Many enjoyable activities on Saipan are in expensive or free Essay

Many enjoyable activities on Saipan are inexpensive or even free Saipan is a small beautiful pacific island, and on this island there are many enjoyable activities, including marine sports, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, golf, and swimming. Saipan is far from any mainland, and almost all of the food and daily necessities are imported from the United States. All the commodities in Saipan are more expensive than in United Stated and most of the Southeast Asia counties. But if you like recreational sport, sunshine and fresh air, many activities here are inexpensive or even free.

One of the most enjoyable activities is scuba diving. If you live in the U. S or China and want to go diving, you have to fly to a diving place first. You have to pay for an airline ticket and hotel, and you spend more time. And for my knowledge, shore diving in China will cost more than $100. But if you are on Saipan and you want to go scuba diving, you only have to prepare your own gear or rent gear, and drive to the shore diving location. Some people think that the Grotto in Saipan is the best cave diving place. When you go into Grotto, you will see blue light from outside.

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Many enjoyable activities on Saipan are in expensive or free Essay
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There are many different kinds of coral and fishes around you. And also, there is a small hole in Grotto, and in that hole, you can find plenty lobsters. There are hundreds of sea lives living in this area. If you are a tourist, a fun diving will cost around $60. If you choose to go boat diving, you can contact to a diving shop and pay about $30 for the boat fee. Please do not be surprised about the price, yes it is $30, because of the special terrain, all the boat diving point around Saipan are not far. In another famous diving place, for example Palau, all the diving points are isolated.

Going to a boat diving place will cost you 2-3 hours and more than $100. Scuba diving in Saipan is under a very low price than most places around the world. Another enjoyable activity for me is Golf. For people who like sunshine and Green, golf is a very good activity. In China, because of the very high price, people call golf luxury sport, and only rich people can afford it. An 18 holes round game usually cost around $250. But on Saipan in which there are five different golf courts, golf is not luxury. Many local people enjoy golf. My friends and I will play this game at least two times a week.

We enjoy the beautiful ocean view and green ground, at the same time we breathe the fresh pacific air without any pollution. For the people living on Saipan, show your local ID before you play, you will get a very good price, $35 for a 18 holes round. The price for tourist is about $1 50, also much cheaper than in China, Korea or Japan. Fishing is probably the most enjoyable activity for me on Saipan. There are many fish around this island, so if you do not prepare to get deep water fish, you do not need to There are many kinds of fish around Saipan, some of which are valuable.

You can asy get grouper and parrot fish when you are having rock fishing. Sometimes you can also see shark swimming outside the rock. If you want deep water fish, you need a boat or kayak. Some local Japanese can get red snapper by kayak. Comparing to many other countries, you do not need spending a lot to go fishing far by boat if you only want common fish. The above are only three examples, and there are also some good activities which are not expensive on Saipan, such as hiking, swimming, and driving propeller aircraft. I enjoy these activities and I also enjoy my happy time and the environment on this small beautiful island Saipan.


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