Mama's Boy Essay

A Mama’s boy is the son of a woman, who is either his mother or someone who is looked or viewed as a mother figure in his life. He has traits that are second-to-none and maybe misunderstood from time-to-time. He is bold, compassionate, appreciates the simple things in life, and at times viewed as a softy for his compassion for others. A Mamas boy looks to protect and honor his mother. He always puts his mother first and thinks of her or asks her advice whenever making an important decision. When he becomes of age and starts thinking of dating, he often times ask his mother’s opinion of a particular girl or women.

At times, he may opt not to date a particular woman or may simply break off a relationship, because his mother does not get along with his significant other. Without thinking twice, a mama’s boy works to please his mother, and hates to see her hurt. He offers to help whenever possible and does not think twice, when asked to render assistance to his mom. He loves his father, but there is no one like his mother. The day, in which a mother conceives a child, as a mother she is instinctively loving and nurturing.

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Mama's Boy Essay
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A mother is expected to love all of their children, but will often time gravitate towards their boys a little more. Like a mother, a father will typically gravitate towards his little girl or girls. It is not that the father or mother loves his or her children any different; they just instinctively baby one sex more than the other sex. Therefore, it is only natural for a boy to gravitate towards his mother and thus hence the term ‘Mama’s boy’. Often times little boys, do not necessarily try to become mama’s boys, but rather bond more so with their mother.

This bond will often times make them almost inseparable and can led to separation anxiety for smaller boys. Some women simply prefer a mama’s boy to a typical male, while others feel that mama’s boys do not have a mind of their own. Rather than making an informed decision on there own, he will ask his mother for advice prior making the decision. For those women who prefer mama’s boys, they view them as loving, respectful and often times more understanding when dealing with matters of the heart. They tend to be compassionate, understanding, and often times eager to help someone in need.

At the beginning of birth, one would like to think that all children tend to bond with their parents. As the days become months and the months become years, it is evident that a child will tend to gravitate more towards one parent. This happens not because the child loves his or her parents any differently, but can occur for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons could be simply because the child’s mother or father spends more time with them; one parent may play with the child more at child level and the child can relate; or perhaps there is a simple explanation in nature.

For example, heretical sexual men and women simply gravitate towards the opposite sex. Just perhaps, this has something to do with the creation of a “mama’s boy” or even a “daddy’s girl”. The truth of the matter is that no one really knows why one boy can be a mama’s boy and another is simply a little boy. They both have all of the same basic traits and physiology, and both tend to enjoy playing outdoors and watching games with their fathers and friends. However, one is more willing to go the extra mile for his mother and will often times respect women without being told too respect them.

The characteristics that makeup and defines a mama’s boy, are also the same qualities that makes him successful in relationships, as a father; in everyday life and should he choose too, eventually a loving husband. A Mama’s Boy is motivated to be successful, while ultimately pleasing his mother and understanding the values passed on to him. Fore a mama’s boy cannot be a true mama’s boy, without understanding the sacrifices’ his mother had to endure, so that he may have everything at his disposal to succeed. He is an extension of his mother’s greatness and legacy. (he, she, it, they, the reader, people)


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