Love of Jesus Essay

“Can a woman forget her nursing child and not have compassion on the son of her womb? surely they may forget, yet I WILL NOT FORGET YOU. ” -JESUS CHRIST(Isaiah 49:15) Dear friends, have your read the above excerpt from the scriptures, isn’t it great? Yes friends our Lord Jesus christ loves us so much and he came to this world and gave his own life for you and me on the cross. you may ask me the question, why did he die for me? my loving friends , I will tell you the answer.

He came to this world to become an atonement sacrifice, to atone and consecrate us from the curses and stain of our transgressions and iniquities. Lord Jesus christ loves you more than any one else would love you. Let me tell you a real story I witnessed, that made me flabbergasted. I was travelling in a train, and I saw a poor child dancing and doing stunts, while her mother was sitting in a corner creating music out of a plate to add flavour to the performance.

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Love of Jesus Essay
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This poor child was poorly dressed and very thin and weak. The grief in its heart could be easily viewed in its face. Finally the mother sent her to beg money from all the people who were watching her stunts. The very scene of the begging of the child was really grieveous. Then the Lord spoke with me through the bible verse , which I have writted at the top. I realised then , that the LORD loves this child and have got moved with compassion more than any one else in this world , even more than her father and mother.

The lord Jesus christ is the son of the Almighty God . we cannot reach God without the LORD JESUS CHRIST. If you believe him today, he will surely save you from all the problems you are facing now. My dear friend you might be reading this with grief in your heart, because of your own loved-ones , would have hurted you. Do not worry, there is someone who loves you just as you are. He is Jesus who gave his life for you , Just because he loved you. He will never see for any pre-requisites to love you.

You might be a great sinner, or a cheater or a evil thinker or a pervert or a prisoner or a unworthy person or a person whom people say as fit for nothing, do not worry my friend, this LORD JESUS loves you, just as you are. Many years before a prince from Germany, who never knew anything about Christianity, visited England. He was taken to the Buckingham palace to be entreated. He was taken all around the palace and shown all the artefacts and all the traditional treasures of England. He was taken to a great hall, where the pictures of all the kings and Queens were hung.

He was surprised at looking the beautiful robes and the majestic crowns they were wearing. But at the end of the hall , there was a picture which depicted the sufferings of Jesus on the cross, with the crown of Thorns on his head and blood all-over his body. Then the German Prince asked the officials, about why this king alone is in this condition and why he is wearing a crown of thorns instead of a Golden one. Then the officials started telling him about the love of God and why Jesus christ came to the world in the form of an ordinary man and died a cruesome death and his resurrection and ascension.

Then the Prince knelt at the same place and cried with a loud voice saying,”Lord Jesus , I thank you for loving me to this great extent. I give you my life, come Into my heart and be my father, my close friend , my lover, my saviour and my Lord, only you can save me , I believe that you are the son of the Living God . Thank you Lord. Amen. ” This prince who came with chaos and griefs in his heart, got saved and went back with Joy and Happiness and harmony and peace to his home country. Yes my loving friend, only Jesus can fill the vacuum in your heart.

Only Jesus can give you everlasting peace and solutions for the temptations and the problems you are facing. I humbly request you to buy a Bible if you can afford or mail me along with your language and I will send you one, soon after reading the bible you can feel the very presence of the Almighty God is with you and you will no longer struggle with the things you are trying to overcome. God willl fill you with peace and harmony, so that all your worries and fears will leave at once, in the moment you give your life to the LORD.

You would have already been deserted by your own family members and kinsmen. But today I would like to tell you a good news, There is someone who understands you and waiting for you , today give your heart to the Lord Jesus christ and he promises you eternal Life forever and ever. God is good, all the time. He loves you so much, now call unto his name for help and he will surely help you and make your life a flourishing one. May God bless you with peace and harmony . To God be all glory, honour and praise forever and ever. amen…


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