Market Segmentations for Workwear in Australia Essay

Market Segmentation Exhibit 1 Market segmentation for Proskill Type of factor |Consumer Markets |Industrial Markets | |Characteristics of people |Age: 16 to 55 |Industry: Construction, Labourers & | | |Sex: Male |Tradespersons | | |Race: Caucasian |Size: 906, 687 people | | |Income : $52,000 to $54,000 |(approximately 14. % of population) | | |Family: Singles, Married without children | | |Purchase/use situation |Size of purchase: varies |Importance of purchase: high | | |Brand loyalty: med to high |Volume: high | | |Purpose of use: work-related |Frequency of purchase: medium | | |Importance of purchase: highly important |Purchasing procedure: business to business | | |Choice criteria: comfort, safety, style |Choice criteria: price, quality, | | | |functionality | | | |Distribution channel: work sites, petrol | | | |stations | |Users’ needs and preferences for product |Product similarity: high |Performance requirements: high | |characteristics |Price preference: high |Brand preferences: low | | |Brand preferences: low | | |Quality: important | | Exhibit 1 shows that the market segment for Proskill’s work-gear products would be Caucasian male tradespersons, labourers and workers of the related industries, aged from 16 to 55 year olds, mostly single or married without children, and with an above average income. Alternatively, Proskill could target business organizations that employ tradespersons and labourers. As those companies usually provide uniforms and work-gears to their employees and their volume of purchase would be very high. Finding Opportunities Need Perceptual Mapping—decide to whether change the actual product or use promotion to change perceptions

Extra points: • Market Proskill as the “safest” work uniform—built-in safety pads “The occupation with the highest proportion of people recently injured while working for an income, was tradespersons and related workers (12%). People employed in the construction industry reported the highest proportion of injured workers (10%)… ” http://www. abs. gov. au/ausstats/abs@. nsf/mf/4384. 0 • High quality with functionality—multiple pockets • Stylish designs for increased attractiveness (will only work if targeting individual consumers) • Distribution channel: o Places target segment visits frequently, e. g. work sites, warehouse stores, petrol stations

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Market Segmentations for Workwear in Australia Essay
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