Marketing and Brand Image Essay

Marketing and Brand Image BY tvan993 From: Caferoma’s Marketing Manager, To: Caferoma’s Managing Director, Mario Cumino Subject: Caferoma’s problems Dear Mr. Cumino, we want to inform you about a recent meeting of our employees. We came to the following conclusions: 1) We should change the brand image, because it will really help to attract new customers. It is important to not only produce high quality coffee, but also nicely presented it to consumers. Therefore, we should hire designers and PR agents whose help us with creating a new brand image. Advantages:

We can attract new consumers; Does not require large expenses. Disadvantages: It will take a long time; We need to get rid of old brand image products. 2) We can release a new product, thereby attract buyers with lower payment ability. To implement this method, we must expand production line. A new product has to be cheaper, but with good quality. Advantages: It will increase the volume of sales; The profits will increase almost in 2 times. This method requires huge investments. 3) Price reduction. To implement this method we need to make many changes in all spects of our production.

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Marketing and Brand Image Essay
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For example, we can use the cheaper package, but it does not mean that the quality of the product will decrease. Advantages: Decrease in costs; The profits will increase; The extension of the target consumer. 4) Sale of products in supermarkets. We need to conclude contracts with the network of supermarkets. In addition, we need to increase production to meet the needs of consumers. Advantages: We can attract new consumers. You risk remaining without profit because of the low level of sales. Regards. Caferoma’s Marketing Manager


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