Managerial & Teaching Competencies Sample Essay

I. Is there a important relationship between managerial competences and learning competences?

II. Related Literature
A. Basic of Managerial Competencies
1. The term competency as a construct that serves to link persons and their actions has been defined as “ the capacity to acquire in touch with the environment in a constructive way” . ( Ingalls. 1979 ) 2. Competence is a set of abilities. general cognition. motivations. traits. societal functions and accomplishments of single. ( Hayes. 1979 ) 3. Competence is the basic feature of persons that leads to break public presentation and effectual function in a occupation. ( Boyatzis. 1982 ) 4. Competence is the ability and willingness to execute undertaking. ( Burgoyne. 1989 ) 5. Competence besides refers to countries of work in which a individual is competent and competence refers to the dimension of behaviour lying behind the competent public presentation. ( Woodruffe. 1991 ) 6. Managerial competences are the ability to carry through peculiar types of managerial end through personal action. The action may be every bit simple as a individual behaviour or may consist a system or behaviours implemented interactively over a period of clip. ( Bigelow. 1993 ) 7. The construct of competence refers to use cognition and accomplishments. public presentation bringing and the behaviours required to acquire things done really good. ( Armstrong and Baron. 1995 )

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Managerial & Teaching Competencies Sample Essay
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8. Competence is set of interconnected cognition. accomplishments and attitudes that are affected on the important portion of a person’s occupation and is correlated with person’s occupation public presentation. This competence is mensurable harmonizing to criterions and is expandible with the instruction and betterment. ( Parry. 1996 ) 9. Competences are merchandises of analysing occupations and they link work. people and scheme for bettering public presentation once they are generated. ( Mc Lagam. 1997 ) 10. Managerial competences refer to personal-oriented and task-oriented accomplishments that are associated with effectual direction and leading. ( Martin and Staines. 1994 ) 11. Competence is the related cognition. accomplishment. abilities and specifications for accomplishing superior public presentation in a occupation such as: job work outing. analytical. thought and leading. Some of the definitions of competence are including motivations. beliefs and values. ( Mirabel. 1997 ) 1

2. Managerial competences consist qualities and capablenesss of directors which leads to effectiveness of directors in work environment. ( Voudal. 1998 ) 13. Competence is the behaviour of persons in a specific status that have the maximal efficiency and effectivity in implementing the consequences. ( Herling. 2000 ) 14. Competence. competence and competences are three vocabularies that in the current literature of direction have been used often. ( Moore. Cheng and Dainty. 2002 ) 15. Competence is the combination of properties which enable an person to execute a set of undertakings to an appropriate criterion. ( Shilton et. Al. 2003 ) 16. Competence criterions depict what people do at work and what they need to be able to make so that undertakings are docile. consistent and mensurable. ( Melville. et. Al. 2006 ) 17. Competence is a combination of inexplicit and expressed cognition and besides behaviours and accomplishments that enables a individual to make a specific undertaking or responsibility. ( Draganidis and Mentzas. 2006 )

18. Competent is to place person who is efficient and effectual in executing to a criterion. Competence refers to a specific behaviour and features of a individual that consequence in a effectual or superior public presentation. ( Kagive and Munene. 2007 )

B. Research on Managerial Competencies
1. The development of direction accomplishments and competences in higher instruction establishment as indispensable. ( Botha and Camphor. 2008 ) The focal point of direction preparation and development should be on developing the direction accomplishments and competency required in support of the school’s vision. mission and scheme. 2. In literature. the term competence is attributed multiple significances depending on the context and position. ( Garavan and McGuire. 2001: Viitala. 2005 ) . For case. a competence is seen as an input or an end product of human behaviour. In the UK. competences are viewed as end products: employees display competences in the grade to which their work meets or exceeds prescribed work criterions. In the USA. competences are seen chiefly as inputs: they consist of bunch of cognition. attitudes and accomplishments that affect an individuals’ ability to execute ( Brophy and Kiely. 2002. Cheng et. Al ; 2003: Heffernan and Flood. 2000 ; Stuart and Lindsay. 1997 )

3. The designation of direction competences helps persons to mention to common definitions of the accomplishments and attributes indispensable for competent public presentation in the function. Competency is an implicit in features of a individual in that it may be a motivation. trait. accomplishment. facet of one’s ego or societal function or a organic structure of cognition. ( Boyatzis. 1982 ) 4. There are four managerial maps which are normally referred to in the direction literature. the public presentation of which are thought to be indispensable for competent direction. The four maps are be aftering. forming. directing and controlling and each is composed of a figure of implicit in activities. These activities are the incarnation of managerial competences which are defined as the “underlying features of a individual in that they may be a motivation. trait. accomplishment. facet of one’s self-image or societal function or a organic structure of cognition which he does or she uses. ( Boyatzis. 1982 )

C. Argument
1. I believe that instructors are directors since he manages a schoolroom environment to maximise larning. They are environmental applied scientists who organize the schoolroom infinite to suit their ends and learn efficaciously. Teachers are besides competent persons who endlessly do their undertaking with committedness and supply better public presentation non merely in the four walls of the category but in the school every bit good. In line with this position. the research worker would wish to happen out the managerial competences of instructors in the school she is learning. Furthermore. the research worker wants to happen out the competences possessed by the instructors and how these managerial competences affect their instruction competences.


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