Man, a Slave of Scientific Technology Essay

MAN, A SLAVE OF SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY Man, a slave of scientific technology. I think this is a subject on which a lot of debate takes place time and again. I am all for the motion because I believe that man is indeed a slave of scientific technology. Man can circle the globe today in about one hour. Such is the interesting advancement of science and technology. If we carefully analyse, it will be clear that we use an awful lot of inventions and products in our daily life, which are the products derived from these shocking advancement of scientific technology.

To name a few from the endless list, rockets and spaceships, electronic techniques, atomic energy, antibiotics, the computer and robots, the simulation of the human gene, the internet, videoconferencing, cloning, wireless, telephone, telex, television, microwave oven, electric heater, airconditioner, high speed vehicles, highspeed locomotives, airplanes etc are a few inventions and products that have enormously affected human lives. There is no doubt whatsoever all these have profoundly influenced the development of humanbeings and offered an improved living standard.

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Man, a Slave of Scientific Technology Essay
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Progress of science and technology enhances directly the productivity of industry and agriculture. This would of course increase the total value of national production and income and improve the national welfare and level of life. One can argue that because of the benefits scientific technology offers to humankind, there is a tendency for us to be dependent. I personally do not see any problem whatsoever in technology dominating human life to a certain extent because it offers a lot of opportunities for comprehensive development of humanity too.

It is inevitable that future society will be fully dominated by scientific technology. There is no harm in man becoming the slave of it as long as his freedom is retained, his initiative, creativity and hard work are maintained. Scientific and technological advancement affects all the fields of social life. Therefore, we should strive hard to ensure that it does not deprive the necessary interpersonal relationship and communication between humanbeings.

There is no need to lament that man is a slave of scientific technology. Instead, it is essential for us to discover the way to overcome the negative effects of technological development and to change and control its direction and development for the betterment of humanity. An ideal society can only be realized through the humanization of scientific and technological developments. In such a society, there would sure be a lot of comfort and there will not be so much poverty and pain.


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