M.C.- CPT symbols

identifies new procedures and services added to CPT
located to the left of a code number
bullet symbol
identifies a code description that has been revised
triangle symbol
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M.C.- CPT symbols
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surround revised guidelines and notes.
NOT used for revised code descriptions
horizontal triangle symbols
identifies add-on codes
plus symbol
identifies codes that are exempt from modifier -51
forbidden (prohibitory) symbol
indicates a procedure that indicates moderate (conscious) sedation.
bull’s-eye symbol
identifies codes that classify products pending FDA approval but that have been assigned a CPT code.
flash symbol
indicates a reinstated or recycled code in Category III of CPT.
hollow circle symbol
indicated out-of-numerical sequence codes.
number (#) symbol
indicates that the code should refer to the CPT Assistant monthly newsletter and/or CPT Changes: An Insider’s View annual publication of coding changes for current year.
green reference symbol
indicates that the coder should refer to the Clinical Examples in Radiology quarterly newsletter.
red reference symbol

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