Many People Know Tons Of Stuff About Their Distant Relatives, Because Essay

their family has passed on much information throughout the years. In my life today ethnic heritage does not play all that big of a role. The only thing I really know is that my distant relatives used to live in Ireland. I think the reason I don’t know very much is that my family from anywhere other than America is so distant like as in it all happened so many years ago, so all I see my self as today is a pure American.I don’t think knowing this type of information is particularly necessary information to know. Some people may think that it is but I for one do not think so. The role of ethnic tradition has not typically played itself well in my life.
For some reasons I would, and for some reasons I wouldn’tlike to know more about my family history.First, I would like to know more, like what kind of traditions my family had and what kinds of food were special to them. I just would like to know the basics of my history nothing too special like what they went through in immigration or anything like that. That kind of stuff gets too complicated sometimes. I dont know, maybe if I found out something that interested me that happened with my family It would spark an interest but until then I am fine with not knowing very much.

Maybe one reason my family dosent continue traditions is because we are the ones that primarily start the new traditions. I think it is a good thing to start new traditions because eventually over the years traditions will start to die out in that particular family. So families should try to make their own, and pass thoes new traditions on to their relatives and so on. Everyone knows, even though they might not think of it, that traditions have to start somewhere. You cant just say to your self, “OH, well we just do it because its always been that way.” Because the truth is, that it hasn’t always been that way. Someone had to start it. Some of my families traditions are going to church on Christmas eve, and going to the Christmas tree farm and spending the day trying to find the most perfect Christmas tree and then cutting it down ourselves. Also, after we are done cutting it down, we have a tailgate party outside at the tree farm and drink hot cider, hot chocolate, and we listen to Polka music. I particularly do not enjoy listening to the Polka music, but everything else about the day is great, and I think it is a wonderful tradition that was begun in my generation. I think the tradition started about 6 years ago when we got an ad in the mail publicizing this tree company. My mom decided it would be a good idea to try something new rather than going and getting a non fresh tree. So we went to the place and ended up having a great time.Six years later and we are still carrying out the tradition. I really think that it is a good tradition that could last a long time. I know that I will take my kids to a fresh tree farm. During this project I learned a couple things about my lineage. One thing I learned is the name of the 1st Binford in America. His name was Anthony Binford he came to America in the 1630’s from England. He came over on a boat, and settled in Virginia. Another interesting thing about this is that he was a tobacco farmer and a slave owner on his own plantation. Anthony Binford was the first American Binford and he is the very top of the family tree for all of the Binford’s in America today. For my moms side of the family I didn’t really learn anything. All I know about her side is the stuff I did a report on when I was in 8th grade, and that itself did not amount to very much. The only thing I learned is that my moms side is from England.Of my immediate Binford line I am the last remaining male Binford. To me that is interesting. I feel like I have to carry on the Binford name, or there will be no more Binfords in my lineage.I really do not want that to happen, because I would feel bad about it.
My family has stayed away from the past and more focused on the present tense. That is probably why I dont know much about my family history. Im not really that worried about what happened a long time ago. I mean , some of the stuff is cool, like the Anthony Binford story. But I guess if I knew more stuff I would want to know more and more.

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Many People Know Tons Of Stuff About Their Distant Relatives, Because Essay
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