Marie Curie Artical Summaries

Marie Curie, with the help of her husband Pierre Curie, discovered the rare chemical element radium and helped to launch modern nuclear physics. This Poland born scientist was born on November 7, 1867, to a high school physics teacher and girl’s school director. She graduated from high school at age 15, with a medal for excellence in her studies. Then, two years later she took the master’s examination in physics. She scored the highest in her class. In 1894, while completely absorbed in science, she met Pierre.

Soon the physicist became her husband. The two worked together for many years on different projects. Among these projects was the notion that the atoms of some elements are continuously breaking down by themselves, and giving off radiation, leading to the discovery of radiation and radioactivity. Also, two elements, polonium and radium, were discovered. Marie Curie, the only person to ever receive two Nobel awards, died on July 4, 1934. After she had died, an autopsy showed that her body tissue had been poisoned by wo much exposure to radioactive materials. Article Summary from Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99 Marie Curie’s maiden name was Marja Sklodowska. But as she was growing up, she was called Manya. Manya was a governess when she was 17. Part of her salary was sent to Paris to help pay for her sister’s medical school.

After her sister obtained her medical degree she married a doctor. Manya went to Paris, also. There she changed her name to it’s French equivalent, Marie. She went to a school called the Sorbonne which is ow the University of Paris. While there, she studied physics and mathematics. Marie and her husband Pierre, that she met in school, made quite a few scientific discoveries that lead to the advance of modern science. Marie Curie was poor, and she and her fellow scientists carried out much of their work extracting radium under harsh conditions. The Curies refused to patent any of their many discoveries, wanting them to benefit everyone. Marie died from leukemia, caused by her constant contact with radiation.


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