Management Theory on Henri Essay

Henri Fayol’s management Theories and Principles Henri Fayol focuses on the personal duties of management at a much more granular level. Fayol’s work is more directed at the management layer. Fayol believed that management had five principle roles: to forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control. Forecasting and planning was the act of anticipating the future and acting accordingly. Organization was the development of the institution’s resources, both material and human. Commanding was keeping the institution’s actions and processes running. Co-ordination was the alignment and harmonization of the groups’ efforts.

Finally, control meant that the above activities were performed in accordance with appropriate rules and procedures. Fayol developed fourteen principles of administration to go along with management’s five primary roles. These principles are enumerated below: * Specialization/division of labor * Authority with responsibility * Discipline * Unity of command * Unity of direction * Subordination of individual interest to the general interest * Remuneration of staff * Centralization * Scalar chain/line of authority * Order * Equity * Stability of tenure * Initiative * Esprit de corps

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Management Theory on Henri Essay
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Fayol clearly believed personal effort and team dynamics were part of a “ideal” organization. Successes Fayol’s five principle roles of management are still actively practiced today. The author has found “Plan, Organize, Command, Co-ordinate and Control” written on one than one manager’s whiteboard during his career. The concept of giving appropriate authority with responsibility is also widely commented on (if not well practiced. ) Unfortunately his principles of “unity of command” and “unity of direction” are consistently violated in “matrix management” the structure of choice for many of today’s companies.


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