Marks and spencer group Essay

1. Vision ( mission Statement )

Marks and Spencer Group ( M & A ; S ) is a retail merchant of vesture, nutrients and Homeware. It operates through owned shops and franchise shops. The company has two reportable geographic sections: UK and international. M & A ; S operates through a concatenation of 622 shops across UK and 278 international mercantile establishments throughout 34 states worldwide The company ‘s operations can be categorized under two divisions: nutrient and general ware including vesture and place ware. The nutrient division focuses on fresh, natural, healthy nutrient ; particular jubilation merchandises ; reliable ready repasts and exceeding mundane nutrient such as Oakham ‘ poulet and Aberdeen Angus steaks. It concatenation of 205 franchised Simply Food ‘ shops operates in railroad Stationss, Heathrow Airport and motor service countries. These shops offers its clients an chance to shops between visits to the company ‘s chief shops. The vesture division merchandise portfolio includes adult females ‘s wear, work forces ‘s wear, lingerie kids ‘s wear and footwear. Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Turkey offices provides the natural stuffs to the division. This division offers some prominent trade names which includes: Autograph, Limited Collection, Cellozione, Blue Harbour, Girls Boutique, Per Una and Ceriso. The place division merchandise and services caters homeware and place accoutrements ; kitchen and tableware ; lighting ; and furniture merchandises. The division besides offers catalogue and online services ( Company Overview 2009 )

The vision of this undertaking would be to convey up the Limited aggregation trade name of Marks & A ; Spencer the most sought after merchandise in the market. This research will set up schemes which in bend make the limited aggregation trade name to be most popular in both UK and international section.

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2. Purposes

  • Rebrand the Marks and Spencer Limited Collection to vibrate with the trade names long standing vision.
  • Expand the trade names current mark market.
  • Create an in-store environment that represents the aspirations of the trade names aim consumer.

Market research is an orderly, nonsubjective manner of larning about people. The people who buy from you or might purchase from you ( AG schemes 2003 ) . This research will chiefly take at puting market marks against which consequences can be evaluated. It besides works out the clip needed to do the presence felt. To cipher the right monetary value as the monetary value is the value of the merchandise we offer and a amount which can be afforded by the clients.

3. Aims ; Tacticss

  • Expand the trade names target audience to the demographic of adult females aged 30-45 over 12 months, taking for a 15 % addition in gross revenues within each 6 months period.
  • Develop and keep successful relationships with its mark clients in order to capture a value from clients to make net income and client equity.
  • Exploiting the chance to mace procedure of comparing the company ‘s merchandises and procedures to those of rivals or prima houses in other industries to happen ways to better quality and public presentation.

4. SWOT Analysis

Situation Analysis

Internal Analysis

  • Corporate Social Responsibility at Marks and Spencer has traditionally been interpreted as a paternalistic government for the big labour force of store helpers which provides a proviso of quality and value for money for the clients. As 90 per cent of these were adult females cared for by adult females supervisors, possibly ‘maternalistic ‘ would be a better word. The public assistance installations were no uncertainty appreciated by the Company ‘s legion retail workers ( Chapman, S 2004 ) .
  • Though the vesture market faced a hard twelvemonth many factors, Marks & A ; Spencer remain the figure one trade name on the High Street. M & A ; S continued to develop their trade names, with peculiar focal point on bettering their value, while shooting newness and manner across their scopes.
  • The three fold purpose we had at the clip of get downing the adult females ‘s wear trade names two old ages ago have been established and fulfilled successfully. They were chiefly to clearly section all our trade names in line with our clear client profiles ; to maintain our trade names fresh ; and to offer great quality and value at all monetary value points.
  • ‘In 2000 Sir Harry Djanogly, Chairman of Coats Viyella, announced to an incredulous fabric universe that it was no longer profitable to provide M & A ; S. Then Charnos closed its dedicated mills for the same ground, whilst Bairds, Gents and Bentwood were axed by new foremans at M & A ; S caput office, and Dewhirsts aggressively cut back and were forced to shut several mills. The concatenation shop group eventually decided it could pull off with three major British vesture providers ( Coats Viyella, Courtaulds and Dewhirsts ) but when the first of these severed the connexion, M & A ; S was left with serious jobs ‘ ( Chapman, S 2004 ) .
  • The market we are covering with really small lead clip so that we need to acquire new merchandises into the stock more often than anticipated.

External Risks and Opportunities

  • Concentrating entirely on the young person may non be the wisest thing to make. As the young person can be really unpredictable, furthermore now the young person are sheltering back place due to the recruiting freezing. The demographic between the immature and the retired will supply the best chances.
  • In our ageless society, for those in their late thirties and beyond looking or experiencing immature has retail entreaty.
  • Appealing accoutrements will besides assist to set the limited aggregation to the chief watercourse of sought after trade name. Peroni ‘s latest publicity offers clients the opportunity to win an Antonio Berardi leather laptop instance ( Birra di Moda ) , fliping this accoutrement as something aspirational and sole. In world, a series of factors might do the adult male bag an progressively practical and popular purchase.
  • The tendencies of 50 ‘s and 80 ‘s now once more doing an tumult, if one exploit the chance in a right mode on could capture the attending of possible purchasers.

5. PESTEL Analysis

Political Analysis

  • The planetary nature of the crisis will do it far more hard for many states to trust on devaluating currencies to do their economic systems more competitory and increase export volumes. Deflation will impact emerging economic systems particularly if the national currency is deprecating aggressively. There is besides so a danger that imported rising prices will acquire out of manus. That said raising involvement rates to beef up the local currency in a clip of recession and low liquidness is pure toxicant for the several economic system ( Verdict 2009 ) .
  • Among the Top Five economic systems, the major mature economic systems of western Europe ( Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain ) , rankings remained stable – with the UK in front of France. And in the Top 10 Poland ‘s consumer outgo has leapfrogged Belgium ‘s. However, Greece has displaced Austria in the Top 10 and has overtaken Sweden in the procedure ( Verdict 2009 ) .

Economic Analysis

  • ‘Marks & A ; Spencer is the taking retail merchant in the vesture market, with a market portion of 10.4 % in 2008. It has broad monetary value architecture and targets a wide client base through its assortment of sub trade names, though chiefly attracts older, more flush clients. Intense competition from value participants every bit good as other section shops has placed Marks & A ; Spencer under great force per unit area, peculiarly in vesture where the hard economic environment is coercing consumers to be much more selective about what they spend their money on ‘ ( How Briton Shops 2009 ) .
  • ‘As an consequence of the recession clients have become savvier in their shopping wonts and are progressively concerned about value. As a consequence, shoppers are purchasing from a bigger pool of retail merchants to guarantee they are acquiring the best value for money. Though Marks & A ; Spencer continues to concentrate to a great extent on the value of its vesture, its offer is non every bit luring as those of value retail merchants Asda, Primark and Matalan, which have all increased their chief user portions ‘ ( How Briton Shops 2009 ) .

Social Analysis

  • ‘However, clients chiefly visit other vesture shops that are at the value terminal of the market. Five of the eight other vesture shops used by loyal chief users of Marks & A ; Spencer are value retail merchants, foregrounding how of import it is for the retail merchant to remain competitory on monetary value while besides offering superior quality to guarantee its success ‘ ( How Briton Shops 2009 ) .

Technological Analysis

  • ‘Opportunities for cross-shopping across sections remain. Though it sells electricals, nutrient, footwear and homewares every bit good as vesture, Marks & A ; Spencer does non look as the chief shop in these classs for its chief clients for vesture. Footwear in peculiar should be a focal point for the retail merchant, given the close propinquity of the section to vesture and the chance to indicate out to clients co-ordinating subjects for outfits ( How Briton Shops 2009 ) .
  • In menswear, M & A ; S has looked to distinguish with proficient merchandise invention, such as H2O and discoloration repellant Stormwear coating in pants and a silver coating on the Freshfeet scope of socks said to cut down the presence of bacteriums that cause smelly smells ( Mintel 2009 ) .

6. Rival Analysis

  • Harmonizing to Verdict research study 2009, Next is observed to be positioned in the 2nd largest retail merchant after Marks & A ; Spencer with 7.1 % portion of the market in UK. Their chief mark market is aimed at 25-45 old ages old adult females and work forces consumers. They offer a broad scope of merchandises such as adult females ‘s wear, menswear, children-wear, accoutrements, footwear, homewares and furniture ( Verdict, 2009 ) . While the other retail merchants have dropped their monetary value and launched valued merchandises
  • During the recession in 2008, Next ‘s selling scheme had been successful by retaining their merchandises at same degree of quality, design and monetary value where other retail merchants have launched value ranges and dropped monetary value. By guaranting their quality and design, they besides achieved positive feeling on their trade name image from the clients. However, they are still neglecting to pull immature clients runing 25-34 twelvemonth olds.
  • Over the past two old ages, Next had achieved really strong and solid online gross revenues every bit known as the Following Directory, which ranked them as the highest online market portion among the rivals.
  • As one of Next ‘s selling scheme, Next does non utilize their trade names to aim different sections of its client base. Unlike Marks & A ; Spencer and Debenhams, Next bounds and contract its dress ensuing low trueness from consumers.

7. Strategy & A ; Tacticss


We want our clients to acquire what they are looking for. Mintel international group has announced that M & A ; S is the finish for apparels shopping for the over-45s, harmonizing to our consumer research, and is therefore good placed to profit from the expected ripening of the population. Where as the under 25s group had really limited entreaty to the merchandise M & A ; S carried. It is really clearly with in the program that the purpose of new scheme will be to do it appealing to the all three sections with more frequent stock updates at least by each hebdomad. On the one manus this means maintaining the door unfastened to the 30-somethings, promoting an easy passage to M & A ; S shopping subsequently. The late launched Indigo scope of casualwear and jean suggests a measure in this way, but the scope falls short of offering anything truly attending grabbing, in Mintel ‘s position. However, the more catwalk-led fall 2009 aggregation could win in this. A strong childrenswear offer could besides lend, by conveying Dendranthema grandifloruoms into the shops ( Mintel 2009 ) . The 40-somethings of today are the coevalss of supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, while the 50-somethings portion their birth decennary with Madonna, and while they may non draw a bead on to look like these famous persons, they are influenced by the whole younger for longer tendency. Providing for progressively immature attitudes with flattering cuts and stuffs is likely to be cardinal, and something we believe the new Portfolio scope has non to the full succeeded in yet ( Mintel 2009 ) .

Now the targeted sections will be a ) 18-25, B ) 25-40, degree Celsius ) 40-50, 50 and above

The 18-25 section will be the 1 that is shying off largely from the wants they have due to the economic back down turns, and the alluring manners and pricing will be important for the resurgence of that section to the expected out semen.

7. Selling Mix

Making best usage of the 4Ps


The merchandise offer has now expanded beyond the capacity of any single shop, underscoring the importance of seamless integrating between the physical shops and the back catalogue. While M & A ; S reports that it is trialling in-store ordination, Mintel feels this is an country where guaranting easiness of entree across channels would maximize synergisms ( Mintel 2009 ) .

M & A ; S has traditionally been all about one trade name show room for apparels

They ever had

  • From underwear to outerwear
  • Across occasions from insouciant through concern to formal
  • Across monetary value points in the in-between mass market
  • For about all ages ( possibly with the exclusion of teens and immature grownups )

Including footwear and accoutrements

Now this has got to alter a spot more appealing to today ‘s gustatory sensations to do it an impacting merchandise stock. The sub-brands divide the aggregation by fashionability/quality and, to a certain extent, by monetary value, though cleavage of the offer in-store sometimes falls short of back uping this to maximal consequence.


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