Market Research of Iphone Essay

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Apple, one of the famous digital entertainment brands . If the history had slightly different, then the computer on our desk will become Apple rather that an anonymous box running Window. The founders were Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976 in California’s Santa Clara Valley.

Last time, computer were mathematical, complicated and arcane, but nowadays, Apple had successful to develop the computer into more interesting and more useful to people which is suitable to all level people, which means even children also can use to make fun on it. Beside, they had come out some product like iPod, iMovie and so on to target both male and female and make it simple use so that suitable all age to settle about their demographic segmentation. For the positioning, Apple, automatically we will think about Windows also, who is the greatest competitor for Apple.

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Market Research of Iphone Essay
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Apple had try to make a new market where sell some digital entertainment who call as digital lifestyle where produce iPod, iMovie, iTunes, iDVD and iPhoto where Windows didn’t have this types of product. Apple, the famous brand of computer, which is fulfill human social needs and also individual needs. It is same with the Nokia which let people can communicate with other, but at the same times, it’s also can make people to learn some knowledge by surfing website.

Beside by this, Apple also tries to make other product such as iPod to fulfill some humans’ needs and Apple develop other product to make humans live with more comfortable. Based on the perception part, Apple is trying to make more entertainment goods to people and this kind of the entertainment is not provided by Windows, Linux. On the consumer buyer behavior, Apple is create to make human more enjoy their life, product such as iTunes, iDVD, iMovie are some of the examples that show a people living pattern in the psychographics.

Lastly, about the market segmentation Apple is grouped into the diffused preferences, they are separate their product around the world so that more people know about their products, but this types of business had a certain risks which need to be do research and experimental before they put their products in the particular country. Both companies will only import the product to the country if they have some advantage. They also will try to make some product with affordable rice so that the customer can be purchase. Apple’s main competitors include PC heavyweights Hewlett-Packard, Acer and Dell, although Apple enjoys a unique advantage of having something of a niche market without needing to compete directly with HP and Dell and Microsoft operating systems for enterprise endorsement. Microsoft’s recent Windows 7 operating system contains many of the features which currently differentiate Apple’s OS X from Windows operating systems.

While some of the hand gestures may be replicated in the new Windows system and other screen presentation features from Apple may also be borrowed, Apple’s underlying operating system, built upon a version of UNIX, may still prove considerably superior. The strengths are the superior physical and electrical design of the Apple products must also be given consideration. Brand is all-important. Apple is one of the most established and healthy IT brands in the World, and has a very loyal set of enthusiastic customers that advocate the brand.

Such a powerful loyalty means that Ample not only recruits new customers, it retains them for example, customers come back for more products and services from Apple, and the company also has the opportunity to extend new products to them, for example the iPod. The weakness is that the Apple iPod Nano may have a faulty screen. The company has commented that a batch of its product has screens that break under impact, and the company is replacing all faulty items. This is in addition to problems with early iPods that had faulty batteries, whereby the company offered customers free battery cases.

Stakeholders own a company’s reputation, and their behaviors are outward expressions of their true feelings. There are three main categories of stakeholders in Apple’s company such as stockholders, the employees and the customers. The least appreciated category of stakeholders is the customers. The stockholders take them for granted, especially the ‘investors’. It is time for the customer stakeholders to raise their voices and flex their muscles. They know that in these times and for the ongoing success of Apple, they are the most important stakeholder category.

No customers, no Apple. The customer stakeholders might mount a class action against you for the damage you may cause the company. Apple rewards its shareholders with zillions in profitable revenue, project management, like many professional practices, stands to benefit tremendously if the best use cases are actually developed and brought to market. They pay out money to their shareholders on an after-tax basis. Then the shareholders have to pay tax on that money as income as well – effectively taxing it twice.


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