Management Theory and Practice Essay


Part 1


Part 2

  1. Measure Surveying Servicess


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Management Theory and Practice Essay
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This phase involves:

  1. For a development undertaking by a private developer, finding of the economic viability of the proposed development before the developer is committed to the same ; for a authorities undertaking or undertaking by nonprofit administration finding of a undertaking budget for the intents of budget control. This entails the undermentioned services:
  1. Advice on the economic deductions of edifice on the selected site including the economic relationship between the site and the edifice form, size and tallness.
  2. Preparation of initial edifice cost marks on a square rate footing and comparing with known costs of completed edifices.
  3. Preparation of initial elaborate cost estimations based on approximative measures and priced at current rates and constitution and care of a cost program
  4. Breakdown of estimations into elemental cost analysis for comparing with achieved costs similar edifices.
  5. Preparation of feasibleness surveies including income and outgo hard currency flow.
  6. Preparation of follows up estimations or revised feasibleness surveies during the planning period to keep budgetary control or to guarantee the economic viability of the undertaking.
  7. Research and advice on economic consequence of proposed alteration in design, alternate stuffs, coatings and methods of building.
  1. Advice on the executing of the tendering and contractual processs. This entails the undermentioned services:
  1. Advices on the most suited method of tendering and the appropriate standard conditions of Contract Form to be used. Drafting contract clauses and/or amending the Conditions of Contract Form to accommodate peculiar demands of the Client.
  2. Aid in the choice of Contractors.
  3. Preparation of measures of measures and other stamp paperss. Preparation of an estimation by pricing the Bills of Quantities and rapprochement with old estimations. Preparation of stamp studies and Contract paperss.


This phase of services involves chiefly, the exercising of cost control so as to guarantee in so far as it is possible that the concluding Contract Sum will non infest the original budget. It entails the undermentioned services:

  1. The readying of progressive budgetary statements throughout the contract period to bespeak the awaited concluding cost of the undertaking.
  2. Regular attending at site meetings.
  3. Cost cheque on all fluctuations proposed during the building period to avoid over budget.
  4. Appraisal, measuring, rating and dialogue of the cost of fluctuations to the contract.
  5. The scrutiny, rating and dialogue of Builder’s claims under the contract.
  6. Evaluation of plants in advancement for interim valuations/certificates including fluctuations.
  7. Preparation of stamp paperss, stamp studies and contract paperss for premier cost amount and probationary amount points other than those under the charge of mechanical and electrical technology advisers.
  8. The readying and presentation of a elaborate statement of concluding cost on the undertaking.
  1. Project Management Services

Report to the Client in the capacity of the Client’s proficient representative responsible for the overall direction of the undertaking from its review to completion and handing over, consistent with a maestro programme and undertaking cost control and clip control systems. The entails the undermentioned services:

Project Review Report Stage

  1. Undertaking assessment to put up scheme and placing parametric quantities.
  2. Constitution of realistic Project Master Programme for development and execution including be aftering authority’s entry.
  3. Designation of critical mileposts for design advisers and Client’s determinations.
  4. Develop execution processs in line with Client’s administration demands to enable aims being set and clear waies transmitted to all adviser squad members.

Design And Tender Stage

  1. Operate and keep the undertaking maestro programme.
  2. Report and chair biweekly design co-ordination meetings including production of proceedingss.
  3. Control, reappraisal and study to Client on the budget, elaborate designs and specifications as undertaking advancement through the design phase including entry of a formal monthly study to Client.
  4. Monitor all authorities’ entry by the appropriate advisers including attending at authorities’ blessing meetings.
  5. Aid and advice in the readying of stamp certification.
  6. Report and go to stamp board meetings including stamp choice meetings and aid in the assessment of stamp submitted.

Construction Phase

  1. Constitution of agreed and realistic working building programme in concurrence with contractor and all advisers.
  2. Establish and actuate a system for control of design alterations and execution of agreed options, budgets, public presentation of all parties and interim payments.
  3. Attend all building direction and study meetings.
  4. Control, reappraisal and study to Client on a monthly footing on the project’s budget and a general to day of the month assessment of the undertaking including any job that have arisen and the actions to be taken up.
  5. Monitoring of and support to the design advisers in their functions as administers of the building contract ( s ) to guarantee seasonably and speedy action by the appropriate party.

Commissioning And Handover Stage

  1. Coordinate of handover to Client:
  • Seasonably and through completion of operational and care manuals.
  • Seasonably and through completion of records as-build drawings.
  • Spare parts, left over stuffs, etc.
  • Operational testing and developing testing of constructing systems.
  1. Monitoring of Contract and proviso of guarantees and warrants in regard of equipment on edifice stuffs.
  2. Monitoring of all defects and guaranting timely rectification by Contractor.
  3. Control, reappraisal and proctor colony of histories including attending on dialogue meetings
  4. Preparation of concluding elaborate study to the Client
  1. Other Servicess
  1. Complete scope of services for the rehabilitation of abandoned undertakings
  2. Supplying adept advice and analysis of Contractual jobs
  3. Preparation of contractual claims including follow up dialogue until colony
  4. Loss and harm ratings.


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