macbeth Essay

macbeth BY helloalex2265 Macbeth based on Out, Damn Slander Out Comparing Traves’s article with Macbeth, I realized that the characters in Shakespeare’s play are based on history and he specifically changed Macbeth’s personality in many ways. According to Out,Damn Slander Out, Macbeth actually was not a tyrant and he did not die at the battle with Malcolm. Instead, he was a sensible leader of Scotland. Even the historian Ted Cowan describes him “He was the last great Celtic ruler in Scotland. ” On the contrary, Macbeth in the play roles as a villain in the whole play.

As Duncan’s Murder mentions, after Macbeth hears about three wried sisters’ predicts, he plans to get King Duncan’s position. Even Lady Macbeth encourages him to kill Duncan, which makes him ambitious to usurp Duncan. In Banquds Murder the author says that the three wried sisters also predict that there is a man who will succeed his throne. Because Macbeth wants to keep his king position, he asks his people to kill Banquo and his son but his son escapes, which paved the way for Macbeth’ s death. In Out, Damn Slander Out, Traves glorifies Macbeth because of his favorable influence on landscape of Scotland these ays.

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Whether Macbeth was a tyrant, he is still influential to people positively. If Shakespeare understood Traves’s version on the play, Macbeth would become more heroic in Scotland. It also mentions that the Scotland celebrated the 1000th anniversary of Macbeth’s birth because the Scotch wanted to remind his remarkable existence in people’s hearts. According to history actually Macbeth’s character was not a villain but Shakespeare portrayed Macbeth’s real character differently. If Shakespeare had same standpoint with Traves’s, Scotland people would like more the positive play than the Shakespeare’s one.


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