Malaysian National Snack Essay

I went to a Malaysian restaurant with my family last weekend to try some new
Asian dishes we never tasted before. The name of the restaurant is Yazmin
Malaysian Restaurant. That restaurant is located on Las Tunas Drive, San
Gabriel. We ordered the curry noodles, the spicy chicken wings, the curry
squids, and the satay. Among the foods we ordered, I would like to describe a
dish that is called “Satay.” It is so delicious, and it is a new Asian
dish that I never tasted before. There are many interesting Malaysian
traditional things in that Malaysia restaurant. The restaurant was decorated by
hanging the Malaysian traditional kites and posters with Malaysia famous places.

Besides the kites and the posters, there also has some traditional clothes on
the walls. The boss called that is the “Batik” clothes. Thus, I felt
that I was like that I was eating in Malaysia in that time. We ordered some
Malaysia traditional foods, and one of those dishes that I like it very much.

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Malaysian National Snack Essay
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That is “Satay.” Satay is a barbecued meat on a skewer. There are five
skewers on a plate accompany with some bite-size cubes of cold, cook rice and
the cool slices of cucumber, and uncook red onion. Along with it, there is a
smaller plate filled with spicy peanut gravy. By using the same skewer, I dipped
the meat into the spicy peanut gravy before I tasted it. Then, I speared a cube
of cold, cook rice, and dipped into the gravy. Besides the bite-size of rice, I
also speared a slice of cucumber and a slice of red onion, and dipped them into
the gravy. It is so delicious until I had eaten up all the satay. Satay’s meat
is marinated and threaded through thin bamboo skewers before grilled. When it is
grilled, it is basted with margarine by using a lemon grass as brush. I believe
this made the smell better. However, the satay gravy has more complicated
ingredients. It contains of peanuts, onion, garlic, chilies, lemon juices,
coconut milk, ground cumin, ground turmeric, and chopped lemon grass. The
cucumber and onion are prepared uncook and cut into slices. The rice cubes are
made of plain rice which cook with coconut milk instead of water. I like to eat
the gravy because it contains peanuts in it. The peanuts made the gravy so
crunchy and I like it very much. The satay’s meat is also good. However, when
the satay became cold, I felt hard to chew. I like the rice cubes and the
cucumber very much, but not the uncook onion because it was smelled bad after
eating. Satay is a traditional food of Malaysia. It is so special compared to
the other Asian’s food I had tried. Of course, I would like to eat the satay
again if I have a chance to go back to that Malaysian restaurant.


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