Management reserch report Essay

First of all, I think what concern I will be started, I researched, than I decided I will be started my sandwich store. I will give It ‘s name wembley park sandwich store. There are seven ground to get down my sandwich store in today ‘s recession period.

The market is immense, and acquiring better
Uk ‘s sandwich market is really immense. Last twelvemonth United Kingdom ‘s people perched about 2500 million sandwich. Currently It ‘s market value is & A ; lb ; 3500 million. It ‘s turning more and more.

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Management reserch report Essay
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Picture the scene
( I ) Adequate clip to fix sandwich ( two ) cheap cost ( three ) people have more pick

You can run a concern and hold a life
Sandwich shop run 5 yearss in a hebdomad. While some concern run 7 yearss a hebdomad. In a sandwich store working hours is really sensible. So you can bask your life.

You can affect the household
A sandwich store offers chance for the whole household and particularly adolescents to assisting out, with a topographic point of book maintaining or a trip to the hard currency and carry.

In sandwich store, you can besides sell beigels, wraps, baked goods of every description, salads, organic nutrients, fresh fruit etc. you can besides get down up your mini bakeshop, outside catering, a nutrient bringing service, nomadic new wave sell, event catering, cyberspace ordination or even open other stores and get downing your ain Empire.

people have to eat
In this recession period, sandwich store still have clients. During economic down bend people have to eat. In this period they do n’t travel to sandwich store. But they prefer to travel to sandwich store because sandwich store offering a sensible monetary values.

you do n’t necessitate any peculiar Qualification
To run sandwich store you need these below accomplishments. ( I ) Good common sense ( two ) good involvement ( three ) preparedness to larn ( four ) Book maintaining ( V ) little concern direction

I have non all these accomplishments but there are many topographic point to acquire aid every bit good as advise and you will acquire these accomplishments.

Mission statement

my mission statement is to go the biggest and large value shop in the Wembley park. My concern will follow SMART ( smart, suffering, agreed, realistic, clip specific ) . My concern will supply tools and cognition to let successfully in the speedy service sandwich store.

Purposes and aims:

Design a store whereby clients is achieved and friendly service offered
Produce a net income devising concern
Bridge the spread between societal categories by giving high classed merchandises
To diversify the concern
Measure the present state of affairs

There are several grounds, so I will open my sandwich store in Wembley park country.

Many offices are located in Wembley park and my chief consumers are working people. Eg Apex offices insides ltd, Excees Baggage company, plats motor company, the London boiler company etc.

Besides, Wembley bowl is near to the Wembley park. Many events planned at that place in every weekend every bit good as many athleticss are playing at that place. So lots of visitants come in this country.

There are colleges in Wembley park. Eg College of North West London. College pupils are besides my cardinal consumers. So I prefer to open my sandwich store in HA9 country.

There is Wembley park belowground tubing station in HA9 country. It is connected to wembley cardinal, Bridge route, and cardinal London. Tube: jubilee and Metropolitan

THE Market
This is the universe of commercial activity where good and service are bought and sold. Without any competitions there would be no market. A niche market is little concern supplying specializer or rare merchandises to clients. Niche market concern have grown and popular. They produce good and service in immense measures. I am come ining a niche market in Wembley park. I want to open sandwich store in this market. I expect high competition as there are several sandwich store in HA9 country. I expect one-year gross revenues of sandwiches to be over 14000 as a minimal mark to transcend.

There are local and national companies of sandwich in this country. One of the national Company such as metro who have shops all over the state. I have identified metro is the chief key concern of my market or chief my rivals. But they do n’t hold much power in this market.

I will fix luxury merchandise. It is non something that is needed by costumiers. They will merely roost a sandwich If they feel like it. A sandwich is merely wanted if a individual is hungry compared to a coach drive to work so a individual has to take up this service.

Normally, people are purchasing the merchandise on the footing of their economic system. I am concentrate on the age between 16 and 60 both male and female.
I think these age people are populating Wembley. So, I believe that these age people are my mark for my concern. I will hold sandwiches that appeal to this age group like Ham, vegetarian, cheeses and poulet spicy more for people in the lower terminal of my age group.
Work forces are the chief consumers for sandwiches. I will be taking my sandwiches at them as this will run into their demands and will therefore, increase my client base and net income. Womans are more wellness witting. Therefore by supplying healthy sandwiches. I will be able to fulfill adult females in eating their balanced diet.
My sandwich store consumers are working people who are working in the Wembley park offices.
There are many visitants come to the Wembley bowl for watching events and games. These visitants are besides my chief consumers.
Many events are be aftering every weekend in Wembley Arena. It is near to the Wembley park country. Many visitants come to the Wembley sphere for watching events. These visitants are besides mu consumers.
There are many schools and colleges in Wembley park country. Eg College of North West London These college and school pupils are my cardinal consumers.
Competition is the act of endeavoring against another force for the intent of accomplishing laterality or achieving a wages or end. I have researched on by the cyberspace. I got 8 consequences of sandwich stores in the HA9 country. There were national and local concerns.
I identified my cardinal rivals are
Sub manner HA9 9AG
Peppercom sandwich saloon HA9 0RQ
Big bite sandwich saloon HA9 8PS
The Moulin cafe HA9 8HQ
The London lunchbox carbon monoxide HA9 8JU
The Early bird HA9 0RG
Goldilucks HA9 6QU
Sunrise caf & A ; eacute ; HA9 8JU
Key Activities
Promoting: –

Promoting is most of import factor for pulling to clients.
I will advance the college pupils by giving rather topographic point where they can analyze and loosen up.
I will advance the kids by giving a excess price reduction.
I will advance the working people by supplying cyberspace installation which installation non supplying other store.
Selling: –

I will be utilizing to publicize to make my clients are Local wireless, Local intelligence paper, Cusps
I will be publicizing locally as it will be cheaper and easier to make my possible clients populating in Wembley park.
Advertise on Television, will be really expensive for my sandwich store therefore I will non see this type off publicity.

An established and good known market doing high net incomes
Wembley bowl and Wembley sphere is near to the Wembley park where many musical and athleticss events are plan.
High quality staff employed, I will hold the right staff for my concern to make quality, client satisfaction and good service which will construct up my store image.
Wide scope of merchandises offered to run into client demands and provide quality service to Comfort clients.
Buy in majority to acquire price reduction
Good relation with provider.
Take away and eat in
Bright, clean, attractive
Near to the Wembley park tubing station

Lake of foreign expertness in my store which may do troubles for me and my staff communicate with foreign tourers
Since it is bing marketing it will be hard to pull clients from their regular feeding topographic points.
I will non be able to do net income in first few old ages as clients go their regular store.
When I will hold regular clients and good repute built up, I will besides get down to sell java in sandwich store.
If my store generates adequate I could develope staff accomplishments which will better the quality of service provided to clients.
Turning fleshiness in the UK encouraged people eating healthy nutrient.
If my store will be successful, I could diversify and hold my store merchandising sandwiches overall.
If my sandwich store is non successful and national lower limit pay additions, it will go expensive to use staff.
Rivals may be be aftering to alter their bill of fare and have similar merchandise or service launch.
Increasing income revenue enhancement or involvement rates may cut down peoples passing, they may prefer inexpensive options.
Plague Analysis

Changes in the jurisprudence and political environment can impact both costs affect both costs and demand eg. Taxs
Government statute law to guarantee, the concern does non interrupt the jurisprudence and are sorted out rapidly
( 1 ) The nutrient premises ordinance – 1993
Extended nutrient readying or cookery is carried out ;
The nutrients by their nature are capable to spoilage, rapid bacterial growing, or necessitate a degree of protection ;
The nature of the activity demands specific coatings, equipment or fixtures.
( 2 ) Food and safety act – 1990
Prohibit sale of unfit or adulterated nutrient.
Control the quality, criterion and claims made for nutrient.
Control its description, advertisement and labeling.
( 3 ) Food labeling ordinance – 1996
The Food Labeling Regulations 1996 to supply for information about the state of beginning of nutrient to be made available to consumers ; and for affiliated intents.
( 4 ) Monetary value taging order – 2004
Where goods are offered for sale to consumers, the order requires the merchandising monetary value to be displayed, inclusive of VAT and all other revenue enhancements.
( 5 ) Sale and safety of goods act – 1984
Detail the rights of buyers and the responsibilities of Sellerss in the sale of goods.
( 6 ) Healthy and safety act – 1974
I as the employer demand to bring forth a written statements of the healthy and safety policy, including inside informations on how the policy should be carried out. This will include inside informations of safe working patterns, how accidents should be reported. Aid representatives any other revent issue on healthy and safety.
If the authorities increases revenue enhancement or the National Insurance Contributions, it will increase my concern costs.
Government may alter attitudes or constabularies towards people opening up a concern.

The province of national economic system may hold consequence on my competiveness and success.
Unemployment is jurisprudence in Wembley park country.
Interest rates high combined with jurisprudence unemployment. This means there will be an mean figure of clients.
Social: Social factor affects on a work force and the clients.
Trial and penchant may alter over clip.
Desire for certain types of merchandises.
Population determines the size of the merchandises. Population in Wembley has increased over the past few old ages.


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