Management and Leadership Paper Essay

Main Problems

One of the jobs with this scenario is the ongoing struggle between Richard Leeman. Public Relations Chief over the chemical division. and Donna Olson. Public Relations Chief over the mechanical division. Gene Robertson. Public Relations Director for the Western Area Regional Office. has had to reexamine seven instances in the past six months where Richard and Donna have been at odds with one another. Equally long as they continue to hold jobs working cohesively together. the issues will hold an impact on the full company. Richard and Donna. though they may be really talented in their several functions. are a failing in the strength of the company as a whole. If allowed to go on. the jobs between the two will filtrate through the several sections separately and jointly when there is a demand to interact.

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Another job deals with Gene. As the manager over Richard and Donna. he has allowed jobs to go on. With seven reported issues over the past six months. and now the current job at the public dealingss dinner. Gene is non making his occupation as an effectual leader to repair a job that could do long-run harm to the organisation as a whole. If the jobs with puting up for the event had been seeable to the invitees. the effects could hold had a negative impact on the company’s hereafter concern relationships. It may be that Gene has an issue covering with conflict declaration. There may besides be an implicit in issue with Richard’s regard and / or trust in Gene’s decision-making accomplishments. This is believed to be a possibility since Gene instructed Donna to form the event and Richard felt it necessary to step in. It is obvious Richard has no regard for Donna. and really likely Donna has no regard for Richard. Another issue with Gene: though he thought his instructions were clear that Donna was in charge of the event. it may be that Gene did non efficaciously pass on this to Richard.

Possible Solutions

Gene must acquire this issue under control instantly. Harmonizing to the instance survey. the jobs between Richard and Donna have non affected the employees under each of them. and the information has non leaked up to Alfred Gamble. the Western Area Regional Manager. In order to be able to maintain Richard and Donna in their functions. Gene must turn to their issues with one another through struggle declaration. It is non uncommon for gifted people to hold problem pass oning with others. particularly those that are similar in leading manners. It is the duty of their leader to turn to these issues and acquire them working good with one another. Other considerations may be to reorganise the leading construction so these two do non hold direct interaction with one another. The other consideration is to turn to public presentation issues. which could take to the expiration of Richard. Donna. or perchance both of them. Ending one and non both may take to ongoing jobs between the 1 that is kept and the following leader promoted to the vacated place.


Cultures of organisations are developed upon the authorization of the individual…Employees who are empowered are more proactive and can break accomplish their ends while being self-sufficing ( Brown & A ; Harvey. 2011 ) . A assortment of behavioural intercession schemes. such as employee aid plans. struggle declaration preparation. health and fittingness plans and team-building exercisings. may turn out beneficial in bettering the interaction between non merely Richard and Donna but all leading within Steele Enterprises. Gene may even profit from some personal leading preparation plans. one being how to manage conflict declaration. coaching and employee public presentation betterment planning. Stress direction is good to any high acting squads. The function analysis technique is used to clear up function outlooks which could increase squad coherence and let them to work better and at a higher degree. Role profiles enable squads to better understand the importance of each division’s duties.

Brown. D. R. ( 2011 ) . Process Intervention Skills. In S. Yagan. E. Svendsen. & A ; J. Collins ( Eds. ) . An experiential attack to organisational development. 8th edition ( pp. 198-222 ) . New Jersey: Prentice Hall.


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