Management story Essay

Question 1 Not yet answered Marked out of 1. 00 Flag question Question text The decisional managerial roles include all of the following EXCEPT: Select one: a. entrepreneur. b. negotiator. c. disseminator. d. resource allocator. Question 2 Tactical planning is: Select one: a. Planning that unities various functions of the organization in order to avoid the silo problem b. Intermediate-range planning that is designed to develop relatively concrete and specific mearns to implement the strategic plan c.

The process of nalyzing strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats and then determining how to position the organization to compete effectively in its environment d. A type of planning that assumes the existence of goals and objectives and specifies ways to achieve them Question 3 A culture categorized by high uncertainty avoidance is a. Denmark. b. Jamaica. c. Greece. d. China. Question 4 The following are considered decisional roles managers may play in their organizations EXCEPT Select one: a. an entrepreneur role b. a figurehead role c. a negotiator role d. disturbance handler role Question 5 The company that relies on computer and telecommunications technologies instead of physical presence for communication between employees is a Select one: a. learning organization b. social organization c. service organization d. virtual organization Question 6 The Junglewas a book written by a. Frederick Taylor. b. Upton Sinclair. c. the Gilbreths. d. Peter Drucker. Question 7 The three different types of planning are: select one: a. Superlative, operational and strategic b. Functional, strategic and operation c.

Multi-unit, tactical and strategic d. Strategic, tactical and operational Question 8 According to Fayol, organizations do best when tenure is a. low b. high c. controlled d. managed Question 9 Frederick Taylor devised the science of shoveling by determining Select one: a. how much weight a worker can physically lift. b. how heavy a shovel load should be for optimal performance c. what type of worker should do the type of Job. d. how fast the train could travel Question 10 The values, beliefs, and customs that exist in a society is a. culture. b. diversity. c. power distance. . affirmative action. Question 1 1 Collectivistic cultures are a. cultures where people define themselves as individuals and form looser ties with their groups. b. cultures that value achievement and competitiveness as well as acquisition of money and other material objects. c. cultures where people have sthrong bonds to their groups and group membership forms a person’s self-identity. d. cultures that value maintaining good relationships, caring for the weak and quality of life. Question 12 All of the following are true about general managers except: Select one: a.

They set goals for the entire company . They are responsible for managing a clearly identifiable revenue-producing unit c. They take direction from their top executives d. They typically must make decisions across different functions Question 13 The four functions of management are: a. Implementing, controlling, leading and strategizing b. Organization, excelling, planning and implementing c. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling d. Planning, organizing, leading and creating Question 14 All 0T tne Tollowlng are true regar01ng Henry MlntzDerg excep a.

He coincluded that managers assume multiple roles . He followed managers around for several weeks c. He categorized roles into three main groups t: select one: d. He discovered that managers Jobs were clearly defined and standardizable Question 15 A review of studies on the relationship between CSR and firm performance suggests that Select one: a. CSR practices should be tempered by consumer expectations b. There are no negative shareholder effects of CSR practices c. Unless a company practices CSR it cannot succeed d. There are small negative relationships between CSR and shareholder returns

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