Magnetic Levitation Essay

Magnetic Levitation (Maglev or Magnetic Suspension) is the method when an object is suspended with no other support besides its own magnetic field. This technology can support and move objects or vehicles, providing support without contact or friction, allowing for a fast and quite operation. The magnetic pressure is used to counteract effects of the gravitational and any other accelerations. There are some cases the lifting force provided by magnetic levitation, there are mechanical support bearings that provide some stability. This term is known as Pseudo-Levitation.

When considering MAGLEV Train it is also important to think about the environmental impact the transportation network will make not only to global warming it makes by carbon dioxide emissions, but also noise pollution and land take damage that the environment will also have. The carbon dioxide emission from a magnetic levitation train is significantly less than traditional high speed express trains, due to the lower energy that is produced. Also consider that MAGLEV Trains may convert people from using everyday vehicles such as cars due to the amount of pollution that is being put out by them.

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Another important factor is the noise pollution even though it does not impact the global climate in the way that carbon dioxide emissions has. It does effect the local environment and those who live there. It can have effect on the local animal life altering or completely destroy a local ecosystem. But MAGLEV Trains do not have noise problems from the friction between the trolley and pantograph and doesnt have any noise problems from the rolling friction. The only noise that comes from a MAGLEV Train is from the aerodynamics.

The last impact from a MAGLEV Train would be the land take. Which a normal rail system requires 14 meters wide track and a four lane freeway requires 30 meters wide. To construct a dual guide way for a MAGLEV Train would only require 12 meters. Which the destruction of natural animal habitats would be cut down from what a normal rail system and a freeway would cause and a less environmental impact.
The Magnetic Levitation Train is a great idea and the technology behind it will defiantly will help out the environment and better reliable transportation for people worldwide. But there are always some things that might prevent this technology from advancing. There has to be someone constantly monitoring the separation between the vehicle and the guide way due to the unstable nature of the electromagnetic attraction. The EDS (electrodynamic suspension) has a strong magnetic field and it would make it impossible for individuals with pacemakers to board and travel. The train will need wheels or tracks when the vehicle is stopped. But as of 2008 there is new technology that is being develop but at this time has no commercial or full scale prototype.



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