Maggi Noodles Essay

MAGGI NOODLES Background Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestle. The brand is popular in India, South Africa, Brazil, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the Philippines. In several countries, it is also known as “maggi mee” Indonesian call it mee but in Malaysia people call it as noodle. Maggi noodles are part of the Maggi family, a Nestle brand of instant soups, stocks, and noodles.

In Malaysia, there are fried noodles made from maggi noodles known as Maggi goreng. Maggi noodles recently introduced a new variety of its noodles, to cater for the health conscious like ‘No MSG’, ‘Less Salt’, and ‘No Trans fat’. Wholewheat flour based noodle variation marketed by the name “Vegetable Atta Noodles” has been introduced in India. Atta flour is used in preparing most forms of wheat based breads in India and caters to health conscious buyers wary of the refined flour used in the regular Maggi noodles.

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This move helps the brand in India as suburban mothers, who feed the noodles to children as an afterschool snack, are the primary customers of the brand. Recently, a line of rice noodles and whole wheat with pulses, carrots, beans, and onions has also been introduced in India. In fact, “Maggi” has become a well-known brand for instant noodles in India and Malaysia. In mid 2008, New Zealand supermarkets introduced replacement formulations for its Beef, Oriental, and Curry flavours.

A new feature is an extra sachet containing dehydrated vegetables. Maggi claims the new range contains 88% less total fat and 86% less saturated fat than the average of top-three 2-minute-noodle competitors. The new Maggi range also has considerably lower fat than its own previous formulation. However, the salt content has been increased by 31 percent. Consumers have not reacted well to the new formulations, complaining that they want the original chicken flavor back.

Claimed to be “2 minute noodles”, The Maggi noodle cake and seasoning is added into boiling water for two minutes and it is ready for consumption. Egg, seaweed, boiled vegetables or lemon can also be added to the noodles for a better flavour. In Malaysia, The most well-known brand is Maggi, which has become practically synonymous with instant noodles. Curry is a favorite flavor. Other popular flavors include chicken, tom yam, and asam laksa. Both soup-based and dry variants are readily available.


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