Management Behavior Memo Essay

RUNNING HEAD: BEHAVIOR MEMO Management Behavior Memo University of Phoenix HRM 531 Stephanie Merritt June 15, 2010 Facilitator: Annmarie Burnette ****MEMORANDUM**** TO: MANAGEMENT TEAM FROM: STEPHANIE MERRITT RE: MANAGEMENT’S BEHAVIOR InterClean Inc. is undergoing changes which will affect all members of management and the employees which are under our supervision. As requested this memo is a summary of behaviors managers will need to implement if he or she has not already implemented the changes. The changes will affect the behaviors management and leaders must exhibit daily to ensure the productivity of the employees.

The most important behavior is the attitude of the managers and leaders of the company, a high level of optimism should be displayed at all times. The upcoming merger and next few months will make some employees uneasy about his or her position in the company; however, if the staff can see the leaders with a positive attitude it then trickles down to the other staff members. (Shelar, N. 2009). “Rude behavior of managers creates an atmosphere of mistrust and fear, and as a consequence has a negative impact on productivity and also increases the operational cost (Manager Behavior and Productivity, Para 4). When an employee loses trust in the managers discontent begins to arise rumors begin to appear, employees begin to call in sick or try to take more time off than normal. The company cannot effectively do business when the workforce is constantly off work for one reason or the other; therefore, it is imperative that the managers create an atmosphere of trust and openness. A good leader finds a way to create a favorable work environment in which employees will produce to the best of his or her ability. In moving forward, I suggest adding extra staff for the compliance department as well as the human resource department.

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Management Behavior Memo Essay
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Each of these departments will have additional work that must be done in order for a smooth transition to occur. Each member of the management team will be trained on workplace diversity, employment laws and other hiring practices. Workplace diversity training will be given throughout every part of the company; the sales staff will find the training especially helpful when going on other worksite to sell our products and services. Employment laws will be helpful to the sales staff while on other work sites. The laws will serve as a guideline of how to speak,


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