Lung Cancer

Question Answer
identify this patient's single abnormal laboratory blood test and briefly explain why this finding is consistent with diagnosis? This patient's laboratory results show a few abnormalities as oppose to just a single one. First, the
BUN levels are considered high-20 mg/dl and normal is considered to be between 7-18 mg/dl. The ALT
(Alanine Amino Transferase) is also higher than A
why is wheezing a consistent finding with this patient's diagnosis? Wheezing is a symptom best described as a very high pitched whistling noise/mechanism that occurs
due to breathing out. It is mainly caused by constriction of the airway passages of the lungs within a patient with lung conditions such as lung cancer. Th
what might have caused this patient's iron deficiency anemia 8 months ago? If a patient has cancer, such as lung cancer, a lot of other health concerns can arise due to this
condition. One such condition seen in this case is iron deficiency anemia seen in this patient about 8
months ago. This is seen in this patient because

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