Lucid dreaming Essay

Being in an altered state of consciousness or in other words sleeping is a requirement from your body. One of the most critical stages in sleeping called REM or rapid eye movement, is a stage where you can find yourself dreaming. Dreaming is an altered state of consciousness where your subconscious mind creates and perceives a world inside of your own mind. Some people see dreams as messages or signs from your own subconscious, while others believe it is Just your subconscious unning wild and that they should not be messed with, or interpreted.

Lucid dreaming or otherwise known as “awake dreaming” is where your conscious mind is aware during a dream. During a lucid dream the dreamer is now in complete control of the dream. You can bring projections of people you know into your dream and even fly. I myself being a lucid dreamer find them absolutely amazing and they are almost like memories in your mind. I remember most of my lucid dreams as if hey were Just another day like last week or yesterday.

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Lucid dreaming Essay
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Inception takes the idea of lucid dreaming and takes it from reality to fiction. Inception portrays lucid dreaming as this special device that links many people together and they can all share a dream. I do not know about any device that induces a lucid dream instantly through an ‘V, and lucid dreaming can be achieved just by going to sleep. Also they show shared dreaming in the film which I do not believe is possible.

Although inception does portray accuracies like the “kick” shown cob getting pushed backwards into a bathtub. Lucid dreaming is a completely real concept, I myself have experienced one before. Although the technology shown in inception is not available to people today, you can still experience a lucid dream Just by going to bed. Inception portrays accuracies and inaccuracies throughout the film most likely to keep the viewer interested but overall it made a great movie.


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