Managing People and Organisation Sample Essay

1. Explain the cogency of one procedure and one content theory of motive and measure their pertinence to scenario that exists within Scotia Airways. The procedure theories are about ‘how’ administration should actuate its employees and about ‘the processes’ of motive. One of the procedure theories is Edwin’s Locke’s Goal Theory. It is about puting specific ends which are disputing but acceptable for persons. Persons should have feedback so that they could better their work in the hereafter. The investors in Scotia Airways have set specific end – expand over the following 5 old ages. This end is difficult but accomplishable if the company’s members will work hard. The direction squad has already started to pull up preliminary programs. This means that this administration already thinks about how to accomplish its chief end and non wasting clip. The company should put new aims and new regulations so that it would be easier to accomplish its end. Directors should give their staff feedback so that in the hereafter they could better work quality and public presentation. Contented theories are about ‘what’ motivates employees to make their occupation better and trades with single demands and ends. One of the content theories is Abrahams Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In Maslow’s hierarchy there are 5 degrees ( in the image ) .

An single attempts to carry through all these demands merely working measure by measure. When he has reached certain degree he tries to make following 1. Scotia Airways could utilize Maslow’s hierarchy theory to actuate more their staff. The first degree is physiological – Scotia areaways have to do certain those employees chief demands are fulfilled ( H2O. interruptions. nutrient. etc ) . The 2nd degree is safety – Scotia has to do certain that workplace is safe and do certain that employees feel safe in administration. for illustration. at that place has to be safety regulations. The 3rd degree is belonging – Scotia Airways is already considered as a household cantered administration so every employee should experience accepted and treated as a household member. The forth degree is self-esteem – employees of Scotia Airways should experience recognized and should be respected by others. The 5th degree is self-actualization – this is the top of pyramid and an person has realized his full potency in organisation. For Scotia Airways it would be easy T usage this theory because it is already is seen as household focused administration and it promotes societal harmoniousness and integrating within the workplace. That means that most of the employees demands are fulfilled.

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Managing People and Organisation Sample Essay
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