Major of Figures in Ballet Sample Essay

After reading “Major of Figures in Ballet” it unfastened my eyes up more to the universe of concert dance dance. I did non cognize where concert dance dance came from or how it got started ; and I ever wanted to cognize who started the beautiful dance of concert dance. After reading this I know more about the dance now and I see ballet dance in a different oculus now than I did before. I learn who started concert dance or shall I state who had the love of concert dance and she was the 1 who started concert dance through her love of dance and her name is Catherine de’ Medici.

Catherine was a Born in Italy and she had a love for dance and she had the love of dance in her bosom. When she got married to a Gallic adult male she moved to France and asks some of the Masterss of dance to come with her. It was there that the alteration of concert dance dance was born and it alteration of dance was traveling to get down. It was of import that they came with her because that is how ballet got started. Everyone that came with her had a function that they played in the concert dance universe. The moves or forms that we see today all came from the Masterss of dance.

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Major of Figures in Ballet Sample Essay
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One of the Masterss that came with Catherine was Beaujoyeulx who had a love for dance and he was a terpsichorean. One of the moves that we see today that he made is leg out ; that move he came up with was back in 1535 old ages ago. Beaujoyeulx made his grade on the universe of dance through his moves and forms. You can see some of his material in some concert dance dance like ‘The Nutcracker or The swan Lake. That is merely to call some but. like I said every dance of concert dance has him in it.

Charles Didelot was a Gallic terpsichorean. choreographer and instructor whose stage dancing was characteristic of the Romantic manner. In his clip this was the Romantic clip of 19th century. AS you see some of the dancers’ costumes of today all that came from him. He introduced the expression to ballet costumes. So as you may see there are a batch of people that helped alter the universe of dance. Even though I merely talked about a few there are several of Masterss of terpsichoreans out here that helped alter the universe of dance concert dance. And as you may see that the Masterss dance still live on ; and how I know. because I see every clip I see a concert dance dance.


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