Management Principles from Indian Movies Essay

The Vedantic View Of Karma All work/Karma to manifest divinity, hence these must be pure, good, honest and sincere. Indian philosophy also teaches to perform every work without having any attachment to result, because results do not fall under the jurisdiction of a doer. Such thinking and understanding will change the whole attitude. Now the results will become a PRASAD-gratitude – coming from the God himself. You can now accept the result with open mind without apprehensions-just as you accept members into Karma Yoga. Perfection In Work:

Bhagwad Gita emphasizes on while doing your present duty we should use our judgment & perform with utmost concentration. Do work without expecting what will be the result. “Do the works for the sake of your organization result will follow automatically” ? One has right to work & do not bother about results. Do not get attached to fruits of work. “ Ma Phaleshu Kadachin” Work should be treated like worship KARMANY EVADHIKARAS TE MA PHALESU KADACHANA MA KARMA-PHALA-HETUR BHUR MA TE SANGO STV AKARMANI ? Swadharma Doing one’s work with devotion

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Management Principles from Indian Movies Essay
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It should lead to well-being of all other members of the society While doing work take care of others also. 3 idiots Never Try To Be Successful ¦ Success is the bye-product. ¦ Excellence always creates success. So, never run after the success, let it happen automatically in the life. Team Spirit: Treat work as YAJNA – together i. e. T- Together E- Everyone, A- Achieves, M- More. TEAMSPIRIT HEALTHY WORK ATMOSPHERE CORDIAL RELATIONS IMPROVEMENT IN QUALITY HIGHER PRODUCTION & PRODUCTIVITY HIGHER GROWTH & PROFITABLITY Chak de Present Moment Think only about ) What is there in front of you at present? b) We cannot change the past or predict future. c) So have total focus & dedication present in situation. d) Do not take unnecessary stress of work, take it as a play. 3 idiots Don’t die before actual death. Live every moment to the fullest as you are going to die today night. Life is gifted to humankind to live, live & live @ happiness. Self Motivation: No one can encourage us for long. Nobody can encourage us more than our self. “Work should be worship”. If we love the work we do it will bring happiness & effectiveness. Do what you love to do a& love what you are doing” 3 idiots Passion Leads To Excellence When your hobby becomes your profession and passion becomes your profession. You will be able to lead up to excellence in the life. Satisfaction, pleasure, joy and love will be the outcome of following passion. Following your passion for years, you will surely become something one day. Ends Do Not Justify Means: Process to achieve ends what you earn does not tell how you earn. While earning a profit a business man should be careful that he follows the ethics & does not harm to the rights to stakeholders.

Fine Blending Between Spiritualism & Materialism – India maintains a balance between both spiritualism & materialism it emphases one can earn profit, make money but not at the cost of others. Business should be managed ethically fulfilling the responsibilities to all the stakeholders who are directly or indirectly associated with business & who are part of the society. • The state must come before the company, and the company before the self. • The Indian philosophy urges managers and individuals to perform work with the spirit of Yajna (sacrifice). Sacrificing the minor gains for the welfare and benefit of the society at large. Corporate-pepsi case Swadharma • It should lead to well-being of all other members of the society • While doing work take care of others also. • Yagna spirit- Welfare for all: “ATMANO MOKHARTH JAGAT HITAY CHA” “Serve your personal interest but do not forget others” “Bahujana sukhaya bahujana hitayacha” ‘The welfare of the many and the happiness of the many’. 1) Lagaan Bhuvan did not dream for himself, he dreamt for the good of his village folk. Not once did this man of character put his self-interest before that of others.

It was this that made him win the support of his villagers… after some initial resistance. Dignity of Work: Dignity of work is much important as far as Indian ethos is concerned. No work is great or small. Each work whether it is a peon’s job or General Manager’s job, is of equal importance, worthy & honorable. It lays stress on “Sarvabhutastha Atmanam Sarvabhutani Chatmani” which means to treat all as equals Munna bhai Family Oriented – The value system of India is oriented towards family even grownups while taking any decisions consults with seniors. Baghbaan Outsource to others sholay Effective communication ) 3 idiots Importance Of One Word In Communication If communication dies, everything dies. Each word has impact and value in communication. One word if used wrongly or emphasized wrongly or paused at a wrong place in communication what effect it creates and how is it affected is demonstrated very well in this movie 2) Sholay Learning at every stage • In Indian system, Learning was to lead idividual to overall PEACE ?????? ????? ?????? ??????????? ???????? ?????????? ? ????? ????? ????? A) – 3 idiots Teachers do fail. Learners never fail. Learning is never complicated or difficult.

Learning is always possible whatever rule you apply. B) Slumdog millionare Experience is the best teacher. Jamal had experienced a lot of challenges living in the slums of Mumbai. The fight for survival taught him a lot of lessons in life. Some of these lessonscannot be learned through our traditional schools but through our experiences in real life. Life is a learning experience. We need to fail first in order to succeed. During these different trials and challenges in our life, we become strong – we become street smart. Every experience that we had contributes on who we are right now.

Simple living high thinking -3 idiots Sarva Dharma Sambhavana (Equal respect for all religions) Lead to Bliss – eternal happiness Chakde, Swadesh Motivation – Chakde Leadership – Chakde Conflict mngt Conflict in opinion & not in personality “Matbhed” & not “Manbhed” When in Conflict Remember G O A – Chak de Creativity 3 idiots Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention Necessity creates pressure and forces you to invent something or to make it happen or to use your potentiality. Aamir Khan in this film, 3 idiots, is able to prove in the film by using aqua guard pump at the last moment.

U cnt do urself- outsource Sholay Self – management – Believes in following “Shreyas” Rather than “Preyas” Chake de –make short term sacrifices for long-term gains Ambition set goals- Lakshya Role of a teacher “GURU BRAHMA, GURU VISHNU, GUR DEVO MAHESWARA GURU SAKSHAT PARA BRAHMA, THASMAYE SHRI GURUVE NAMAHA” It means: “The guru is none other that the cosmos- Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, the preserver, and truly is Lord Maheshwar, the destroyer. He is the supreme Brama himself. To such a guru I offer my salutation. ” Taare zameen par, Black(Role of a trainer) , Iqbal


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