Management Accounting And Control Accounting Essay

The Royal Ahold ruin in February 2003 was chiefly due to the corporate civilization driven by stakeholder/shareholders approach that demanded changeless economic and net income growing irrespective of failings in corporate administration. These failings in corporate administration in concurrence with the corporate civilization lead to abnormalities in accounting patterns, deficiency of transparence and unethical behaviour. Each twelvemonth Royal Ahold ‘s executive direction squad set aggressive net incomes growing and gross marks and pressured their direction squad members to accomplish those ends. The inducement program was based on carry throughing these ends and directors who met their marks were awarded big fillips. Sing Royal Ahold ‘s decentralised operational theoretical account along with an attractive inducement program to achieve unrealistic gross and net incomes marks, formed an environment that flourishes fraud peculiarly when there are besides weaknesses in corporate administration.

In 2003, Royal Ahold independent hearers discovered legion abnormalities in the company ‘s accounting records. Criminal and civil cases were filed against the company when these accounting abnormalities were discovered. The corporation went into a complete black position due to the accounting dirt, deceitful activities at US Foodservice subordinate, surrenders of senior direction, and Deloitte & A ; Touche findings of describing hyperbolic net gross revenues and runing income for at least last 3 to 4 old ages. Shareholders lost a batch of money as the portion monetary value dropped from $ 10.69 to $ 4.16 per portion within a twenty-four hours.

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Management Accounting And Control Accounting Essay
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This study focuses on grounds of Royal Ahold ‘s meltdown by analysing its growing scheme through acquisitions and the absence of internal every bit good as external inadvertence of direction ‘s scheme. This study discusses the inter-relationship amongst the deficiency of corporate administration and deficiency of accounting transparence which led to the ruin of Ahold.


The Netherlands based Royal Ahold is one of the taking and universe ‘s largest international retail food market concatenation and nutrient service companies. Royal Ahold was started as a household concern in 1887 from a little food market shop in western Holland. On its hundredth day of remembrance in 1987, the queen of the Netherlands granted the denomination “ Koninklijke ” that means “ Royal ” in English. Since so, it was known as Royal Ahold. Get downing 1990, the company experienced really strong growing chiefly through acquisition and by 2001 it became one of the largest international retail merchant in the food market nutrient industry. In 2003, the company had to confront a monolithic accounting dirt ensuing in serious loss to stockholders and corporate image.

Growth Strategy

In the 1990s, Royal Ahold owned several retail ironss that include Albert Heijn supermarkets, Gall & A ; Gall spirits shops, Etos wellness and beauty attention shops, Peapod online nutrient retail merchant and Norse. In the US, Ahold owned and operated Giant Food, Stop & A ; Shop and Tops market. Approximately, 75 % of the company ‘s gross revenues came from US. During 1990s, Ahold grew really quickly through acquisitions and bulk of those acquisition were in US or South America. By mid 1990s, Ahold became stock market favourite due to its rapid growing. In order to keep the growing rate to maintain the shareholders involvement in the company, Ahold ‘s direction really sharply pursued its growing scheme via acquisitions and acquired over 60 companies between 1998 and 2002. Regardless of competitory market conditions, the company maintained its growing in the late ninetiess and early 2000s. Majority of its growing was driven by its US nutrient subordinate know as US Foodservices Inc. Due to the economic crisis in 2001, the organic growing mentality was less favourable comparison to the yesteryear, Ahold ‘s direction continued to concentrate on bettering gross net income borders and net incomes growing. Ahold ‘s growing scheme was rather different from Wal-Mart and Carrefour. As mentioned above, Ahold grew via acquisitions of retail shop ironss and continued to run them under their ain trade name, local individuality and direction.

Accounting Abnormalities

In 2003, Royal Ahold announced that it had overstated net incomes by over $ 500 million for the past two old ages related to promotional allowance plan at US Foodservice subordinate. Furthermore, the company declared that five joint ventures ( ICA Ahold, Jeronimo Martins Retail, Disco, Bompreco, and Paiz Ahold ) should non hold been reported as to the full consolidated in Ahold ‘s fiscal statements as they were non to the full owned by the company. Harmonizing to US GAAP, ownership in a joint venture where the spouse owns between 20 % and 50 % , should be reported utilizing Equity method. Royal Ahold ground to to the full consolidate these joint ventures in its books was based on the letters saying Ahold had full control over these joint ventures. These control letters were nullified by individually signed side letters that rejected the reading of the control missive. Ahold did non keep more than 50 % portion in any of these joint ventures mentioned above and in each of the stockholders understandings signed with its spouses mentioned that the spouses had equal rights in all determinations. Therefore, Royal Ahold did non hold any control over its joint ventures and it should hold recorded them utilizing Equity method.

Hearers ab initio did non have those side letters and merely the control letters were provided to them. Therefore, they were unaware of the being of side letters. In October 2002, the executive board members became cognizant of the being of one of side letters related to ICA. They informed the president of the audit commission who so initiated the question and found that these joint ventures could non be to the full consolidated.

Vendor Promotional Allowance

Prior to 2003, the accounting guidelines for vendor promotional allowances are non clearly defined and by and large promotional allowances were contractually negotiated between the maker and the retail merchant for a period of clip in future. The accounting guidelines did non advert how these promotional allowances should be recognized. Therefore, Royal Ahold recognized promotional allowances based on estimations that it would buy the needed volume from the Vendor. The allowances were booked in progress based on future buying mark understandings made with providers or maker, even though the needed volumes for these allowances were ne’er really met. With economic system decelerating down in 2001 and 2002, it became evident that the buying volumes estimated by the company would non be reached. Therefore, at that clip Ahold should hold change by reversal the promotional allowances that had been recorded already and instead some of Ahold ‘s employees did non decently follow the procedure and made it a monolithic accounting dirt.

Royal Ahold ‘s question revealed that two executives of US Foodservices used these promotional allowances to do their unit ‘s gaining growing healthier than existent sum and cost of goods sold to be underestimated. In add-on, to conceal their mistake from the hearers, these executives produced forged papers by converting several sellers and asked them to subscribe letters corroborating the being of these allowances and adverting they have been either paid or owed to US Foodservices. They besides misrepresented hard currency payments made by the sellers at year-end for the undermentioned twelvemonth ‘s postpaid promotional allowance by showing it as the payment for the fancied promotional allowance receivable of the current twelvemonth.

It is obvious that that these sorts of deceitful accounting patterns are non sustainable and can easy be tracked and do important harm to the organisation as it did to Royal Ahold.

Corporate Governance and Leadership

Royal Ahold was runing under a much decentralized theoretical account and each subordinate ‘s direction squad was empowered to run the operation of their subordinate as they wanted. This was clearly the instance for US Foodservices who cooked the books nevertheless they wanted by playing about with promotional allowances. Promotional allowance receivables were booked in progress prior to hold volume purchase and payment of the merchandises by US Foodservices. Another illustration discussed above was related to to the full consolidating joint ventures by utilizing control letters without unwraping the side letters that made those control letters null and nothingness. Both of these illustrations clearly show that there was deficiency of transparence and information revelation with the different degrees of direction hierarchy. In add-on, the inducement program was based on run intoing aggressive marks to accomplish gaining growing and net income addition. Management squad was rewarded with brawny fillips for run intoing these marks. The combination of wages construction, decentralized operational theoretical account, deficiency of transparence and information revelation promoted unethical behaviour to fictitiously demo gross growing and net income addition.

Both CEO Van der Hoeven and his CFO Michael Meurs did non hold formal accounting preparation and they were non merely pull offing the nucleus concern but besides doing big trades to get other companies. Further, all members of the board consisted of people internally promoted from the acquired subordinates. The board members monitored same subordinates they used to pull off antecedently. Although, this pattern was consistent with Royal Ahold ‘s scheme of maintaining direction from acquired subordinates, it represents hapless internal control over direction.


The fiscal fraud at Royal Ahold transpired due to the deficiency of transparence and information revelation. The issue may hold been avoided if the corporate civilization at Ahold was non driven by the stockholder attack to the concern which placed important burden on Ahold ‘s direction to keep its growing aim.


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