Question Answer
I am a cell that has a nucleus with organelles that have membranes around them. Who am I? eukaryote
I am an element that carries oxygen throughout the body. Who am I? Iron
I am the element found in DNA. Who am I? Phosphorus
Vitamin A, Cholestrol, and phospholipids are categorized as an example of me. Who am I? Lipids
I am a macromolecule made by a long chain of nucleotides. Who am I? nucleic acids
I am the macromolecule that is made from a long chain of amino acids. Who am I? Proteins
I am the element that helps to create strong teeth and bones. Who am I? calcium
I am the macromolecule made from a long chain of sugars. Who am I? carbohydrates
II make RNA. Who am I? DNA

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