Malaysian Code Of Corporate Governance Accounting Essay

Prior debut of proper corporate administration codifications, many big corporations, such as Enron, Dot-Com and WorldCom, collapsed due to incorrect behaviors of those charged with administration. This indicated that there is terrible demand of proper system of administration which will forestall prostrations of companies in future. As a consequence of these prostrations, United States established regulation based attack “ Sarbanes Oxley Act ” and the best codification of practise of United Kingdom, farther amended to integrate failings which were identified by Higgs Report and Tyson Report during 2003.

The Code of Corporate Governance of United Kingdom

Presently UK Corporate Governance Code trades with four subdivisions. Financial Reporting Council provides rules of these subdivisions as follows ( Financial Reporting Council, 2010 ) :

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Malaysian Code Of Corporate Governance Accounting Essay
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An effectual board to supply leading

There should be a clear division of duties, i.e. it should be clearly stated who is responsible for running the company i.e. a main executive officer and who is responsible for running the board, i.e. a president. Members of the board of managers are jointly responsible for the long-run success of the company, who should possess the appropriate balance of accomplishments, experience. The codification of corporate administration for the UK, states that there should be formal and crystalline processs for naming managers and these assignments and re-appointments should be approved by stockholders. The codification besides requires for regular rating of the effectivity of the board, its commissions and single managers.


Code states that board must show a balanced appraisal of the company ‘s place and it must find the nature and extent of the important hazards it is willing to take. Board of managers is required to set up and supervise sound hazard direction and internal control systems. There should be formal and crystalline processs for transporting out these duties. The codification further provinces that there should be an audit commission made up of independent managers.


Code of corporate administration provinces that a wage commission should be made up of independent managers and there should be formal and crystalline processs for puting executive wage, including a wage commission made up of mix of non-executive managers and executive managers, but bulk should be of executive managers. A farther guideline of codification is that a important proportion of wage should be linked to public presentation conditions to advance the long-run success of the company.

Relationss with stockholders

The guideline for stockholder is that they should supervise and prosecute with the direction of companies in which they invest, so that the board has regular contact with stockholders to understand their sentiments and concerns. Furthermore, there should be separate declarations on all significant issues at general meetings.

Malayan Code of Corporate Governance

Malayan codification of corporate administration sets 8 rules and their corresponding 26 recommendations ( Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Securities Commission Malaysia, 2012 ) . The primary aim of rules and recommendations is to enable puting a strong foundation for the board and its commissions to, so that they can execute their functions efficaciously ; and to guarantee sufficient and appropriate revelations ; to guarantee an built-in procedure of fiscal coverage ; to stress on the importance of set uping hazard direction and internal controls systems ; and to promote engagement of the stockholders in general meetings. These rules and recommendations are briefly described below:

Constitution of clear functions and duties

Malayan codification of corporate administration provinces that there should be a clear separation and division of duties between those who are responsible for running the company and those who are responsible for maneuvering the board. Furthermore, the board should set up clear functions and duties in dispatching its fiducial and headship maps. Code requires that board should explicate those schemes which guarantee long-run success and sustainability, and it should invent ethical criterions and it should take stairss to guarantee its conformity. There should be a company, possessing appropriate making, to pull off the administrative undertakings of the company. Members of board of managers should guarantee that they have entree to all information and they can take advice from company ‘s secretary or from their attorneies. The board should guarantee that it has formalized and reviewed charter and board should unwrap its charter to public.

Strengthened composing

Malayan codification of corporate administration requires that the board should set up a Nominating Committee which should consist wholly of non-executive managers and bulk of whom must be independent. Nomination Committee should set up, keep and reexamine the standards to be followed in the procedure of enlisting and appraisal of managers. Board should develop formal and crystalline policies and processs to pull and retain managers.

Reinforce independency

In order to guarantee its independency, Malayan codification of corporate administration provinces that the board should carry-out an one-year appraisal of independency of its non-executive managers. It states that the clip period of service for a non-executive manager should non transcend nine old ages. After completion of nine old ages of service, a non-executive manager can go on its service on the board topic to the manager ‘s re-designation as a non-independent manager. However, the board must warrant and obtain stockholders ‘ blessing if it retains a non-executive manager who has served for nine old ages. The codification states require that president and main executive officer should be separate persons, and president should be a non-executive manager. However, if the president is non independent, so codification requires that there should be a bulk of independent managers.

Foster committedness

In order to guarantee committedness from managers, Malayan codification of corporate administration requires that the board should set up outlooks on clip committedness for its members and protocols for accepting new directorships. Board should do it certain that its members are up-dated in footings of cognition by guaranting their entree to allow go oning instruction plans.

Uphold unity in fiscal coverage

The codification of corporate administration provinces that the Audit Committee should guarantee fiscal statements are in conformity and conformity with applicable fiscal coverage criterions. Furthermore, the Audit Committee should plan policies and processs to measure the suitableness and independency of external hearers.

Recognize and manage hazards

Malayan codification provinces that board should set up an appropriate model for hazard direction. Furthermore, the board should set up an internal audit map and it should guarantee that internal audit map is doing studies straight to the Audit Committee

Ensure seasonably and high quality revelation

Guideline of Malaysian codification of corporate administration sing revelation is that the board should actuate the company to put in information engineering to guarantee effectual and efficient proviso of information, but before this the board should plan appropriate corporate revelation policies.

Strengthen relationship between company and stockholders

Malayan codification of corporate administration requires that the board should take sensible stairss to advance effectual communicating and proactive battles with stockholders. In order to guarantee this, the board should promote stockholders to take part and project their ballots in general meetings.

Rule based attack is such attack in which companies are non provided an option sing conformity. Rules and ordinances defined in regulations based attack are mandatory for companies to follow. Non conformity will ensue in legal action. While on other manus, rule base attack involves steering companies sing what are best patterns which they could follow, on their discretion, to increase effectivity and public assurance in their company. Conformity with rules based codifications is non mandatory. Sarbanes Oxley Act of United States is designed as regulation based attack while Corporate Governance Codes of United Kingdom are designed as rule based attack.

Sarbanes Oxley Act clearly states that what is required from those with administration. It provides standardised counsel because every company in United States have to follow with while rule based attack is non standardized. Furthermore, it is adhering for companies to wholly follow Sarbanes Oxley Act otherwise they will be punished. Therefore, it ensures every company will follow with it on which it is applicable. It besides increases assurance of stockholders on company.

On other manus, Corporate Governance Code is flexible attack. It is non similar Sarbanes Oxley Act. It provides option of ‘comply or explain ‘ to all applicable companies ( Sir Hogg, 2010 ) . This ‘comply or explicate ‘ option cultivates civilization of good administration. Due to this option, direction of companies feel flexibleness in following corporate administration codifications and follow these codifications measure by measure after understanding substance of doing these codifications instead than merely clicking boxes on checklist to follow with ordinance. Once its substance is clear, direction will non look for loopholes in system like Sarbanes Oxley Act. Furthermore, direction will besides seek to move more ethically specifically where no counsel is provided yet.

Part 2 ( 1 )

Intuitional stockholder is a non-bank individual or organisation that trades securities in big adequate portion measures or hard currency sums that they qualify for discriminatory intervention. Institutional investors invest in companies to gain short term additions through dividend. If company does non execute good so institutional investors sell their investing because institutional investors are puting money of others to gain good returns for money suppliers and themselves. Institutional investors face fewer protective ordinances because it is assumed that they are more knowing and better able to protect themselves in bad state of affairss. In instance of British American Tobacco, stockholders construction consists of single stockholders, fiscal institutions/pension financess, campaigner companies and other corporate holders ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) . Fiscal institutions/pension financess, campaigner companies and other corporate holders are institutional investors for British American Tobacco Company.

Proportion of institutional investors in British American Tobacco Company is increasing ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) . Institutional investors i.e. fiscal institutions/pensions, nominee companies and other corporate holders, consists of 93.20 % of entire stockholders and holds 1.888 billion ordinary portions and stand foring 24,412 shareholder entities ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) .

Increased proportion of institutional investors consequences in decreased voice of single stockholders. Directors would seek to prosecute involvement of institutional investors i.e. short term benefits/returns instead than prosecuting long term success of concern. Duties of institutional investors increase with the proportion of addition in their shareholding proportion ( Association of British Insurers, 1991 ) .

Agency theory in explains the relationship between two parties, where 1 is a principal and the other is an agent who represents the principal in minutess with a 3rd party. In instance of a company, principal is stockholder and agent is direction or managers moving on behalf of stockholders ( Campbell, 2010 ) . Agency relationships occur when the principals i.e. stockholder hire the agent i.e. managers to execute tally concern on principals ‘ behalf. Principals normally delegate decision-making authorization to the agents. Agency jobs can originate because of inefficiencies and uncomplete communicating between agent and principal ( Florackis, 2008 ) . In instance of British American Tobacco, agent is board of managers of British American Tobacco and principal is all stockholders who have invested money in British American Tobacco.

Agency job arises when chief and agent have different ends. It is usual in every bureau relation as chief would wish to increase its wealth while agent will seek to gain maximal return for himself instead than chief. This job becomes severe if risk attitude of agent and principal is different. For illustration, managers are retaining net incomes for future investings therefore dividend payout ratio is low. If company have more proportion of institutional investors in its stockholders than institutional stockholders will defy investing programs by utilizing their vote rights and may seek to coerce direction to increase dividend because institutional investors invested in company to gain regular income through dividend.

Corporate Governance Codes provide counsel that there are figure of conditions under which institutional investors can step in in company personal businesss. These conditions include scheme, operational public presentation and acquisitions and disposals of concern, wage policy, internal controls and sequence planning at workplace, societal duty and failure to follow with relevant codifications. Furthermore, institutional stockholders must come in in a duologue with companies for common apprehension of aims. In add-on, institutional investors should give equal attending to each factor while measuring administration agreements of companies. Furthermore, institutional investors have duty to decently utilize their vote rights. In instance of British American Tobacco, institutional investors have regular duologue with board of managers. Presently British American Tobacco pays 65 % net incomes in Dividends ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) . This means that involvement of institutional stockholders i.e. regular income through dividend is dealt by direction with attention. There are no indicants sing how many shareholders of British American Tobacco attended one-year general meeting and used their vote rights. In absence of this information, it seems that institutional investors and board of managers of British American Tobacco understand their relevant duties.

Scandals/Problems of British American Tobacco:

Use of Child Labour in Indonesia

Children in Indonesia every bit immature as 11 old ages of age are working in hot conditions for hours with substances that can poison them. If the same survey happened in the UK there would be a ailment and besides supervisors would hold been arrested. The work forces paying a meagre sum to engage the immature people in these images are outside the range of the UK Torahs in Indonesia. However their kid labor is alleged to be increase net incomes of a powerful London-based international company known as British American Tobacco ( Evans, 2012 ) .

Corporate Social Responsibility Disguise

British American Tobacco has besides failed to describe its outgo on activities which it describes as corporate societal duty. Under the euphemism of European Union stakeholder duologue, British American Tobacco has been able to straight entree European Union policy shapers and set frontward its positions on statute law under treatment. By masking this contact as Corporate Social Responsibility, British American Tobacco has clearly contravened the Commission ‘s definition of lobbying ( Corporate Europe Observatory, 2009 ) .

Attempt to cut down Worker ‘s Rights

British American Tobacco has launched two enterprises known as brotherhood busting at British American Tobacco Malaysia. These enterprises intended to earnestly sabotage the negociating power of the British American Tobacco Employees Union. The cardinal affair in this brotherhood breaking scheme was occupation reclassification of employees to direction position because under Malayan labor Torahs directors are non eligible for holding rank of brotherhood ( Malayan Trades Union Congress, 2009 ) . Part 2 ( 2 )

There are two types of board constructions available for companies to follow. One is two-tier board construction and other is unitary board construction. In unitary board construction, executive and non-executive managers sit in same board and both are responsible for running the company. In instance of British American Tobacco, construction of board seems to be unitary board as there is information sing board meetings and in most instances, all managers attended board meetings ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) .

There could be conflict between executive and non-executive managers sing their functions. To avoid these struggles, functions of non-executive managers are defined. These functions are divided into four classs i.e. hazard function, scheme function, size uping function and people function.


Non-executive managers are responsible for guaranting that company have proper hazard direction systems to properly reference different hazards faced by the company. In instance of British American Tobacco, president and two non-executive managers are in audit commission. Footings of mention of audit commission include that members of audit commission have duty for internal controls and hazard direction systems ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) . This shows that non-executive managers are carefully carry throughing their hazard function at British American Tobacco.


Non-executive managers should constructively dispute scheme proposals of executive managers presented at board meetings. Furthermore, non-executive managers should besides offer adept advice on way of the company. In instance of British American Tobacco, it is stated that non-executive managers help to develop scheme and constructively dispute to direction ‘s proposals to guarantee that merely those schemes are selected which guarantee long-run success of the company ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) . It shows that non-executive managers are carry throughing their scheme function at British American Tobacco.


Non-executive managers are required to do executive managers accountable for the determination which they took and consequences which were achieved due to execution of the their determinations. In instance of British American Tobacco, non-executive managers are responsible for size uping the public presentation of direction, agreed ends and aims and for supervising the coverage of public presentation ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) . In add-on to this, non-executive managers remain available to run into with major investors in order to understand their positions and concerns, so that if they come to cognize with any issue confronting the stockholders, they can keep executive managers accountable ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) . Good or bad consequences or determinations of the British American Tobacco, in eyes of stockholders, will be communicated to non-executive through regular communicating with them. This indicates that non-executive managers are efficaciously executing their scrutinising function at British American Tobacco.

Peoples ROLE

Peoples function of non-executive managers means that they are responsible for assignment and wage scene of executive managers, and covering with contractual and disciplinary issues faced by their company. In instance of British American Tobacco, board of managers have established nomination commission and wage commission for assignment for board of managers and puting wage. Both commissions consist of president and non-executive managers. In add-on to this, non-executive managers remain available to run into with major investors in order to understand their positions and concerns ( British American Tobacco, 2011 ) . It indicates that non-executive managers are executing their people function efficaciously at British American Tobacco.

Part 3

There are some practical jobs with the corporate administration codification of UK. These jobs with their suggested solutions are as follow:

The procedure of the development of UK corporate administration codification is reactionist. It responds to jobs when they occur. Therefore, it is suggested that the development of the codification should be proactive and should be puting the docket in progress. The proactive attack may assist to get the better of jobs and corporate failures that may originate in the hereafter.

Another job with the corporate codification of administration of UK is that its impact varies depending on the nature and size of the companies, ensuing in different planetary point of views. For illustration, it is hard or about impossible for the little and average sized entities to adhere to all or many of the commissariats of the corporate administration codification. This defect can be overcome by developing and set uping different codifications of corporate administration. Making so will ensue in more focussed corporate administration codifications depending on the size and nature of the entities.

Code of corporate administration of UK does non concentrate on corporate societal duties and environmental issues. It focuses merely on the administration of the company in manner that maximises the value of stockholders merely by bring forthing net incomes. It should besides include the guidelines sing corporate societal duty and environmental issues ( Moir, 2001 ) . It will make a good image of the codification itself and of the companies in the eyes of populace at big. It will besides assist to guarantee the sustainability of the natural resources and will besides assist to cut down the environmental pollution.

It is claimed that attachment to administration demands harms the fight and brings significant costs to companies. This job may be overcome by educating the companies ‘ direction and stockholders that although its attachment brings costs with it but in the long-term it increases the stockholders ‘ value, for illustration, by cut downing the cases of frauds and increased scrutinizing of executives managers by non-executive managers.

Further suggestions for bettering corporate administration codification are as follows:

Harmonizing to Paul Seitz, Japan has really limited land infinite, yet its corporations have achieved success. Their secret of success is that they focused on capturing foreign markets instead than blowing resources in viing with domestic companies ( Seitz, 2001 ) . Codes of Corporate Governance should include such instructions for companies to increase organisational success.

Current success of corporate is based on the research conducted during 1990s. If that research was non conducted, so corporation would hold ne’er been so successful. Therefore, for success of corporations in approaching hereafter, it is required that research should be conducted continuously to guarantee success of corporations in future ( Percy, 2007 ) .

Harmonizing to Ross and Crossan, current corporate administration codification of United Kingdom and Germany is non appropriate for complex issues caused by the fiscal crisis and that alterations need to be implemented. Furthermore, there is no uncertainty that it played good function in fiscal crisis but if such events are to be prevented, so regulative environment should necessitate to be strengthened ( Ross and Crossan, 2012 ) in order to guarantee that corporations follow counsel provided by codifications of corporate administration.

Furthermore, corporate administration codification can include different rules presented by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD ) and The International Corporate Governance Network ( ICGN ) to better combined codifications. Principles of OECD cover different countries sing stockholders. In add-on, OECD principles trade with functions of stakeholders in corporate administration, duties of the board and revelation and transparence demands of fiscal statements ( OECD, 2004 ) . Furthermore, rules of ICGN are about similar to rules of OECD and corporate administration ( ICGN, 2009 ) .


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