Macbeth Scaffold Essay

“King Duncan’s murder marks the beginning of Macbeth’s downfall. Who can be held most responsible? ” Introduction •Introduce the play and the main characters. •Comment on why the play was written (Chain of being – murder of king leads to chaos. This idea would please James I. Why? ) •Introduce the main characters who can be held mostly to blame for Duncan’s. Lady Macbeth •Describe her character and explain how she would not have represented a stereotypical woman in Shakespearian times. •Explain the dramatic effect of her opening soliloquy to the audience. What is her role in Duncan’s murder? How does she contribute to Macbeth ‘s downfall after this? The Witches •Explain that the Shakespearian audiences would also have believed in witches. •Comment on the dramatic effect of these characters – appearance, characteristics etc. •What part did they play in Duncan’s murder? •How did they further contribute to Macbeth’s downfall in Act 4? •Why do you think they told Macbeth the predictions in the first place? Macbeth •Comment on his character and how it changes through the course of the play. Consider the following: how he is introduced at the beginning of the play – hero, meeting with the witches, •Lady Macbeth’s influence on him, the murder of Duncan, his doubts, banquo, revisits the witches, Macduff’s family •What makes Macbeth kill Duncan? •Who influences him? •To what extend can he be held responsible for the murder of Duncan and his own downfall. Conclusion •Sum up Macbeth’s fate. Explain why you think the play ends as it does and who you blame for the murder of Duncan and Macbeth’s downfall.


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