Management Of Health And Safety On Work Sites Construction Essay

By and large the installing of precast flooring and dramatis personae in situ concreting will necessitate operative to work at tallness. This work will necessitate careful planning following the hierarchy of controls to cut down the hazard of working at tallness. The Work at Height Regulation 2005, gives employers the following hierarchy to follow when planning work at tallness:

The followers is taken from HSE Document: HSG 150:

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Management Of Health And Safety On Work Sites Construction Essay
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Those in control of work must:

avoid work at tallness where they can

usage work equipment to forestall falls where work at tallness can non be avoided

where the hazard of a autumn can non be eliminated, usage work equipment to understate the distance and effects of a autumn should one occur

ever see steps that protect all those at hazard i.e. corporate protection steps ( scaffolds, cyberspaces, soft set downing systems ) before steps that merely protect the single i.e. personal protection steps ( a harness )

guarantee work is carried out merely when conditions conditions do non endanger the wellness and safety of the workers

Safe Access To Working Area

Safe of entree to the working country besides requires careful planning, peculiarly where work progresses during installing. Safe of entree should be agreed with the Company Representative and positioned next to the start point, where moderately operable.

Typical methods include:

aˆ? Independent scaffolds

aˆ? Appropriately protected stepss and inclines

aˆ? Fixed or nomadic scaffold towers

aˆ? Mobile entree equipment

aˆ? Secured ladders

More elaborate advice on the choice and usage of entree equipment is given in HSE counsel listed below:

aˆ? CIS No 10 Tower Scaffolds ( rpm. 4 )

aˆ? HSE Information Sheet MISC 614 Preventing Falls From Boom Type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms.

aˆ? HSG 150 Health and Safety in Construction ( pages 14 to 37 )

Working At Height

The taking border should be protected utilizing the undermentioned hierarchy:

Passive and Corporate System

Systems that do non trust on the installer to run them and are in topographic point prior to the first unit being installed. Passive and corporate systems include cyberspaces, air bags, adorning and many other systems. They minimise the distance and effect of a autumn should one occur.

Air Bag Fall Protection

Air bag systems comprise bags of changing sizes that are clipped together at the tops to efficaciously organize a protection system. The air bags are connected by a system of hosieries and connections, which in bend are connected to an air pump. Prior to positioning the empty air bags the whole of the country must be cleared. The air bags are so arranged

to cover the coveted country, connected together and inflated.

The Contractor should guarantee gaps in external walls, such as doors and Windowss, have been appropriately protected e.g. by scaffold or lumber, to forestall Secret agents turn overing off or falling through the nothingness, should a autumn occur.

Safety Internets

Safety cyberspaces can be efficaciously employed to cut down the distance and effect of falls. They offer inactive corporate steps by protecting everyone working within their boundary, without necessitating those workers to move to be protected. They allow a wide scope of activity to go on with minimal limitation.

Safety cyberspaces have high energy soaking up capableness, and hence offer a ‘soft landing ‘ that minimises hurt. They should ever be fitted every bit near as possible to the bottom of the working degree. The Foreman must guarantee a handover certification

has been provided and must visually inspect the gauze before leting work to continue above it. Should an Erector autumn into the net, important sagging could ensue. To avoid hazard of hurt the whole country beneath the cyberspaces must be kept clear ofmaterials and/or obstructors.

The ego weight of the net and daze burden in the event of a autumn should be considered in the design and execution of the gauze system.

Fall Arrest Systems

This does non forestall a autumn, is non a corporate protection step and is hence a personal protection step and an active system.

This system consists of safety harness, laniard and equal anchorage point and aims to collar a autumn and minimise hurt once a autumn has occurred. Specialist advice and blessing should be sought from the

provider of the equipment on the proviso and location of suited anchorage points.

Practical steps to accomplish this include running lines and laniards attached to suited anchorage points which may be incorporated into the slab.

In taking a harness, attention must be taken to guarantee that it will give the user, every bit far as is compatible with safety, maximal comfort, freedom of motion and, in the event of a autumn, every possible protection to the organic structure from the daze of sudden apprehension. Proper adjustments and accommodation are indispensable to accomplish these purposes. The usage of laniards fitted with daze absorbers is recommended where the possible bead height permits the full laniard deployment.

Supervision and preparation are needed to guarantee that the system of work adopted is understood by all users and is maintained.

Personal Protective Equipment

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations ( PPE Regs. ) require the Employer to supply suited PPE necessary for the protection of Operatives and Erectors engaged in the hard-on of precast concrete flooring.

The demands for PPE besides identified on the Safe Working Method Statement.

All Secret agents and Erectors, irrespective of the nature of peculiar site conditions, must be provided with, and must have on, PPE to run into general demands, in peculiar safety footwear, high visibleness vesture, scratch immune baseball mitts, weatherproof vesture and suited caput protection. All PPE must be decently stored and maintained in conformity with makers ‘ recommendations.

Secret agents and Erectors issued with such equipment have a responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to utilize and look after it. On certain sites, the conditions or method of working will ask the usage of particular protective vesture

and equipment. Certain points such as oculus protection, respiratory protection, ear protection and safety harnesses should be carried by the hard-on squad at all times and used as the demand arises or should be made available to the hard-on squad prior to the beginning of work. The usage of specific protective equipment, e.g. safety harnesses, must be identified in the Method Statement.

Medical Emergency

In the event of an accident doing physical hurt the first-aider will be called. Serious accidents will be reported to the client. If the accident is deemed serious plenty by the first aider the exigency services will be summoned by telephone.

Control Of Substance Hazardous to Health ( COSHH )

In order to follow COSHH Regulations, the company must guarantee the aggregation and issue of up to day of the month information on the possible jeopardies and toxicity of all stuffs and substances used by the company in transporting out its site activities, and the control measures to be adopted.

Material and substance include anything used or generated, e.g. ready assorted concrete, dust from cutting operation etc.

Training & A ; Certification

MEWP Scissor & A ; Boom Operation

Fork lift/tele-handler operation

Manual Handling

Work at Height

The preparation of personal at all levers is to be carried out by competent individual or approved preparation administration ( CPCS/CITB/ Proskills. etc ) . Course may include those in the undermentioned list, which is non thorough:

Site Safety Awareness

CDM Regulations

Crane Supervisor ( BS 7121 )

Passive Fall Installation

Trained and competent Secret agents should keep the undermentioned competence cards in conformity with the Construction Skills Competency Scheme ( CSCS ) and the Construction Plant Competency Scheme ( CPCS ) :

CSCS Precast Concrete Installer ( Industry Accreditation A ) card

CPCS Slinger/Signaller card

Harmonizing to Regulation 3 ( 1 ) of the Health and Safety ( First-Aid ) Regulations 1981, it is recommended that each squad has a appropriately qualified individual to administrate exigency assistance or a to the full qualified First Aider.

Social welfare Facilities

The proviso of public assistance installations on the bulk of sites will be on a shared public assistance footing, where the Contractor provides the necessary installations which can be used by Secret agents and Erectors.

When no formal public assistance agreements exist, the Company should guarantee that the necessary installations are provided by manner of an attending, based upon the PFF Standard Health, Safety and Welfare Attendances ( Appendix A ) issued at citation phase, or instead, the Company may supply installations for usage by Secret agents and Erectors.

The ultimate duty for guaranting that the installations are provided, and that they are of a standard equal to that required by the CDM, remains with the Company

Safe Use of Cranes & A ; Lifting Equipment


Safe Working Method Statement & A ; Risk Assessment

Safe Working Method Statements organize portion of the overall Safety Management System, covering risky activities, such as the hard-on of precast flooring and associated constituents. They provide the information on the agreements and, where required, the existent sequence of work

necessary to pull off wellness and safety. Basic information must be provided and communicated to all concerned parties at the planning phase, therefore leting clip for blessing or alteration of the Safe Working Method Statements prior to site hard-on.

Precast flooring hard-on is similar in nature on many sites and therefore a Safe Working Method Statement will incorporate common elements and activities. However, the Safe Working Method Statements must take history of specific site conditions/requirements, information from the Health and Safety Plan/Design Risk Assessment, and/or contractor ‘s demands.

Contractor Responsibility

The shocking sub-contractor will supply the Contractor with a transcript of the PFF Health, Safety and Welfare Attendances ( Appendix A ) , attached to the Company ‘s citation. These, together with any extra particular demands necessitated by the nature of the site or contract plants, are to be provided by the Contractor.

The Contractor is responsible for guaranting that counsel within this Code of Practice is incorporated into plants by other trades and where necessary the counsel of the Building Designer and other specialist suppliers/sub-contractors is incorporated into the plants.


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