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STARHUB • One of the leading fully-integrated info-communication companies of Singapore is StarHub. • This company is completely associated with the operations of telecommunications services. • StarHub Ltd. offers a vast range of communications, entertainment and information services to both direct and corporate market consumers. • It delivers the fastest mobile network services in Singapore and also offers multi channel satellite TV services. Besides these services, StarHub also provides high speed broadband services. • StarHub was launched in the year 2000. The other services of the company comprise wholesale, date and voice services. • StarHub has become the most successful and innovative info-communication service providers of Singapore. StarHub Screening the Environment PEST Analysis The Singapore Telecommunication Act of 1993 which is strictly adhered by StarHub. The government of the Republic of Singapore engages in minimal Internet filtering. StarHub is inline Political Factors • The Communications Act • Environmental Concerns • Internet Regulation • Concerns over Radiation from Mobile Telephones • Converged Regulation Telecommunications Ombudsman Economic Factors • NTT Communications Corporation being a shareholder • Fluctuations in the Economy • Overall Economy of Singapore • Living standards & earning capacity of consumers • Foreign population within the country • Level of growth within Singapore Social Factors Shift towards the Information Society Mobile Society – Starhub’s focus is on Prepaid subscribers Commercialization of the Home – “Hubbing” strategy proving strong for StarHub Increasing Need for Communications – StarHub to benefit from enhanced mobile number portability Internet at Home

Changing Population Demographics Technological Factors Wireless and Mobile Communications Establishing “procurement zones” that will change the way equipment is purchased and from whom Residential VoIP Real-Time and On-Demand Communications – StarHub Pushes On Location SMS Advertising StarHub is expanding their data transmission capabilities, known as “bandwidth,” replacing copper wires with fiber optic cables Marketing Mix of these year Your marketing mix is a combination of marketing tools that are used to satisfy customers and company objectives. Consumers often call the marketing mix “the offering. Your offer is controlled by the following variables often referred to as the four Ps in marketing: • Product • Price • Place (Distribution) • Promotion Product – The products or services offered to your customer: Their physical attributes, what they do, how they differ from your competitors and what benefits they provide. Price – How you price your product or service so that your price remains competitive but allows you to make a good profit. Place (Also referred to as Distribution) – Where your business sells its products or services and how it gets those products or services to your customers.

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Promotion – The methods used to communicate the features and benefits of your products or services to your target customers. Product: Mobile Attention Singapore: It’s time to HappyTalk. HappyTalk gives all StarHub Mobile customers 3 ways to talk for free. Choose one – MyZone, MyTime or MyCircle, to enjoy an additional 300 minutes talk time on top of your existing mobile plan. MyCircle – For the social creatures out there You love chatting non-stop with your friends and you are always in the loop with what’s happening around you and your friends. Then MyCircle is for you.

It lets you nominate 3 friends and enjoy FREE 300 minutes of additional talktime and 500 SMS/MMS to them. MyTime – For the night owls You are a creature of the night and you are most active while the rest of the world sleeps. MyTime is perfect for your lifestyle because you can make free calls from midnight to 7 am; to anyone you wish! MyZone – For those on the go You are a person on the move and needs to stay connected wherever you are. And we are giving you free calls at the places where you spend most of your time. So, enjoy free calls while you are in campus, army camps, and shopping malls! Innovation:

StarHub to offer Singapore’s first microSIM card TELECOM & INTERNET | StarHub to offer Singapore’s first microSIM card New product compatible with its mobile broadband service that gives Internet access at up to 7. 2Mbps. StarHub announced that it has fully tested the compatibility of the microSIM card with its mobile broadband service, and is making the product available to support any future mobile devices that use such SIM card format, according to a Starhub report. “As device makers seek to build slimmer and more compact wireless devices, the usage of microSIM card is expected to become popular in the future.

StarHub wants to be ready today to support this anticipated trend,” said Mr Chan Kin Hung, StarHub’s Head of Products and Solutions. “StarHub has extensively tested the compatibility of the microSIM card for the connection to its industry-leading mobile broadband network, and are excited to make available the product to our customers who constantly demand the best technologies and services that support the latest mobile devices. ” The microSIM card today features a special dual usage design. It can be used as a normal SIM card for an existing mobile device.

To fit it in a device made for the MicroSIM card format, the customer simply snaps out the “heart” of the SIM card. StarHub’s microSIM card provides mobile Internet access at up to 7. 2Mbps from a dongle, and is available on its MaxMobile Ultimate plan from 29 May 2010. StarHub Offers Mobile Television Service with SeaChange Multi-Screen Video Solution SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Singapore’s fully-integrated info-communications provider StarHub has deployed SeaChange International’s (NASDAQ: SEAC – News) Intelligent Video Platform in support of its mobile TV service.

Providing a unified and open back office software solution for high-quality streaming over StarHub’s mobile network to any mobile device, the SeaChange Intelligent Video Platform was implemented on the “StarHub TV on Mobile” service this month. StarHub TV on Mobile offers users the ability to view 24 branded premium pay channels on their mobile handsets. SeaChange and StarHub will showcase the platform and the new mobile service at BroadcastAsia2010 and CommunicAsia2010 starting today, June 15. StarHub serves over 1. 9 million mobile subscribers and over half a million pay television households.

The operator has integrated the Intelligent Video Platform to optimize personalized streaming video on the mobile platform as part of its unique triple-play “hubbing” strategy. StarHub’s Intelligent Video Platform deployment comprises: SeaChange Adrenalin mobile video system; • eventIS video-on-demand back office, to enable automated content and metadata ingest and to leverage workflows from the existing cable video-on-demand platform; • Integrated Envivio 4caster encoders, supporting on-demand and live streaming of multiple mobile and video profiles; Solution design, systems integration, testing and maintenance by SeaChange Professional Services, among television’s most accomplished systems integration organizations. “We’re constantly evolving our services to meet the demands of our customers. By providing the pay content that our customers want on the mobile platform, this will enable us to provide unique, value-added offerings while maintaining the high quality of service our customers expect,” said Desmond Poon, Vice President of Home Solutions & Architecture of StarHub’s Integrated Network Engineering. “We’re constantly evolving our services to meet the demands of our customers.

By providing the pay content that our customers want on the mobile platform, this will enable us to provide unique, value-added offerings while maintaining the high quality of service our customers expect,” said Desmond Poon, Vice President of Home Solutions & Architecture of StarHub’s Integrated Network Engineering. Motorola and StarHub launch MOTOROLA Milestone XT in Singapore Today, Motorola, together with Starhub, launches the Motorola Milestone XT. It is an Android phone with OS 2. 1. A simple description on this phone is “a Motorola Milestone without the keyboard”.

It has a mini HDMI out port, 8 MegaPixels camera with Xenon flash. Exclusive to Starhub, it will be available from tomorrow First smartphone on Android platform to play high-definition (HD) videos directly on your HD television – Features 720p HD camcorder and 8MP camera with professional xenon flash SINGAPORE – June 9, 2010 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) and StarHub today introduced the exclusive launch of MOTOROLA MILESTONE™ XT in Singapore. This exciting offering allows StarHub to further expand its Android™ smartphone line-up to meet increasing consumer demand.

Combining an ultra-thin, fashionable design with the power of high-speed Internet access on the go, the MOTOROLA MILESTONE™ XT keeps you up to date with the latest industry buzz and lets you create and enjoy the mobile internet experience that matches your lifestyle. Its 720p HD (High-Definition) camcorder lets you capture your videos in high-definition and, for the first time on an Android-powered device, play them directly on your HD television. The photography buff in you will enjoy the 8 megapixel camera with xenon flash to showcase your artistic flair with crisp, high quality images.

Powered by StarHub’s nationwide advanced mobile broadband network and Wi-Fi, MOTOROLA MILESTONE™ XT gives you the flexibility of high-speed internet access at home, outdoors and on the road, anytime. With a cool and trendy industrial design and ultra-large high-resolution 3. 7” pinch-and zoom screen, MOTOROLA MILESTONE™ XT offers a delightful mobile Internet experience, including browsing the web, watching videos, viewing photos and playing games. Plug it to your HD television via HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and enjoy those memorable videos in high-definition quality. Promotion & price

Enhance business productivity at lower cost. What is Office Zone? Imagine turning your office into an unlimited free mobile call zone make as many phone calls or video calls, and send as many SMS messages as you like – as long as you are “ in the zone ” ! With Office Zone, you can contain the cost of communication and still give your employees the added mobility within their work environment. StarHub is the first in the world to bring you the innovative commercial 3G Femtocell service which allows you to make unlimited mobile calls and SMS within the designated call zone as long as you have a 3G StarHub Mobile line and 3G phone.

Connecting to Office Zone The Office Zone service uses the ADSL network in your office. The Office Zone is plugged into a router which is connected to an ADSL network point. Once that is done, you can start using your mobile phone to make free local voice or video calls and SMS. You can register up to 10 StarHub Mobile postpaid numbers to enjoy the service, and up to 4 employees can make free calls or sms simultaneously. Office Zone Trial Sign up today and try Office Zone FREE for 3 months. All you’ll need is: 1) 4MB ADSL, ELL or Digital Leased Line 2) BRN StarHub Mobile postpaid 3G Plan and 3G mobile phone ) A router with an available port (for connecting Office Zone) Other users on the Office Zone will need to have StarHub 3G plans and 3G mobile phones. Roam the World with StarHub 50% off SMS & GPRS Enjoy 50% discount^ off prevailing charges on your SMS and GPRS roaming usage when you select our Conexus Mobile Alliance partners in selected countries. Surf all you want for less Heavy GPRS users can now enjoy business savings! Usage charges are capped at a maximum of $15 per day# (based on Singapore time stamp) so you can surf all you want and not worry about the bill. Hong Kong – 3 / Hutchison / 3DualBand Indonesia – Indosat

Japan – NTT DoCoMo Korea – KTF Macau – Hutchison+ Malaysia – DiGi* Philippines – Smart Taiwan – FarEasTone / KG Telecom Thailand – True Move Vietnam – Vinaphone Up to 25% off Asia Zone Calls Call China from Australia; or India from Hong Kong; or any country listed in Asia Zone and enjoy up to 25% off overseas roaming call charges with StarHub Mobile! Check out www. starhub. com/roaming for Asia Zone listings. Whether you are travelling overseas or visiting Singapore, staying connected to your business has never been easier! StarHub Mobile’s competitive roaming rates make overseas roaming easy and affordable at over 220 destinations.

Promotions Package • Hubbing • Events & Contests • Mobile • TV • Broadband • Voice Hubbing FREE connection for Landed Homes Home Hubbing Pack at $59. 92 per month Home Hubbing Pack Premium at $81. 32 per month Home Hubbing Pack Lite at $41. 73 per month [pic] [pic] Mobile $10,000 up for grabs when you roam with StarHub Mobile. MaxMobile Prepaid Exclusive! Win a pair of tickets to 2AM Singapore Promotion Showcase! Download Call Tones and Win! StarHub Online Exclusive Get exclusive freebies and Toy Story 3 mobile downloads with StarHub Mobile! TV StarHub TV Starter Pack from $21. 40/month

Get the NEW StarHub TV Value Packs for your family! Get up close and personal with the stars of Cinta Fitri! Enjoy the latest US entertainment on AXN HD in full HD glory Get the all new Sports Group on StarHub TV and enjoy the widest range of sports! Get non-stop action, suspense and thrills on MAX at 50% OFF! Broadband 50% Off Photobooks at StarHub Photo Centre Enjoy 25% OFF MaxOnline Basic with Free voice-enabled cable modem Get the new 6Mbps home broadband plan @$39. 11/month Voice Switch to IDD 018 and save up to 70%! FREE IDD 018 to 18 destinations Make IDD 008 Video Call at one flat rate of 88? /min

HomeConnect Free Home Phone Line StarHub Digital Voice Home residential fixed home phone line service gives you better ways to stay in touch with your loved ones from home. What’s more, with a host of benefits, you can chat all you want. Unlimited local calls With a monthly subscription of just $10. 49, you enjoy unlimited local incoming and outgoing+ calls all day, absolutely free! FREE Value-Added Services++ Enjoy Free Call Transfer Plus Free Value Bundle/Value Pack for the first 3 months OR Choose one of the following services free for the first 12 months when you sign up for Caller Number Display:

Caller Number Non-Display Call Waiting Call Divert Plus Incoming Call Barring Conclusion: They’re constantly evolving their services to meet the demands of their customers. By providing the pay content that their customers want on the mobile platform, it will enable them to provide unique, value-added offerings while maintaining the high quality of service their customers expect. In developing a New Product for StarHub PEST positive – Market Capitalization positive – Customer Eager for new products – Customer confidence is high – Product Launch Successful


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