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Conclusion The purpose of this research is to identify whether Dilmah should continue the current campaign or modify the campaign. The result from the secondary research and primary qantative research show the total black tea sales has great increased about 13% from 2008 – 2009 which is a fantastic result in the world economic recession period of time. Dilmah has market share of 29% which is the highest share of one brand. Dilmah target customer is traditional family and age is from middle to mature group.

The Larry report says their customers are satisiftied with the freshest and finest tea quality and consumers agreed Dilmah has achieved the goal of tea quality. The main tea market are in Auckland 51% in 2009, Wellington and Canterburry. From primary research findings, female has higher purchasing tea percentage than male and the age group is 36 and more. People who are employeed as income earner less than 20 hours is recall seeing the TV advertising. Dilmah doesn’t have the top of mind brand awareness for the age group 36-45 but it is mostly recognized by the age group 26-35. Dilmah issues

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Bell is a very strong competitetor of Dilmah in black tea market as they have a very close market share percentages over years from 2005 to 2009. Bell is more reconigized at the age group of 35 – 46 by 94% (193) but the age group of 18 – 25 and 46 and over still have 67% and 61% top of mind brand awareness for Bell. The 58% of age group 26 – 35 has top of mind brand awareness for Dilmah and the 33% of age group 18 – 25 has top of mind brand awareness for Dilmah. 59% of male and 64% female all reconigized Bell but 39% male and 13% female know Dilmah as top of mind brandawareness. 6% of less 20 hrs knows Bell but 15% knows Dilmah. 61% of non employeed knows Dilmah…but which they might not be the main group who purchase tea normally in the household. 32% of 35 – 46 who purchased tea Be to cafe last 4 weeks: Female purchased tea more $704,000 and is about 4 times than male $188,000 at sales. Top main 3 group purchase tea 40 – 44, 45 – 49 and 70 and over RM: Who bought tea last 4 months: * 2 main group:64% of traditional family (middle to mature age with stable income and family oriented and traditional value) and 41% visible achievers and they have very similar family values

Who purchased tea last 3 months * 36 – 45 and 46 and over for bell (29% of interviewers purchased Bell Tea) * 26 – 35 and 36 – 45 for Dilmah (30% of interviewer purchased Dilmah) * 25% purchased Twinings The market trend to drink black has started from 2007 because the black tea sale. The total black sale of 2005 to 2009 has increased steadily which presented the successful of the media and publicity from the secondary data findings. The result shows that those three major brands Dilmah, Bell and Twinings are invested into the most effective forms of media at the past three to four years.

Dilmah media expenditure has always been the highest in TV advertising from 2005 – 2008 ( 67% to 91% of Dilmah total expenditure of media) apart from 2009 comparing to the major three tea brands. Bell, the second tea brand spent the most amount of money in TV advertisement at 2009 which showed the result of the total tea sale was the only one brand has had increases sales from 2008 to 2009 about few percentages. Dilmah reduced the spending for TV advertisement about 23% which has slightly reduced the tea sales about little percentage but Dilmah is still No. 1 of black tea market.

As a result, Dilmah has been always focusing on the right media form for advertising their product and has been successful on the result of sales and market share. Nevertheless, Dilmah still lacks the brand awareness as it shows in the primary / qanatative research findings that Dilmah did not come to “Top of mind brand awareness” and Bell was the first tea brand comes to their mind. 62% of interviewers chose Bell and only 22% of interviewers chose Dilmah which makes Dilmah comes second. This clearly shows Dilmah has significant issue about the brand awareness which has always been an issue of them trying to achieve it.

From the research findings, the main group which has been purchased tea for last four months are The total black tea market sales from 2008 – 2009 has huge growth about 13%. The total The purpose of this research is to identify whether Dilmah should continue the current campaign or modify the campaign. The result from the secondary research and primary qantative research are showing the most effective forms of media and publicity is TV advertising which the campaign is focusing on. The past few years that Dilmah has been focus on TV advertising and the result shows the sales of Dilmah black tea has been increased steadily.

It proved TV advertising has achieved the result of increasing the sales of tea. The research has investigated the 5 objectives which are key trends in the tea market, key customer segments and a profile of each, levels of brand awareness and measure attitudes towards teas as a drink. The findings show Dilmah should continue the current campaign as it is. Key trend in the tea market (market size, market share and price…etc) Key customer segment and a profile of each Brand Awareness The most effective form of media and publicity

Attitude toward to tea as a drink Recommendation Id research problems / to understand / to investigate / to explore The primary research has contained five objectives are key trend in the tea market, key customer segments, the most effective forms of media and publicity and the measurement attitude towards tea as a drink. Unfortunately, it has had 800 survey but female is almost double of male. This may because the survey accuracy as the secondary research findings shows female has much higher percentage of purchasing the tea which might affect the survey.

Beside, there is one more important finding that from middle to mature age groups are also the main groups of tea purchasing. The survey also has higher percentage people at the age group of 36 – 45 and 45 and over. In the primary research, it has covered quite well at the brand awareness question but there are not enough information which required to support the campaign should keep going or modify at the objectives of effectiveness of media, attitude to buy / drink tea and profile of customer segment.

The key customer segment by employment should be full time worker, part time worker or non-employed. It will be good to know who does grocery shopping of the household. Full time housewife with out job or Housewife with part time job, part time student or full time student The attitude toward to tea as drink will be good to have the question of what kind of tea is the most favorite to drink? Answer to be black, herbal and green tea which can help to know the current trend of drink tea. * Main reasons of purchasing the tea What kind packaging is the most favourite etc paper bag, tin, glass jar …etc… * What kind of advertising comes to mind when you think about tea advertising? * What would you expect to see from tea advertising? Tea history, fashion trend, tea taste…etc * Attitude to buy / drinking tea? (change to actionable statement – to identify * Effectiveness of advertising * Profile of segments – behaviour (drinking tea) The secondary and primary researches have got a numbers of good information and data to support the continued campaign of TV advertisement as the most effective form of media.

However, it still lack the important information and data key customer segment, attitude toward to tea as drink and the type of tea advertising to support the campaign. The key customer segment will indicate which group is main consumers purchase tea for the household and when and where will the best time to have campaign on according the life consumers. The great information of attitude toward tea as drink can modify the campaign to the advertising that consumers would expect to see and also show who main consumers are.

The type of media form will encourage consumers to purchase Dilmah tea brand. Sometimes, it is very hard to encourage consumers to change the brand they have drunk for long time as tea is a very family oriented drink. Drinking tea can be the family habit which dominated by the main person who is shopping for the household. For that reason, it is essential to have the focus group qualitative research to The research requires 8 – 12 people and homogeneous in terms of demorgraphic and socio-economic characteristics. Of course, those people need to have the habit of drinking tea.

The final thing is has not participated in many focus groups. The reseach will also require a relax environment and it will takes about 1. 5 – 2 hours. The research will be recorded all relvant information including facial expression and body language so the recorder will need to be in the central front of the room behind the moderator. The moderator will question the group and lead the discussion to the proper way to encourage the group not be afraid to express own ideas and opinions. A good qualified moderator will be detached but kind and

Final statement Identify the need for qual research … (topic) To explain yes we have got some good information but still lack some important information… for support – to provide more about how to present to public… to recommend what should need according to behaviour… or age group… Just comes one statement that is actionable to complete by the research (your task)… Going to Appendix Good morning/ afternoon Thank you for taking the time to meet with us. We will honor your time by making sure that we wrap up in the next 90 minutes.

Does anyone mind if we tape record this for our records? The tape will be only use for the case study of the major tea brand campaign design. We are researchers under contract with the major tea brand to conduct the tea brand awareness and the attitude toward to tea as a drink. Our evaluation is formative and qualitative. This means that our primary point is to gather information that helps the major tea brand origination finest tea product and improve the brand awareness. The information we collect is by design descriptive rather than numeric.

We have a system for quantifying qualitative information, but for now, we don’t need to be concerned with counting things. We just want your ideas and opinions. There is no right and wrong for each question and each idea and opinion are all very valuable information for the research. Any question before we start? Be sure that everyone signs and completes the info on the sign-up sheet. Key themes Suggested question End the guide with some kind of thank you and conclusion – recognize that people will have gone out of their way to participate


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