Managing Sport Facilities Essay

II. Managing Sport Facilities D. A Facility manager is the person responsible for coordinating all the employees and entities involved in the facility to ensure that they work on behalf of the facility. The head of the household or facility is usually known as the facility manager. A facility manager’s role is affected by the facility size and the workforce available to the manager. Facility Managers should have great management skills because their main priority is being a leader to many employees, and they also must have great business management skills.

Being a facility manager is very similar to running a business; they should be able to hire the best employees and teach them everything he/she knows about the facility. If I was hired as the new manager of a public fitness facility in a small community I would develop a few very general and realistic goals and objectives. My first priority goal is to give our customers the best experience of a fitness facility they ever had, and being number one against all competition entering into our second year of business.

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The planning process is the most important stage in order to succeed all of our plans and goals. When planning a facility manager has to consider what the ultimate goal is, how they will go about meeting that goal, who or what will be their potential targets, and what activities or ideas they will create to draw targets in. VIII. Facility Operations P. Almost every sport facility in America is equipped with a weight room and a locker room. Those are two very popular components of a sports facility. Nevertheless, every facility doesn’t have the safest or cleanest weight room and locker room.

If I had to plan the construction of the weight room or locker room, I would make sure the safety, sanitation, and rules are my first priorities. The safety of a weight room and locker room are more important than anything that goes on in them. Weight rooms are so dangerous; that’s why it’s imperative that safety comes first. All weight machines should be placed in a certain category so that any injury will be prevented. There should be protective material all around each machine in a locker room and/or weight room so in any case of any injury, it could be minor; same for the locker rooms.

They also should include surveillance so that every action is monitored. Weight rooms have been the cause of many injuries and even some deaths, so it is no such thing as being too safe. Each person in charge of the facility must be responsible enough to make sure every person participating there has a spotter and someone watching at all times. If they fail to do so, not only is that person at risk of serious injury, but the facility is in serious risk of receiving a lawsuit. Sanitizing and following rules are all apart of managing those components of the facility.

Cleaning the equipment very good can also avoid a lawsuit. It can’t also help the equipment last a while. The management that follow the simple rules and do the small things to keep their equipment and components safe and clean are usually have the long lasting facilities. Being loyal is the real key of having a successful facility. IX. Facility Maintenance R. Planning for a maintenance and repair program for the Payne Center is really as simple as it sounds if one uses the simple steps it takes to do so.

Planning and Programming, Budgeting, Staffing, Supervising, and Evaluating are all things that should be done in this process. First, management must examine the entire facility just to see what has to be done in this entire process. Writing and taking notes to keep record of what has to be done is a good idea. Plan and schedule who and when the maintenance should arrive. Both parties should repeat the first step when together. Being on the same page with everyone involve will make everything go smoothly. Next, the budget is the most important thing to evaluate.

After inspecting the place and finding out what all has to be fixed or replaced, the management has to discuss how much it will cost, an estimate of how much they have, and how much they will have or need after maintenance. So there are many things to consider in this process. Payne Center management must find a maintenance organization that does a very good job, but also someone that fits into their budget. Then, staffing is also an important process. Management should have someone pursuit of the best maintenance organization around.

You want it to be someone within your radius, so that it will be easy and closer for them to view the facility, and it would be appropriate for the customer to go around and view some of the maintenance work they’ve done with other facilities. Last, supervising and evaluating is a big part of the maintenance and repair process also. When in the process of repairing and working on the Payne Center, the facility’s management should be evaluating and supervising. This can only avoid confusion, mistakes, and ultimately a dissatisfying job.

All these keys are meant to help both sides of the project satisfied. V. Facility Site L. There are many factors involved in the site selection for any facility. If I were managing the construction for a new Coliseum on the Gulf Coast in Gulfport I would make sure it was the best facility yet. The first step in the site selection for a Facility is planning the location of the facility, making sure the location is large enough to hold the facility, and what all is going to be included in the Coliseum. Planning the location of the site is the most important stage of site selection, in my opinion.

There are many different pros and cons a facility manager should have to consider. First, is the location large enough for the facility and the outdoor activity space? I think it would be best to visit and view other competitions’ facilities to compare and contrast what would make the site better or worse, and what exactly would draw more customers. Next, make sure the site is large enough for the facility. Think about your last experience at a Coliseum, and what made it special. The bigger a Coliseum is and the more activities; etc. it had to offer is what made the experience worth it.

So the site has to be large enough to fit all the indoor and outdoor rooms and activities in it. Last, the blue print of the site must include everything that is going to be built inside and outside the site. That is why planning the sites location is so important, because you should have enough space. You generally have to have a large enough space for at least a parking lot, but in this case I would like to build a water park outside of the Coliseum. I will make sure I purchase enough land to hold that, and build it close enough to the highway that it can be seen by everyone.


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