manhood Essay

Manhood It is said one cannot understand or empathize with someone else unless “you walk a mile in their moccasins. ” John Howard Griffin did Just that, darkened his skin and took a walk into the Deep South to see how it would feel to be a member of a despised minority during 1959, the height of the Jim Crow years, when water fountains and rest rooms were separate for the races, when a black man or woman couldn’t eat in a restaurant or get a hotel room. The book is of course dated, but it is unique in that it is a viewpoint that is undeniably credible.

Here is a white guy, saying: “It happened to me, Just because my skin was dark. Believe it. ” He suffers the indignity of finding everyday tasks that become almost insurmountable–to find a restroom, a bus seat, a park bench, someplace to eat, to be left alone without fear of harassment. And it’s this harassment and outright fear that changes Griffin to the point he had to finally abandon his project. Like Griffin I want to experiment and switch toa man. The question I have is what is it feels like to be a man in todays society, how male view their masculinity?

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How differences in age religion and culture can have effect on masculinity? So I started my adventure by changing my appearance shaved my hair nd took male hormones. My transformation was shocking, I looked in the mirror and saw reflected nothing of a female. However before I put my experiment into action I decided to have three gate-keepers from different background and ages to help me understand masculinity. All the interviews were held in public settings such as cafes or at the homes, where they could be comfortable talking privately and put them at ease.

The first interview was early in the morning with Alex a twenty year old young man. The opening topics cover was his favorite sports and his current pastimes. After about 45 minutes I asked him, When did he become a man? The young male physically reacted. he laughed nervously; often lean backwards in his chairs, and roll his eyes, then quickly replied that he has no idea when he became a man, and after further thought state he do not yet see himself as being a man, mostly because he has few social, financial, asset or familial responsibilities, nor apparently he is ready for them Just yet.

Then slowly after a long discussion, the question triggered him to defining what it is to be a man and immediately started talking about how to define what being a ‘man’ actually is; and his first thoughts focus on social markers of how a young male becomes a man. He said,” Maybe at eighteen I was a man I had the right to vote. OHHH. Or when I was sixteen I played in an open age soccer competition were I was a goalkeeper and I went to my first party where all the guys were drinking beer. And I got drunk for the first time.

When I had sex with a girl for the first time, Or maybe now that I am twenty that everyone tells me I have to get a fulltime Job I should have a license, should be at university or working. I am constantly bombarded with ‘at this age you should be doing this’. Somehow in the back of my mind I think I will become a man when I get married. That for me sort… in an ideal world I sort of think thirty -marriage I like that idea, that you’re not complete until like IVe set a goal of thirty and marriage. I think the ultimate responsibility would be with a kid.

I hope I would see myself fully a man entitlement to vote at age 18, sexual maturation, playing competitive sport against older men, the first experience of getting drunk or having sex, the first fulltime Job, buying a house and getting married. Are the first signs of masculinity. The second interview was with David a 35 years old Jewish friend. We met at his house. I explained briefly what triggered me to work on the experiment. After a long hour of discussion he promised perfect discretion and enthusiastically began coaching me; but in a guarded voice, glancing always about to make sure no one could overhear.

He said, in my culture becoming a man starts at Bar-Mitzvah. Jewish law dictates that a married man must provide his wife with adequate food, clothing and pleasurable sex Jewish text explicitly prohibit a man from forcing his wife to have sex. Also a man is not to have sex before marriage. Our tradition expects man to treat his wife with espect and kindness while women is expected to obey and respect her husband as well as taking responsibility of child care and household work, women are to have a lot of kids because birth control is forbidden.

He ended his thoughts by saying for him being a man is mostly being a good father and a good husband . Moreover, Provide for his family and never fair problems no matter the difficulties life throws at him. David’s view of manhood is based on religion cultural believes not on life experience or physical appearance. The Third and last interview was with Ryan a thirty year old “Meat- head”. I met him in a bar per his request. As soon as he seen me he said mfou need some muscles bro. Sit here I will teach you how to be a real man. He continues with “follow this list of instruction and you will be a real man. ” 1- Go to the gym at list 5 time a week to build up big muscle, A man has to be proud of his size and muscles. 2- Drive: – V8 such as Trucks and Muscle Car (AMERICAN ONLY). 3- Wear muscle shirts to show your muscles. 4- Get tattoos to attract more girls. 5- Get a Job that requires muscle work, for example in construction such as housing, rail and road maintenance, or sport/fitness trainers in civilian or military sector. Office work is for women. – Date blond girls who are physically relatively small and light so you can dominate them and intimidate them by your size. 7- Invest time and money on physical – enhancements (high protein level diet). Ryan was a typical meat- head stereotyped women as being weak because they can be dominated. Invest money on physical appearance rather than expending mental abilities. In his instruction there was nothing about responsibility everything was based on appearance a. In conclusion switching to a man takes more than physical appearance as society has different view of manhood.


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