March of Dimes Website Evaluation Essay

March of Dimes Website Have you ever thought about how difficult it is for a baby to be born without low birth weight, prematurity, or birth defects? After visiting the March of Dimes website I learned that over 460,000 newborns in the United States alone are born prematurely. I am a parent of a premature infant and I know firsthand how hard it is to get find answers and get assistance for a disabled child. I gave birth to my son at only 23 weeks of gestation.

He was severely underdeveloped and required many surgeries. With the assistance of supportive organizations and medical research, the lifesaving surgeries were performed immediately. Afterwards I researched to find out just what organizations helped to fund the research needed for the surgery my child had undergone. I found that the March of Dimes, Mother’s March and WalkAmerica were just three of the well-known organizations in the United States, and around the world, that funded such research.

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March of Dimes Website Evaluation Essay
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Each of these organizations main focus is putting an end to prematurity and each work to make their name known through their individual websites. According to the website, March of Dimes began in 1938 by President Franklin Roosevelt in order to raise awareness and save youth in America from the polio disease (March of Dimes website). Since then, the organization has changed to support babies with prematurity, yet the organization still remains somewhat the same as it was in 1938.

Then, the organization was comprised of volunteers and researchers in a partnership, and today the same holds true. The March of Dimes website states that their main mission for the organization is that “March of Dimes researches, volunteers, educators, outreach workers and advocates work together to give all babies a fighting chance against the threat to their health. The foreseeable objective of course is to fight until prematurity and birth defects no longer exist. In trying to reach the ultimate goal of healthy babies, the March of Dimes had numerous methods of doing so.

The web page states that in the beginning of pregnancy, they offer parent education groups which gives one-on-one information about what pregnant woman should and should not worry about, while they also have genetic researchers and workers who investigate ways to stop prematurity genetically and try to get health care for all babies since the majority do not have insurance. Not only does March of Dimes work alone, but they also look for help from the American populations. March of Dimes accepts donations as well as volunteers who want to help in the fight.

According to the website, donations can be made on the website or as mail-ins through postal services. WalkAmerica is a separate organization that helps raise money for March of Dimes. As stated on the website, WalkAmerica started thirty-three years ago in 1970 and has become one of the largest fundraisers ever created. WalkAmerica is said to be found in all fifty states as well as in Puerto Rico and has raised over one billion dollars in order to help premature babies Though the main event for WalkAmerica is the actual walk that usually takes place once each year, the organization also offers alternative ways to help.

Those unable to attend the annual walk might consider being a sponsor, donate money, or could even encourage other to participate. There are also ways for kids to help out. Schools have the option to put together fund raisers within the school. WalkAmerica mentions on their site that schools are able to choose the type of fundraiser they wish to participate in from a list of events that the organization will provide.


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