Managing Occupational Health And Safety In The Workplace Construction Essay

Golf Fire and Rescue Service is portion of Golf Local Authorities Fire Services, for Golf County, the service operates 24 hours a twenty-four hours 365 yearss a twelvemonth and employs a sum of 36 Firemans to accomplish this screen throughout the twelvemonth. Golf Borough Council employs all employees of Golf Fire and Rescue Service.

The Chief Fire Officer has overall duty for Golf Local Authorities Fire Services ; nevertheless his Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer has duty for the day-to-day running of Golf Fire and Rescue Service.

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Managing Occupational Health And Safety In The Workplace Construction Essay
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The day-to-day activities for pull offing the Fire Station and its operational map remainder with its 5 fulltime fire Officers ( one Station Officer, four Sub.Officers ) .

In add-on to the Officers there are 15 fulltime and 16 retained ( parttime ) firemans.

The Station houses 2 H2O stamps, 1 deliverance stamp, 1 hydraulic platform, 1 H2O oiler, 1 risky stuffs vehicle, 1 bid support vehicle and 2 landrovers, all this along with other equipment must be kept in a province of preparedness at all times for turn-out to incidents. Golf Fire and Rescue Service have attended 742 turn-outs to day of the month this twelvemonth.

Golf Fire and Rescue Service attend a scope of incidents, such as,

Rescue of individuals and animate beings from structural, Industrial and agricultural fires, route and rail accidents. Covering with risky stuffs incidents, and another incident that may necessitate the fire service to go to. In covering with such a broad scope of incidents the figure of jeopardies and hazards associated with the fire service is varied. Some of the jeopardies the Firemans may meet during their normal yearss work include fire, fume, working from highs, chemicals, unfamiliar milieus, traffic, H2O, and electricity to call but a few.

Because of this when Firemans are non look intoing equipment or go toing incidents the remainder of their clip is devoted to developing in safe systems of work to enable them to work safely in there of all time altering environment.

Occupational Safety and Health Legislation

The Common Law regulations for work related hurts or ill wellness come under the general header Employers Liability, sometimes called Employers Duty of Care. ( Section 8 ) . And the Liabilities of Directors ( subdivision 80 ) of the 2005 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act.

To understand our legal duties and our responsibility of attention, we need to look at the general responsibilities of Employers under the Act. Under this Act all Employers must take on board their legal duties with respect to Pull offing their Employees Health and Safety and guarantee those activities do non besides consequence others.

Safety Management System.

Why is it of import to hold an effectual Safety and Health Management System?

Economic Reason: Besides cut downing costs, effectual Safety and Health Management promotes concern efficiency. Thousand of work relater accidents, ensuing in more so three yearss off work are reported to the Health and Safety Authority each twelvemonth, these accident instances are due to failures and lacks in the Occupational Safety and Health Management in Organisations.

Legal Reason: The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Requires you to guarantee so far as is Reasonably Operable ( definition can be found in subdivision 2 ( 6 ) of the 2005 Act ) the Safety Health and Welfare of your Employees and to Manage and carry on your work activities in such off as to guarantee there Safety, Health and Welfare. This requires you to be proactive in pull offing your Safety, Health and Welfare duties and trade with them in a systematic manner. To follow with Irish Laws on Safety and Health the minimal demand is to fix and implement a Safety Statement ( subdivision 20 ) have a Safety Consultation programme ( subdivision 26 ) and to ease the choice of a Safety Representative & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ ( s ) ( subdivision 25 ) .

Moral and Ethical Reason: The proactive Management of Safety and Health in the workplace helps Organisations prevent hurts and sick Health at work. This should assist Organisations cut down the Personal loss caused as a consequence of accidents and sick Health at work.

Cardinal Elementss of Safety and Health Management.

The cardinal elements of a successful Safety and Health Management System are set out below. They besides comply with the chief elements of an Occupational Safety and Health Management System as set out in the ILO Guidelines ( International Labour Office, Geneva, ILO-OSH 2001 ) . The mode and extent to which the person elements will be applied will depend on factors, such as size of Organisation, its Management construction, the nature if its activities and the hazards involved.

The Following Points Should Be Considered When Puting Together A Safety Management System.

Policy and Commitment.

The Organisation should fix an Occupational Safety and Health policy programme as portion of the readying of the Safety Statement required by subdivision 20 of the 2005 Act. Effective Safety and Health policies should put a clear way for the Organisation to follow.


The Organisation should explicate a program to carry through its Safety and Health policy as set out in the Safety Statement. Safety and Health aims and marks should be set for all Directors and Employees.


For effectual execution the Organisation should develop the capablenesss and support mechanisms to accomplish its Safety and Health policy. There should be a planned and systematic attack to execution.

Measuring public presentation.

The Organisation should mensurate, proctor and measure its Safety and Health public presentation against agreed criterions to uncover when and where betterments are needed.

Auditing and Reviewing Performance.

There should be a systematic reappraisal and betterment of public presentation based on monitoring and independent audits of the whole Safety and Health Management System. These form the footing of following with the Organisations duties under the 2005 Act and other Statutory Commissariats.

Occupational Safety and Health Legislation for Employers.

Under the 2005 Act all employers must guarantee, so far as is moderately operable the Safety, Health and Welfare of all there employees. To follow with the Act employers must understand and take on board their legal duties, subdivision 8 to 12 and 15 of the 2005 Act lay down the demands that any employer must follow with.

Section 8: General responsibilities of Employers

Section 9: Information for Employees

Section 10: Direction, preparation and supervising of Employees

Section 11: Emergencies and serious and at hand danger

( Exemption of this subdivision applies to employees of a fire authorization )

Section 12: General responsibilities of employers to individuals other so their employees

Section 15: General responsibilities of individuals in control of topographic points of work, etc

Protective and Preventive Measures

Section 18 sets out in greater item the demands on employers in subdivision 8 to name a competent individual to help him or her to follow with Safety and Health statute law. ( definition of competent individual in subdivision 2 ( 2 ) ) .The individual appointed should be able to give informed and appropriate general advice on Safety and Health Management.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Section 19 provides that every employer must place the jeopardies at the topographic point of work, measure the hazards and have a written appraisal of those hazards as they apply to all of the employees.

Employers and individuals in control of topographic points of work must transport out a hazard appraisal in relation to their responsibility to persons other so their employees as respects subdivision 12 and 15 of the Act. In transporting out the hazard appraisal it is necessary to see all those who might be affected by this.

Safety Statements

Section 20 provides that every employer must hold a written Safety Statement based on the jeopardies identified and the hazard appraisal under subdivision 19 and put out how the Safety, Health and Welfare of employees will be managed. When fixing a Safety Statement history should be taken of the general rules of bar set out in agenda 3 of the Act.

Safety Statements must be specific to the topographic point of work, as the fire service topographic point of work is ever varied when go toing incidents we can utilize our dynamic hazard appraisal in concurrence with the national incident bid system, to place jeopardies and hazards while go toing incidents.

Section 20 besides refers to the employers duties to set up for the assignment of Safety representatives and Safety audience with their employees in conformity with subdivision 25 and 26 of the Act.

The employer must convey the Safety Statement to the attending of all employees in a signifier and mode that is understood at least one time a twelvemonth and when it is amended.

The Fire Service Act 1981 besides contains statute law with respect to Fire Authorities.

Occupational Safety and Health Legislation for Employees

Section 13 provides for a scope of responsibilities on employees under the Act.

An employee must follow with Safety and Health statute law, both in the Act and elsewhere. Take sensible attention to protect his / her ain safety, Health and Welfare and that of any other individual who may be affected by his / her Acts of the Apostless or skips at work. Not to be under the influence of intoxicant or drugs or a combination of both to the extent that he / she is likely to jeopardize his or her ain safety or that of any other individual. Submit to any appropriate trial, by or under the supervising of a registered practician, as may be required by ordinances under the 2005 Act.

Co-operate with his / her employer as necessary, to help that individual in following with Safety and Health statute law. Not to prosecute in improper behavior or other behaviors such as force, strong-arming or horseplay that could jeopardize another individual at work. To go to preparation related to a peculiar undertaking required by the employer or by Safety and Health statute law. To take history of preparation and direction given by the employer, right use any article, substance, protective vesture and equipment provided for usage at work for his / her protection.

Section 14: Intervention, abuse, etc

Section 14 prohibits any individual signifier deliberately or recklessly interfering with, misapplying or damaging any thing provided under Safety and Health statute law.

Section 25: Safety Representatives

Section 25 entitles employees to choose and name a safety representative to stand for them in audience with the employer on affairs of Safety, Health and Welfare in the work topographic point.

Section 26: Consultation and engagement of employees, safety commissions

Section 26 topographic points a responsibility on the employer to confer with his / her employees as to do and keep agreements to enable the employer and employees to co-operate to advance and develop Safety, Health and public assistance and to supervise the effectivity of those steps.


Health and Safety direction applies to all administrations no affair what size or map. The chief purpose of Health and Safety direction is to advance good safety civilization for your employees and others that may come in contact with your concern. For this to go on both employers and employees must encompass and take duty for the execution of the safety and wellness direction system that has been agreed by both parties through audience.

Due to the nature of our work in the fire and deliverance service the demand for hazard designation and hazard appraisal is on traveling while go toing incidents, and in utilizing the dynamic hazard appraisal helps us follow with our legal demands.

The fire service has for old ages when possible carried out hazard visits to help them in fixing safety statements for a peculiar concern, mill or industry in there function country. The fire service can be a unsafe occupation, but the jeopardy and hazards faced by firemans in the class of their responsibility can be managed by holding a good Safety and Health direction system in topographic point, and to guarantee it is up-dated, reviewed and audited on a regular footing.

Remember good safety is no accident! .


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