Manager and Subordinate Consultations Essay

Manager and Subordinate Consultations Productivity and Communication; Keys to Success Regular consultations between managers, leaders, and their subordinates impact productivity and job satisfaction by enhancing the flow of communication both vertically and horizontally. Communication increases understanding of goals and objectives, and the realization of increased self-esteem through performance appraisal. Productivity is enhanced through positive communication in a vertical manner, which is communication between the supervisors and the employee.

When the supervisors communicate positively and in the process protect the self-esteem of each employee and approach each communication encounter with mutual respect, employees are motivated to perform at a higher level because they feel good about themselves and the job they are doing. This positive communication allows the employee to perform at a higher level because they do not feel threatened and they understand their role as a valuable part of the organizational process. It also increases productivity horizontally, meaning that ideas can be communicated between and among employees.

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Manager and Subordinate Consultations Essay
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Positive, goal oriented, and regular communication between a supervisor and an employee creates an atmosphere of trust where both feel comfortable speaking plainly and exchanging ideas and suggestions. This allows for stimulation and organizational inventiveness and ingenuity. All concerned know that they are contributing to the success of the organization and produce a feeling of satisfaction. Job satisfaction is critically impacted when the mission of the organization is clear and concise and understood by all.

Clear goals that have final and enabling objectives create an atmosphere in which employees and supervisors alike can function to achieve common or unified goals. This translates into a higher degree of job satisfaction which is only achieved through quality job performance or productivity. The quality of a concise goal and objective to achieve that goal are critical to how an employee understands their relationship to the supervisors and their responsibilities and duties of their job.

The number of objectives that exist in order to achieve the goal makes the job for each employee less cumbersome and allows the employee to work freely. It should be noted that in the development of the goals and the objectives that lead towards mission accomplishment are most effective when the employees have input and ownership of those goals and objectives. It is understood that the ultimate goal of any organization should be one that is unattainable.

It is the state to which an organization strives to attain but is always out of reach or that is to be achieved and all other objectives and goals must be structured to that end. It should not be used to evaluate performance of the CEO or the hourly employee. Performance appraisals are how productivity and job satisfaction are measured. Given the realistic use of performance appraisals, the employees can realize their potential by way of free communication, a work environment that allows for employee comfort, and employee ownership of job performance and self-appraisal.

These appraisals must be viewed as a positive measuring tool that allows each employee to have a clear understanding of how their efforts are supporting the efforts of others, the team, and how effective they are in assisting the company to achieve the common objectives that lead to goal accomplishment. All of these elements are vital in any organization and must be part of strategic planning. Inclusiveness is essential in organizational growth and communication is the catalyst that makes all other elements work toward goal achievement.


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