M.J.G corporate Essay


1.0 Introduction

M.J.G corporate central office is in Shrewsbury whereas its regional offices are in Glasgow and Manchester. Its chief operation is selling and supplying manikins to retail merchants in the part. The company construction consists of a general director ( Director ) , finance director, selling director, gross revenues director, supplies and selling director and forces director. In add-on the regional offices have a regional director and a gross revenues director for each regional office and they besides employ disposal staff and they can hold up to gross revenues representatives. Due to programs for enlargement the manager approved a budget for upgrading or replacing their information systems one time jobs relate to the bing system which were lending to holds and bing to the company gross revenues gross and losing clients.

2.0 information Systems

Information system are the systems that process informations to go information that will be used by the sections and the directors to take the right determinations and actions to be able to pull off the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours and future activities of the organisation. Before the debut of the computerized systems this was done manually. This requires a batch of clip and staff and infinite to be able to transport out particularly big volume of work load. With the debut of computerised system, the Information Technology ( IT ) and the fact that the monetary value of the acceptance of this engineering is diminishing twelvemonth by twelvemonth more companies of all sizes are following it. By computerising the information systems, the companies are cut downing the cost associate with the procedure since they need a batch less staff but non merely the decrease comes for cut downing the staff but besides for the increased in efficiency. Since clip is saved and the work becomes more efficient, the company will be able to salvage money and reinvest this money on other investing such as growing or enlargement of their markets. The information systems must be alight with the overall organisation scheme and make a competitory advantage for the organisation. To follow these engineerings the procedures of an organisation must be redesign to run into the demands of the new engineering and the organisation to profit from the cost decrease. There are jobs associated with the acceptance, as the engineering is altering mundane ad it needs o be upgrade about every twenty-four hours. Thus the association of the engineering with occupation losingss with in the inceptions it brings opposition from the staff to follow and accept the debut of the engineering. Therefore, he cost of acceptance is ne’er clear as is an on-going procedure and the budget is ne’er defined ( Laudon and Traver ( 2003 ) , Thong ( 1999 ) , Sprague and McNurlin ( 1993 ) , Thompson ( 1992 ) ) .

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3.0 Major Business Procedures

Delivering and providing manikins to retail merchants in the part by sing the retail merchants and speaking the order manually. The gross revenues representatives must compose in ternary difficult transcripts their orders and even the records of a new client. Then they have to travel to the regional office and reassign the information into the system with the aid of the disposal staff and are done manually. To recover any informations once more they have to see the regional offices and retrieve from at that place. They can non recover any informations from anywhere else except from their regional offices. The supply and selling section must track these gross revenues to be able to order the right measure of sock and maintain the right measures, therefore the selling section must inform the clients for any offers they have and have contact with them excessively about possible complains and receive the right feedback. The finance section needs these informations excessively as they have to treat the right bills to clients and pay the right recognition notes to providers. Thus it must be able to make an effectual stock control. Besides they have to hold the right information about the staff to be able to treat their wages so the staff gets to pay on clip and have the right wage. Overall the manager must be able to use this information to be able to do the right determinations for future programs and to be able to cognize precisely where the company stands in the market and how healthy the company is.

4.0 M.J.G Problems

The bing information system does non fulfill the work load and it creates hold jobs both in the procedure of this information and holds in reassigning the information needed to the right section and staff. Which in bend jobs associate with these holds is originating in all sections of the organisation. Therefore, more staff is needed to treat this information and it is clip devouring excessively.

4.1 Problems identified:

I. Time devouring of processing informations

II. Mistakes are done due to this holds

III. More staff is needed

IV. Increasing the cost of operations

V. The right publicities are delayed or they are non passed to the clients

VI. Lost of gross revenues

VII. Danger of keeping the incorrect stock list

VIII. Increased cost associate with stock list

IX. Communication jobs with the sections

5.0 What the new information system can make?

The new information system can assist the house from basic gross revenues and bill informations, a house can bring forth a assortment of studies with valuable information to steer gross revenues and selling work. For hebdomadal, monthly, or one-year clip periods, information can be gathered on which retail mercantile establishments order the most, on what the mean order sum is, on which merchandises move slowest and fastest, on which sales representatives sell the most and least, on which geographic countries purchase the most ( and least ) of a given merchandise, and on how current gross revenues of a merchandise comparison to last twelvemonth ‘s gross revenues. Suppliers ‘ monetary values, stock list control, clerking and finance records, forces records, human resource information to be used by the staff, on line publicities, acquiring feedback from the clients, faster bringing clip, construct client trueness by utilizing client relation direction package.

5.1 Benefits identified

I. Time safe

II. Decrease of cost in all operations

III. Faster bringing clip

IV. Real clip feedback from clients

V. Build clients ‘ trueness

VI. Effective supply concatenation direction

VII. Efficient stock control

VIII. Maintaining records

IX. Selling publicities

Ten. Increase gross revenues

Eleven. Growth

Twelve. Penetrate and other geographical markets

Thirteen. Reduce cost associate with using more staff that what is needed

6.0 Adoption program and new information system undertaking

To turn to the direction ‘s demands and the jobs facing M.J.G, a undertaking squad needs to be formed to develop the overall direction program that can turn to M.J.G bing jobs every bit good as to supply solutions to the jobs. M.J.G must take to redesigning its order procedure and related gross revenues and selling procedures to better efficiency inside the company every bit good as to be able to spread out increase its gross revenues and gross. During the development of the system, the company can utilize a joint application development attack, or referred to as JAD. This could rush up the coevals of information demands and could greatly assist in developing the initial systems design. A Gantt chart would besides be necessary tool in redesigning the system as this could be used to picture the overall direction program for bettering M.J.G jobs. The Gantt chart contains a list of aims, a probationary clip frame, and major mileposts. As the undertaking squad gets farther involved in the development procedure and defines M.J.G system changes the jutting clip frame depicted on the Gantt chart will probably to alter ( Marske ( 2002 ) .

7.0 Major New Technology Components of the Plan.

Upon analysis of M.J.G needs to implement engineering to back up the new concern procedures, an endeavor system come extremely urge. This is so because an endeavor can outdo run into the demands and demands. An endeavor system could associate enterprise-wide information processes in bend bettering the overall concern efficiency. When the full company is able to utilize a individual package system, all sections can portion information readily and freely. Enterprise systems enable the company to help of a wide-ranging information system engineering platform. This engineering platform provides a individual information warehouse or a databank that can be accessed by different sections to input and to obtain enterprise-wide information. Besides, the new system enables informations storage in one information warehouse, which will forestall inaccuracy in extracted information. The information should be grouped harmonizing to processing sites, but can be accessed by all users. This data storage procedure will let distinction among treating sites at the same clip leting enterprise-wide hunt capableness. It is easy to see so the endeavor system is indispensable component in impeling M.J.G success as it moves into the hereafter.

An endeavor system into the M.J.G concern will enable the directors to back up concern procedures that will do the company more efficient. The endeavor system will let for centralised informations aggregation and entry. This centralised entry system will cut down or extinguish paper go throughing throughout the company. This system will besides enable employees to see studies on-line which no longer requires printing of paperss or making paperwork manually unless necessary. This extra characteristic will assist directors and market analysts in accurate gross revenues planning, decision-making, and selling scheme development by supplying them with the ability to roll up more accurate information to help them. M.J.G must besides better the telecommunications substructure for the whole endeavor. E-mail capablenesss will be needed throughout the company in order to extinguish the uneffective communicating utilizing snail mails and facsimile within the company. Additionally, the company will add Intranet and Internet that will better its daily operations.


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