Marks and Spencer Essay

MGT 2500 – Business Environment Coursework – 2009-2010 DUE DATE: Thursday, 1 April 2010 Individual Presentation (30% of final grade) Prepare a PowerPoint based presentation (6-7 slides – with accompanying notes and Table of References) analysing in appropriate depth your given company’s: • Size, sector and main corporate objectives/mission • Stated values and social responsibility activities • International and market strategy A company will be assigned to you in class. The assignment has two parts: ) Research notes & Table of References [50% of the assignment grade] Research notes (approximately 1000 words) outlining research undertaken using a variety of independent sources of information to prepare the presentation. The notes should provide evidence of the research undertaken and its substance. The notes should be accompanied by a Table of Reference in the correct format. The Table of References is not included in the word limit. 2) PowerPoint presentation [50% of the assignment grade]

Analyse the stated values, social responsibility activities and the international/market strategy pursued by your company using appropriate analytical tools (such as Yip’s model of internationalisation). Identify the size and type of organisation, the sector in which it operates, whether it competes on a narrow or broad basis, and the growth strategy pursued based on company history. Present the results of a basic product/service portfolio analysis using an appropriate tool (such as BCG matrix or product/market growth matrix (Ansoff)).

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Do not contact the company. The presentation should be based on publicly available information. Make use of learning resources listed in the Module Handbook and ensure you do not rely solely on the company website. The more independent sources of information used the better the scholarship and quality of your work is likely to be. Make sure the work you submit is your own. Quotations, factual information and opinions that are not your own require references to the original source. Provide all appropriate references in a conventional academic style.


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