eyes with definition and character. A charming complexion would be brown like caramel. Caramel- colored skin is so delightful to stare at; it’s also fascinating when a man has smooth kin.

A man’s face Is what is touched quite often so it Is pleasant to touch skin that feels Like a baby’s rear end. I like dark, thick, brunette locks so It feels so wonderful to run my fingers through them. Upon the center of the sharp tight features Is a cute button nose. HIS smile will bring a smile on every lip. He Is to be so handsome that I would never want to keep my eyes off him. He would have a muscular body that me in his arms. He should appear to be so enticing that you would Just wish to take a bite out of him. His flaws would give him more depth.

The biggest asset that a man can have is genuineness. I dislike plastic or anything that is considered superficial, but the beauty of the heart means much more to me than the beauty of his face. I wish to be with a man that is a companion, dreamer, and leads the way to righteousness. My soul mate would be a person known to the world for his greatness. The man I love should appreciate me as a woman, not Just another person. A man who can take me from depression to happiness is the man destined for me. To the world he may be one person, but to me he would be the world.


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