Mabeth Act 3 Scene 2 Rewrite Essay

Macbeth ~ Act 3, Scene 2 Summary: Lady Macbeth sends her servant for Macbeth. Macbeth tries to convince Lady Macbeth that everything is alright. But Macbeth still thinks there is still a threat, lady tells him to act happy for the guest. Lady does not want to kill Banquo, but Macbeth wants to kill Banquo and Fleance. He does not want lady to know what is going on. Script: Lady: Has Banquo left the court yet? Servant: Yes, madam. But he is returning later tonight. Lady: Tell Macbeth I will visit him later.

I have to have a few words with him. Servant: Yes madam, I will go now. Servant Exits Lady: Nothing’s ours, all is gone, we got what we wanted, but not with happiness. It is safer to be what we destroy than by destruction and we are in doubtful joy. Macbeth Enters Welcome my lord! Why were you alone? Of sorriest fancies your compassions making, those thoughts you have, they should be dead. You should never think of them, they are not around anymore. What’s done is done! Macbeth: We have wounded the snake, but it is not dead.

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Mabeth Act 3 Scene 2 Rewrite Essay
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It will come better and be itself after our poor doing. Remains in danger of her former fang Let the frame of things come apart both heaven and earth will suffer. We will eat our meal in fear and sleep with the terrible dreams we have, we will have deep sadness. The dreams will wake us up nightly and shake us. We will be better with the dead, in peace, than lying thinking about the bad, in a restless frenzy. Duncan is in his grave, after dying of that terrible disease, he sleeps well. Lady: Come on, urry up my lord, and fix up your rugged face. Be bright and merry for your guest tonight. Macbeth: I will, and you should too let your thoughts apply to Banquo Respect his honours, both with eye and tongue. We must wash our reputation in these flattering streams. And make our faces hid our hearts, like masks disguising who we are. Lady: You must leave this Macbeth: Dear wife, my mind is crazy; you know that Banquo and Fleance still live Lady: They do not live forever, it is not in them. Macbeth: There’s comfort yet: they can be attacked.

Do not worry, until we need more help, a deed of dreadful note. Lady: What is to be done? Macbeth: You must not know, dearest love, until you come apart of the dead. Come, blinding night. Cover your eyes from the light. Forget about it all, cancel the great lease of life Banquo has, it all scares me and makes me pale. Good things in the day begin to fade and worsen. While nights agent prey in the dark. Things go bad when other things go stronger, and they turn themselves ill. So, I bet you come with me.


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