Management information system design Essay

Management Information System Design For Human Resource Functions

Design For Human Resource Functions

As company ABC begins to vie in the challenging concern environment of the information age, an effectual human resource direction system therefore becomes of all time more of import than earlier. In order to pull strings such human resource ( HR ) , the company must give full drama to its competitory advantages. This paper aims at presenting a design tool to efficaciously implement the company ‘s HR direction and policy with assistance of computing machines. The end of such direction information system ( MIS ) is to measure, use and apportion resources offering a competitory advantage to the senior direction of the organisation. Increasingly demanding HR direction, Torahs and ordinances every bit good as expanded computing machine and information engineering capacity call for the demand of such MIS within the HR section of ABC. Basically, this system serves as a database that consists of all relevant HR information that adjusts, maintains and determines HR activities.

Consequently, there is a turning demand to invent an MIS for HR for the company ‘s schemes.

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Employees determine whether a concern organisation will win or neglect, so how to mobilise employees ‘ effectivity and take advantage of their strength is one top scheme of ABC. That is the eventual end of an HR director. To installation the HR director ‘s work, the IT director is therefore expected to play a cardinal function in design of an MIS for HR that can assist the HR director to do effectual strategic and operational determinations. Presently, the pattern of MIS is characterized by technological invention. Advanced information engineering must be taken advantage of to explicate an effectual MIS for HR section.

As an IT director, he must possess a general apprehension about some basic constructs of HR direction before he can incorporate them into the system design. Generally talking, there are four degrees of integrating bing between the HR maps and the MIS maps. First, there should be administrative linkage, which focuses HR map on ABC ‘s day-to-day activities ; Then the 2nd degree trades with a one-way linkage where the organisation develops a strategic program via the MIS and so notifies the HR section ; Of class there will be a bipartisan linkage where the MIS informs the HR section of relevant strategic programs, and so the HR section makes analysis of them and submits the treatment consequence to the HR director before he can do the concluding determination for executing ; The 4th one is known as integrative linkage, based on changeless interaction between the HR section employees and senior direction of ABC.

Consequently, the IT director should foremost hold a image on head about the major constituents of the chief bill of fare on the MIS. The first 1 is “Mission” , which describes ABC ‘s ground for what the MIS serves and the engineering to be employed, and besides reflects ABC ‘s concern vision and values. The 2nd portion may cover with the end of its HR direction, which contemplates how the MIS can assist accomplish the organisation ‘s coveted consequence in HR direction in the close hereafter. The 3rd subdivision nowadayss external analysis of ABC ‘s concern environment to place the strategic chances and disadvantages that may impact its HR execution. The following 1 is surely internal analysis of ABC ‘s ain advantages and failings in HR facet. The last one gives strategic pick based on the above two types of analysis, which can supply mention for the direction ‘s concluding determinations.

As figure 1 shows below, HR map can be viewed as such a bill of fare consisting of strategic inside informations for ABC to implement.

Scheme variables Strategy executing



Impact Of IT On HR Management

Obviously, information engineering has tonss of advantageous impact upon the day-to-day HR work. For illustration, it can automatize the paper work to salvage clip and attempt, therefore cut downing the figure of employees to be recruited for HR section. It makes easier to hive away informations about occupation appliers and facilitates seeking and choosing qualified campaigners. It will administer hazard direction by oversing and analyzing licences, safety preparation, physical medical examinations and study mistakes. Meanwhile, it helps to plan preparation activities to run into ABA ‘s preparation demands for most employees. For higher degree employees, it can besides upgrade expertness and capablenesss to accomplish preparation development. In respect of cooperation with other sections, the engineering offers to program and simulate fiscal impact and urge strategic determinations. The turnover causes can be analyzed every bit good. A really import occupation it can assist with is to administer flexible benefits to salvage money for ABC. In facet of forces day-to-day direction, it is a piece of bar for the system to track and analyse attending position of each employee. With suited package, it besides helps to foretell possible accident hazard and suggests how to forestall them. Basically, it can supply all regular computations and statistical studies that assist HR directors and assist the senior direction of ABC to do concluding determinations.

Hardware Required For Integration

It is widely accepted that there is a wealth of information available on cyberspace that both the employer and employees can do usage of to transport out their HR undertakings. As a affair of fact, many occupation searchers find that cyberspace is of critical utility in seeking for and set downing suited occupations. On the other manus, employers take advantage of enlisting web sites to happen the exact forces they need. Therefore, without cyberspace as the most of import portion of external hardware, any HR system could non be reviewed as complete today.

The IT staff of the organisation besides constitutes the internal “internet” or alleged “intranet” as portion of the organisation ‘s MIS. With the intranet specifically for HR direction, the MIS is able to execute the undermentioned maps: to set up a cyber list of employee ‘s inside informations ; to automatically follow and expose occupation posting and occupation applications ; to register preparation proposals ; to offer electronic salary computation mechanism ; to demo all the employees the company policy manual ; to ease employees ‘ communicating and publish hebdomadal or monthly newssheets ; to let employees to be informed of their public assistance and benefits ; to roll up employees ‘ proposals and sentiments ; to carry on employees leave intimacies ; to measure employees ‘ portion of work public presentation and record employers ‘ reappraisal.

Software Required For Integration

There are a large figure of MIS systems for HR in the market to see, comparison and select. There are even many available for free download on cyberspace! However, most of such types of package all have strengths and failings. For illustration, some are standard HR systems, but others are portion of ERP systems or linked to payroll systems. Some can be universally used and others will merely be implemented internally. Some are ideal for big and complex organisations, while others are more suitable to smaller companies. Some will be more structured and quicker to implement, and others will be more customizable – taking longer to implement – but possibly more closely fiting the organisation ‘s alone demands!

Many HR professionals and IT directors struggle with such a system all the clip. A great trade of clip and attempt goes into placing an MIS for HR that non merely meets the organisation ‘s demands, but besides fits into their budgets. As for the IT director of ABC, he should place its concern demands and seek to fit those demands to a package solution, for illustration whether to utilize Microsoft Dynamics GP HR/Payroll or non.

Free downloaded merchandises ever prove to be debatable, and some with legitimate right of first publication on the market can be a batch of money. There are besides some merchandises that one would n’t even seek without a skilled adviser. However, for the MIS being designed here, the IT director takes advantage of an unfastened beginning package called GoldenKey HRMIS system, which might be a good exercising to use and we can see what it takes to acquire it configured and running. This package is characterized by engineering of XML and XSLT,which enables the page to divide from employee informations. Meanwhile, the XML engineering promotes the exchange capacity of all the information. MTS engineering is besides employed here to ease pickup and operation of the information. The combination of ASP footer and COM objects makes the programming run more swimmingly. The Java APPLET is another new technological component in the system, which provides users utilizing the system easy entree to internet.

The operation environment of the package requires the waiter to be WinNT/Win2000,IIS,SQL Server7.0 and the user terminal Win98/Win2000/WinXP with minimal IE5.0.

This paper is designed to supply a general image of programming design for the intended MIS for ABC ‘s HR direction. With the package introduced above, the computing machine inputs and end products procedure will be supported by the undermentioned technique and theoretical accounts:

Model For HR Planning

Part One

Input signals: – Staff ‘s making in assorted divisions

  • budget available for the current financial twelvemonth
  • work public presentation standards

Procedure: -Separate hierarchy impact

  • Separate seasonal impact
  • Rule out abnormalities if possible
  • Predict the inclination utilizing a suited diagram

End products: -Projection of the forces necessary in different clip periods in conformity with the budget available and work marks

Part Two

Input signals: -Personnel inside informations

  • gross revenues or service public presentation
  • gross border or loss

Procedure: -Requirements of each section ‘s undertakings

  • productiveness in footings of staff, financess, stuffs and energy
  • effectivity ( efficiency and impact upon clients )
  • appraisal of border or loss per unit

End products: -Ratios of productiveness and effectivity of each employee in footings of gross revenues or service

Personnel ratios for geting financess or stuffs and other resources per unit

Part Three

Input signals: -Historical informations about the divisional work load

Number of employees in a certain division

Procedure: -productivity ratio is calculated by work load per employee within certain clip period

End products: -prediction of HR demands. Ratio like each employee ‘s work accomplishment per hr, which can be calculated during the procedure

Separate Four

Input signals: -production degrees in each clip period

  • the value achieved
  • staffing degrees

Procedure: -Building a additive or curvilineal diagram to uncover correlativity between figure of employees and work accomplishments

End products: -Estimation of the work load per employee enables the HR section to place work demand under certain circumstance

Model For Performance Evaluation

Input signals: -data collected from questionnaires

Procedure: -rating each inquiry in the questionnaire and utilizing a standard method to measure the reply to each inquiry

-from a macro angle carry oning the analysis and comparing of the consequences

End products: -questionnaire consequences and studies

Model For Compensation And Benefit Policy

Input signals: -information from paysheets including salary, pay, allowance, fillip or inducements every bit good as tax write-offs

Procedure: -Different statistical estimations ( mean, discrepancy, coefficient, etc. )

  • a curve will be drawn to demo the mean proportion of occupation trouble vs. wage
  • effectual paysheet rations such as paysheet cost by unit per employee class could besides be calculated

End products: -statistical studies uncovering the relation between the paysheet and HR pattern

Model For Miscellaneous HR Activities

Input signals: -accident informations such as employee hurt, compensations paid, disbursal of accident redress, medical position, etc.

-Laws and ordinances sing accident definition

Procedure: -Mathematic equations will be used to calculate the frequence of accidents that may take topographic point

End products: -The consequence including accident ratio, divergence in the ratio and a general tendency of such accidents will be drawn

Statistical Data Model

Many necessary statistics must be fed into the MIS before the above computations can be performed. The information and information will be gathered from each division of ABC and sorted by the HR section. The undermentioned diagram exhibits a unsmooth scheduling thought of the IT director sing such HR informations entry:

Employee Entity

( Emp-code+Nationality-code+Emp-name+Emp-gender+Religion-code+Military-status-code+Job-code+Section-code+Emp-birth-date+Emp-birth-place+Emp-address+Government-code+Union-code+Social-Security # +Emp-file # +Assignment-date )

Employment Contract

( Emp-code+Emp-contract # +Contract-date+Section-code+Emp-contract-end-date+Emp-contract-job-code+Emp-contract-type+Emp-contract-salary+Emp-contract-salary-type+Emp-contract-audit-status )

Employee Jobs

( Emp-code+job-code+job-vacancy-code+Emp-job-start-date+Emp-job-end-date+Emp-job-status )


( Work-place-code+Salary-start-date+Salary-end-date+Salary-month )

Special-raise ( Raise-year+Raise-percent+Raise-type+Raise-add-year )

Allowance-region ( Specific-allowance-code+Work-place-code+Allowance-region-value-type+Allowance-against-code+Allowance-against-productivity+Allowance-region-min-attend+Allowance-region-base )

Bonus-gifts ( Bonus-date+Decision-year+Decision # +Decision-type+Bonus-period+Bonus-max-value+Bonus-reasons )

Medical-report ( Emp-code+Medical-report # +Medical-report-year+Medical-report-date+Medical-abbr-vacation+Note # +Note-year+Medical-report-description+Medical-report-abbr )

Work-infection-notification ( Emp-code+Infection-date+Sec-code+Infection-place-type+Accident-place+Infection-notification-date+Infection-reason+Infection-part )


( Emp-code, termination-date+Avg-variable-salary+Avg-basic-salary+Tot-insurance-periods )

Age Termination Settlement

( Emp-code+Termination-date+Avg-variable-salary+Avg-basic-salary+Tot-insurance-periods )

All Or Partial Inability

( Emp-code+Termination-date+Avg-variable-salary+Avg-basic-salary+Tot-insurance-periods )

In the procedure of planing this MIS scheduling, extra types of HR informations will be taken in so as to run into the demand of statistical computations as per the above theoretical accounts. Some other standard informations required by each division may be every bit good fed into the system depending on the different instances.

Management Inquiry

With the globalisation so near to each concern organization,the competition has become of all time keener, which will finally boil down to competition for high-caliber forces. For the direction degree of ABC, to do good usage and give full drama to such forces is the bottom line for concern development. This requires the senior direction of ABC to seasonably grok the HR position of the forces and give rapid reaction and accommodation.

In conformity with the above scheduling design, the MIS for ABC ‘s HR can foremost supply the direction with an enquiry map to analyse the organisation ‘s HR position and inside informations from overall to specific, from macro to micro and from groups to persons. The MIS can non merely enable the direction to cognize the whole state of affairs of the HR, but besides do them understand the forces construction in each division every bit good as basic information of each single employee.

With the MIS, the information reflected is mostly up-to-date. The system interface is clear with easy operation regulations and graphic diagrams.

This portion has the undermentioned constellations for user ‘s maps:

A. user ‘s name and watchword for come ining the MIS and care

B. common enquiry index and conditions available

C. common statistical index and enquiry conditions available

D. seeable information to be maintained

Information consequence after the direction ‘s enquiry can be revealed as below

a ) The organisation ‘s concern and forces construction

B ) Employees ‘ personal files and exposures

degree Celsius ) Brief debut to take forces

vitamin D ) Details of chosen forces

vitamin E ) Brief statistical information and figures of the chosen divisions

degree Fahrenheit ) Combinational hunt for mark forces

Salary Management

This portion of salary direction is characterized by flexible salary criterion and relevant public assistance. It can run upon databases like MS SQL Server or Access. Through such scientific information direction, the salary payment work has improved greatly in efficiency and truth. This portion of the MIS allows the undermentioned maps to be realized:

A. Definition of salary bundle, which includes employees that are to have wage, aim of salary during a certain period and the salary criterion to be executed

B. User direction, which allows operators to make, alteration or delete users and define users ‘ authorised power

C. Definition of salary criterion, which can be created and changed to stipulate the degree, footing and sum of the salaried to be executed.

D. Adjustment of wage, which can be automated for each employee

E. Historical information of wage, which allows users to seek for past wage records

F. Salary payment, which accompanies printing of employees ‘ wage informations

Statistical Management

ABC ‘s computing machines have gathered legion informations in assorted sorts of concern Fieldss. And such informations must be analyzed, generalized and sorted, which needs effectual package to carry on statistical direction. Therefore, this portion of the MIS enables the crude day of the month to be good developed and utilised.

This portion of the MIS enjoys the undermentioned featured maps to run into the statistical demand of the HR section.

A. It offers a simple list creative activity map. By utilizing QuickStat users can make lists like that of Excel.

B. It has widely compatible interface. QuickStat can assist the system to link with most of the databases and carry on statistical operation upon any informations.

C. Its informations storage technique is particular, because users can bring forth electronic tabular arraies and informations entry without linking any database.

D. There is improved informations comparing and index method. QuickStat overcomes low efficiency of most statistical package by upgrading 10 to 100 times operation speed.

E. It is flexible and easy to be transplanted. QuickStat can be installed on any computing machines or laptops, which can be operated no affair at office or place.

F. The security of informations can be achieved by PIN and compaction techniques of tabular array and information paperss. Users can put watchwords and alter them in progress, which makes paperss smaller in size and safer.

G. It can be widely applied whenever there is a demand for statistical and summarisation demand.

Personnel Management

This portion of the MIS implements structural care, codification care, index care, information input, information hunt, information statistics, power mandate, user designation, connexion to distant beginning, care of distance beginning and scrutiny of information alteration, etc. This portion can be operated via intranet every bit good as different locations of the same organisation by distant connexion engineering.

These maps provide users with powerful operation of distribution, who can so easy specify record range, possibility of increasing, canceling or altering such records and whether scrutiny is needed for users ‘ information. The user ‘s terminal can be operated within the above mandate to vouch safety of the information.

Recruitment Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: inventing a enlisting program in conformity with the organisation ‘s one-year HR program and demand ; exposing vacancy information and describing basic demands and conditions of the occupation vacancy ; fiting occupation appliers ‘ sketchs to matching vacancies ; set uping campaigners ‘ database for enquiry ; be aftering interview clip for different types of appliers ; Designing occupation interview processs and subjecting consequences to the HR section ; directing group emails to occupation appliers advising them of the determinations ; automatically reassigning recruited appliers ‘ information to employee database ; reassigning the information of those who have non been recruited to backup forces database.

Training Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: inventing a preparation agenda in conformity with the organisation ‘s one-year HR program and demand ; commanding preparation cost within the budget and automatically alarming in instance of excess cost over the budget ; capable of administrating different types of preparation ; pull offing developing information beginnings ; associating preparation with contract direction ; carry oning overall trial on preparation consequence ; tracking preparation consequence and drafting studies ; measuring employees ‘ work public presentation and assisting them plan career life ; enquiry and hunt for past preparation sessions;orienting new employees to the organisation, unit and occupation ; planing and implementing direction and organisational development plans that develop the experience, attitudes and accomplishments of existent or possible directors ; constructing effectual squads within the organisation to confront any possible exigency.

Performance Evaluation Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: puting different regulations and standards for work public presentations in different divisions and responsibilities ; puting public presentation rating periods ; puting rating hierarchy system ; Specifying all the index for rating and making an rating list ; inventing rating agendas, choosing campaigners to be evaluated and naming participants ; set uping correlativity between rating consequences and salary every bit good as preparation ; entering rating consequence periods ; analysing employees ‘ or divisions ‘ work public presentation harmonizing to the rating ; managing employees ‘ ailments ; helping employees in developing calling programs, which is portion of the calling development with an on-going attempt done by the organisation to enrich its human resource to run into both the organisation and the employees ‘ demands ; planing public presentation assessment systems with a program of betterment.

File Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: supplying all the necessary information of each employee during their work period ; specifying employees ‘ file points to run into the organisation ‘s concern demands ; tracking all the records from enlisting of each employee till his expiration of employment ; reminding the terminal of one employee ‘s probation period ; Automatically reminding employees ‘ birthdays and termination of employment contracts ; treating employees ‘ surrender, retirement and re-recruitment ; a powerful hunt tool to happen the mark information fast.

Attendance Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: linking assorted sorts of clip attending machines for informations entry ; specifying clip for get downing and finish work at the direction ‘s discretion ; puting excess work and go forth types ; inventing attending cheque plans for each division and single ; entering each employee ‘s attending position and doing judgement of tardiness, early departure or work carelessness ; Automatically ciphering the sum of one employee ‘s leave yearss ; supplying process of blessing on the web site.

Contract Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: making templets of concern forces contracts ; specifying the nature and content of each assortment of employment contract ; entering the sign language, reclamation, alteration and expiration of each employment contract ; automatically reminding termination of each employment contract ; look intoing the position of executing of each employment contract.

Personnel Sheets Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: Freely making and commanding each sort of list, table and diagram regarding forces affaires ; specifying each sheet format and making analysis manner ; automatically proofreading the information in each sheet ; accurately bring forthing each sheet and puting printing map ; publishing name lists.

Compensation And Benefits Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: designing and implementing compensation and benefits systems with the intent of minimising reward unfairnesss ; incorporating paysheet and HR applications on compensation and benefits ; utilizing pay and salary curves to demo the relationship between the comparative worth of occupations and employees ‘ pay and salary rates ; guaranting that compensation and benefits are just and consistent.

Safety And Health Management

This portion of the MIS performs the undermentioned maps: designing and implementing plans to guarantee wellness and safety ; safety design and preventative attacks of the workplace through safety technology ; review, coverage and accident research ; planing safety preparation and motive plans ; supplying information of aid to employees with forces jobs act uponing their work public presentation.

The MIS for human resource direction of ABC is traveling to be a major direction and operational system that provides direct entree to HR information in support of operational activities, via client-server engineering and intranet/Internet engineering. The range of the MIS maps define both the package and web-based engineering soon used, and the development and execution of a entire web-based system to supply a robust HR environment for so many employees of the ABC accessing the system. The MIS being designed is comprised of two constituents. The first allows HR professionals to entree the system via a client/server engineering to administrate HR maps. Information captured for this intent includes direction enquiry, salary direction, statistical direction, forces direction, enlisting direction, developing direction, public presentation rating direction, file direction, attending direction, contract direction, forces sheets direction, compensations and benefits direction, safety and wellness direction. The 2nd is an HR On-line constituent accessed via an intranet/Internet engineering by all employees of ABC and provides web-based entree to the above-named theoretical accounts that allow them to carry on self service.

For illustration, one theoretical account described in chapter four allows an employee to electronically bespeak leave minutess, and for another to procedure petitions for paid leave. All employees can utilize the ego service application to look into their up-to-date leave balances, view their elaborate leave minutess for the current financial twelvemonth, petition leave, and amend a leave petition already submitted. Those theoretical accounts besides provide the ability for employees to see and update personal information online. This includes references, matrimonial position, phone Numberss, occupation information, employment history, developing information, achievements, awards and awards, licences and certifications, ranks, calling penchants, accomplishments and linguistic communications, and the ability to self identify. Supplying the employee this service allows disagreements in information to be identified and disciplinary action taken within a timely mode. Personal information which requires official certification for confirmation is merely viewable to the employee and any updates are performed by an HR professional.

Harmonizing to the design rule of the MIS, employment information consists of both present and past posters within the organisation. Position information contains the inside informations pertinent to the creative activity of a place every bit good as the communicating demands and the lingual profile of it. The preparation information consists of both personal classs acquired by the employee every bit good as classs provided by ABC relevant to responsibilities performed. The purpose of supplying entree to employee preparation information is to guarantee the safety of the general populace and all ABC employees.

The present design of the MIS application incorporates both needed package like Goldenkey and intranet/Internet engineering. This requires that HR staff entree the system via two methods: through the Goldenkey for HR maps and through the web-based service to HR On-line. This is non an efficient agencies of administrating the application to employees. The ascent of the MIS application will supply both a pure Internet domain and a more stable environment for it to run in. All employees will entree the application through a web browser on their desktops, thereby extinguishing the demand for a client install.

Enhanced security is one of the primary advantages of the application ascent. The MIS system is a protected application and the maximal security is being afforded to it.

The ascent of the MIS application will non ensue in the aggregation of any new informations, and will non supply any new interfaces to 3rd parties nor will it supply any new services to employees. The end of the ABC HR section is to supply service bringing to employees that is faster, more efficient and to heighten the credibleness of the application. By supplying employees with the mechanism to position and update their ain personal information, service bringing ends can be attained. The disposal of services is more timely and informations unity issues are reduced and/or resolved. Using an substructure that will back up a web-based domain will better the efficiency of the application. This will profit the organisation and offer a believable method of administrating human resources in ABC.

To do ABC ‘s HR section more effectual and efficient, the IT director must present new engineerings on a regular footing so as to do things much simpler and more modernized. This paper presents one of the latest human resource engineerings: the debut of a Management Information System ( MIS ) for HR. This incorporate system is designed to assist supply information used in HR section ‘s determination devising such as disposal, paysheet, enlisting, preparation, and public presentation analysis.

The MIS being designed merges HR direction with information engineering to non merely simplify the determination devising procedure, but besides assistance in complex dialogues that autumn under the HR sphere. The basic advantage of the MIS is to non merely computerise employee records and databases but besides to keep an up-to-date history of the determinations that have been made or that need to be made as portion of an HR direction program.

The paper has outlined several chief countries of HR that are affected by the MIS, such as paysheet, public presentation rating direction, employee benefits and HR direction. These basic HR functionalities are non merely made less debatable, but they are ensured a smooth running, without any hurdle. The MIS therefore permits a user to see online a chronological history of an employee from his /her place informations, to personal inside informations, paysheet records, and benefits information.

The advantage of the MIS in paysheet is that it automates the full paysheet procedure by garnering and updating employee paysheet informations on a regular footing. It besides gathers information such as employee attending, ciphering assorted tax write-offs and revenue enhancements on wages, bring forthing automatic periodic payroll checks and managing employee revenue enhancement studies. With updated information this system makes the occupation of the human resource section really easy and simple as everything is available on a 24×7 footing, and all the information is merely a click off.

In public presentation rating direction, the MIS is advantageous because it lets human resource forces apply new engineerings to efficaciously garner and measure employee clip and work information. It lets an employee ‘s information be easy tracked so that it can be assessed on a more scientific degree whether an employee is executing to their full potency or non, and if there are any betterments that can be made to do an employee feel more secure.

Employee benefits are really important because they help to actuate an employee to work harder. By utilizing the MIS in employee benefits, the HR section is able to maintain better path of which benefits are being availed by which employee and how each employee is gaining from the benefits provided.

The MIS besides has advantages in HR direction because it curtails clip and cost consuming activities taking to a more efficient HR section. This system reduces the long HR paper trail that is frequently found in most HR divisions of companies and leads to more productive and contributing section on the whole. With the expertness and experience of the IT director, coupled with the HR director ‘s aid, the MIS for HR within ABC will certain accomplish a coveted consequence with all the above benefits realized.

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